Top 100 Poems About: SNAKE

In this page, poems on / about “snake” are listed.
  • 1.
    In these Thirty Eight Years

    Innumerable serpents are springing up from my head
    Just how many
    Will your comb draw out, woman?
    Their iciness read more »

    Mangesh Narayanrao Kale
  • 2.
    Snakes: A Haiku Sequence

    Sunny morning:
    a snake slides through the fence read more »

    R.K. Singh
  • 3.
    The Snake

    Oh, what an unbearably beautiful night, spreading warmth and heat!
    My mind is excited (the mind with which I play)
    As if a dazzling snake...
    Golden is whose colour, the cruel emotion of death is whose eyes. read more »

    Homen Borgohain
  • 4.


    Do you fear the snake or the snake fears you?
    Do you bite the snake or the snake bites you? read more »

  • 5.
    The slithering snake and the cat

    The slithering snake
    Crept loudly towards it's prey
    The cat ran away
    The snake Didn't have much fun read more »

    micheal scott
  • 6.
    Blind Side

    Walking around a lake,
    I saw a mouse scampering one side,
    Trying to outrun a snake,
    Finding an edge on its Blind Side. read more »

    Bhavya Vora
  • 7.
    Silly Snake

    Slithering the silly snake
    The snake slithered all through the house
    Out the back door and into the garden
    Like a sneaky fox read more »

    Bree Balzly
  • 8.

    A snake kills other animals.
    A snake is like a ninja.
    A snake is dangerous.
    How were snakes created. read more »

    Alexander Stojkovic
  • 9.
    Girl and the Snake

    Girl Beautiful!
    Behind the girl and
    Unknown to her
    Snake beautiful! ! read more »

    Bala Venkat
  • 10.
    The Snake

    You are to me
    a sweet poison
    making your way through
    my veins like a snake to be read more »

    Iselin Steinsto
  • 11.
    Attractive Innocent Snakes

    A myriad of snakes all around,
    Macroscopically exotic with serpentine gait,
    Iridescent their skins, mysterious their eyes.
    Namely, a man was lured and extended his hand; read more »

    H.M.Usman Dar
  • 12.

    The fireworks grow silent
    Back ground music
    As pairs of glowing eyes stare,
    Watch as snakes slither by read more »

    mistery person
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