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Top 100 Poems About: SOCCER

In this page, poems on / about “soccer” are listed.
  • 1.
    We Are Family

    we are family,
    although we do not resemble
    although i am black and you are white
    although you are rich and i am poor read more »

    Michael J. Burt
  • 2.
    Poetry And Flowers

    Lark and rose go mad, even with winter
    coming on, the garden beneath the verandah blooms,
    the park is dense with sun and soccer balls.
    By lark I mean generic bird, God knows read more »

    Luke Davies
  • 3.

    I have always liked soccer
    such a rough game
    Such skills are required
    And popluar read more »

    BOBo ROBbY
  • 4.
    The Beautiful Game (soccer)

    I love you more than my old soccer cleats,
    The ones I’ll never give up.
    I love you more than the perfect field,
    The one I use to warm up. read more »

    Gab Oso
  • 5.
    Kick Me...Again

    KIck me again
    And watch me deflate-
    A once new soccer ball
    Promised fair play, read more »

    nia imani
  • 6.
    Soccer: Soccer Is

    Soccer is concerto:
    system of piano, read more »

    Laijon Liu
  • 7.

    Soccer is the game
    My life

    Soccer gives my fame read more »

    Courtney Sycowski
  • 8.


    soccer fans blowing there horns, eating their food, jumping up and down, painted faces, soccer jerseys, foam fingers, hot blistering sun, fun. read more »

    katrina stewart
  • 9.

    Friends should be there for each other
    And spend time with one another.
    My friend lends a helping hand
    And I'm there to support him and understand. We call one another on the phone, read more »

    David C. Simon
  • 10.

    Have you ever been on a soccer field?
    Well if you haven't it’s the m amazing thing
    It’s like being in heaven but on grass read more »

    isaiah bess
  • 11.
    I Love you More Than

    I love you more than glazed doughnuts
    and vanilla ice-cream
    Than blue lollipops and gumdrops
    and my soccer team read more »

    britney bartelle
  • 12.
    Alphabet poem - Sport

    Air Ball!
    Dancing read more »

    Daniel Sokol
  • 13.
    Test Week

    Here comes test week one
    There is less time for fun.
    Boys are studying hard all day
    For them to top in some way. read more »

    Varun Pais
  • 14.

    read more »

    Yazmin Flora
  • 15.

    I'm talking to you digitally,
    Yes - no - yes - no,
    One - zero - zero - one,
    Not the results of a soccer match. read more »

    Guy Shaked
  • 16.
    My love is like a Soccer Game....

    My love is Like a Soccer Game

    the field is my life I am the player read more »

    Henric Kristoffer Miranda
  • 17.

    Soccer is more than just a sport
    It's a common language and
    shared by many.
    The soccer field is my church, my sanctuary read more »

    jose vega
  • 18.
    The Goal of Soccer

    The game is about to start
    Everyone needs to do their part
    The referee’s whistle blows
    The anticipation grows read more »

  • 19.
    My Pop

    my pop means the world to me,
    he is special aswell.
    i love him lots,
    but i never tell. read more »

    Tamika Tucker
  • 20.

    A part of me died when I was twelve.
    I buried it in a soccer field.
    There were no mourners, only weeds,
    And three black cats, no crucifix. read more »

    Gilbert Luis R. Centina III
  • 21.
    Dear Friend

    Dear friend,

    I know you for many years read more »

    Lara Bujold
  • 22.
    Soccer Mom

    All the home town boys
    Wasting their time with oil and fire
    Took some time
    To flip a dime read more »

    Nellekke Tak
  • 23.
    The Unemployed

    It was dark when I got home
    Back from another frustrating day of job hunting
    My wife was in the kitchen preparing tea
    I could hear soccer fans on TV. read more »

    Chika Nwokeoma
  • 24.
    A Crush

    When I wake up in the morning;
    my heart starts to race,
    I get goose bumps because I'm so nervous,
    I start to panic. read more »

    Ahmed Elbadri
  • 25.
    Meaning of Soccer

    Soccer is a sport of heart, joy, skills, and Honor. Many people play it for money and don’t really
    Care about the sport. A true professional soccer player plays for what’s in the front, NOT the
    Back. If the team that’s in the front goes big and then you’ll go big with them. Play this beautiful
    Sport for fun and enjoy. Many youngsters look up to big names stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, read more »

    Luis Baires
  • 26.
    Liberia Plays Soccer

    When Beckham kicks the ball on a
    soccer pitch in England, it
    breaks through the opponent’s read more »

    Charlina Daitouah Smith
  • 27.
    I'm A Strong African

    High tides do come my way,
    but I choose to stand tall.
    Knocked at different momentums,
    but i refuse to fall. read more »

    Halalisani ImmaculatePleasure Mchunu
  • 28.

    Soccer is the game of my life
    Playing every game like it's my last
    One half at a time
    Running is how I cool down read more »

    Shaune Gorman
  • 29.

    Oh! you are bad for me
    Like Chinese food
    For a pregnant woman
    and read more »

    Bobby Crawford
  • 30.
    The Dream Goal

    I once was playing soccer and scored a goal
    it went through the net after hitting the pole
    all of the fans were yelling and screaming
    for a second there I thought I was dreaming read more »

    Austin Piatt
  • 31.
    I'm From

    I’m from the harmony My friends who ground me Support me And make me laugh
    I’m from the music country music a mix of old and new it makes me happy
    I’m from the Oregon Coast sand dollars ocean And The Hawk Creek Café
    I’m From the Wicked Broadway Musical singing And Defying Gravity read more »

    Alissa Guthmiller
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