Top 100 Poems About: SOLDIER

In this page, poems on / about “soldier” are listed.
  • 1.
    Suicide in the Trenches

    I knew a simple soldier boy
    Who grinned at life in empty joy,
    Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
    And whistled early with the lark. read more »

    Siegfried Sassoon
  • 2.
    The Soldier Fights

    the soldier fights for the hippys rights to protest against that soldier
    the soldier fights for the politions rights to send that soldier to war
    the soldier fights for buisness mans rights to make money
    the soldier fights for the policemans rights to arrest that soldier read more »

  • 3.
    Young Soldier

    Stay calm soldier
    Do not panic
    Stay calm soldier
    And think of what you were taught read more »

    Only Yours
  • 4.
    The Fallen Soldier

    Fallen Soldier All Alone
    Fallen Soldier Far From Home.
    Trickling Down His Face A Tear,
    Forgetting How It Feels To Fear read more »

    Branden Hidalgo
  • 5.
    God and the Soldier

    God and the soldier
    All men adore
    In time of trouble,
    And no more; read more »

    Anonymous Americas
  • 6.
    Our Son

    Our Son the Soldier
    How great a man he must be
    To be joined in the fight to
    set another part of the world free read more »

    Denise Girod
  • 7.

    There is discipline in A Soldier
    you can see it when he walks,
    There is honor in A Soldier
    you hear it when he talks. read more »

    ty. bohls
  • 8.
    Just a soldier

    I am a soldier.
    Just a soldier, and don’t ask me
    What’s the sense
    In living. read more »

    Eleanor ...
  • 9.
    Promise Of A Lie

    Go to war young soldier,
    Your glory will be praised.
    Go to war young soldier,
    Your home will stay the same. read more »

    Sean Foxx
  • 10.
    Soldier Going To The War

    Soldier going to the war--
    Will you take my heart with you,
    So that I may share a little
    In the famous things you do? read more »

    Richard Le Gallienne
  • 11.

    A moment of silence,
    Heads are bowed,
    Flags at half staff,
    Prayers around, read more »

    JerriFaye Thomason
  • 12.
    live like a soldier

    The dream of a soldier
    beyond the battlefield;
    live like a soldier, live like a soldier read more »

    Aishal madaan
  • 13.
    The Price Of Freedom

    Soldier, soldier
    Standing brave,
    have learned to shoot and throw grenades,
    only one who knows freedom's cost, read more »

    Callum Kyle
  • 14.
    Ellipse #78(…candy bar)

    Saw a kid in a gas mask today
    Five years old- maybe four
    Stole a Hershey bar from the remains
    of a burnt down store. read more »

    Joe Guillotin
  • 15.

    She was married to a soldier,
    Who left for the camp,
    A month after holidays,
    Word coming of war in siachen read more »

  • 16.
    I Want to be a Soldier

    I will be a soldier
    Only when soldiers realize
    They are not animals or
    cattles read more »

    Idris Adesina
  • 17.
    An American Soldier

    Proud to be in the Army
    A government Agent
    Sent across the sea
    This is an American Soldier read more »

    Tracey Marquart
  • 18.
    Dear, Soldier Boy

    Dear, Soldier Boy,
    How I miss you so.
    I think about you everyday,
    And when you're coming home. read more »

    Jessica Beal
  • 19.
    Toy Soldier

    I have a toy soldier that sits high up on my shelf,
    I'm not allowed to play with him, so he sits there by himself,
    He looks so alone, yet so handsome and tall,
    As he watches over me... fighting for us all. I wish that I could reach him, just to tell him that I care, read more »

    Vickie Forrest Wiggs
  • 20.
    Santa's Soldier

    'Twas the night before christmas
    in a war over seas
    a soldier said a prayer
    by his bed on his knees read more »

    Jake Vos
  • 21.
    My Young Soldier;

    My young soldier,
    Brave as can be.

    My young soldier, read more »

    Heather Sandvoss
  • 22.

    A true Soldier is tough indeed,
    standing tall and strong when there is a need.
    A Soldier also feels sadness, pain, and sorrow,
    sometimes not looking forward to the trials of tomorrow. read more »

    Stevie Sch
  • 23.
    Soldiers Are Courageous & Strong

    These soldiers are courageous and strong
    These are the soldiers who fight for right and wrong

    This is a place, where soldiers live and die read more »

    Linda Racaniello
  • 24.
    A Soldiers Dream

    A soldier isn't just a soldier,
    but a human being.
    sent to fight over seas,
    Sent to fight to please his leaders dream, read more »

    Juan Duarte
  • 25.
    Celestial Soldier

    I was born a soldier,
    to protect some place,
    that was never my own. read more »

    Samantha Bougie
  • 26.
    Soldier's Dream

    We never wish to fight
    but we are willing to die read more »

    Chris Hall
  • 27.
    My Father Is A Freedom Fighter

    Soldier, Soldier, cries the child
    My father is a freedom fighter
    He is fighting for me and my family
    He is giving his life for his home land read more »

    Shelley Cornelius Phillips
  • 28.
    My Dear Soldier

    Farewell my dear soldier.
    As you march off the mainland.
    Over the seas.
    My heart will yearn for you till you return. read more »

    Xaviera Pfeiffer
  • 29.
    War Field

    The war started,
    Soldiers started firing, read more »

    ram kausik
  • 30.
    He Is A Soldier -new-

    He is a soldier, lying on the border
    he is a father, his kids are waiting for him.
    He is a soldier, fighting for his nation
    he is a man, looking back at his golden days. read more »

    yashassvi periwal
  • 31.
    Brave Soldier

    read more »

    Dennis Walker
  • 32.
    Our American Soldier

    I had to share this Poem; Rachel gave to me for Veterans Day, written for a class project on Veterans Day,11-11-2008.

    Our American Soldier read more »

    Rachel Gaines
  • 33.
    A Soldier I

    We lock eyes a toxic stare
    Just a Soldier I

    A message sent behind your glare read more »

    d matthew cahill
  • 34.

    if im a soldier, to you
    why am i sittin' lookin' out the window
    wantin' for a sign a reson for.... read more »

    Roseanne Lambert
  • 35.

    Am at soldier at war
    I have never seen violence
    Because when I fight there is still
    Silence read more »

    Atlay Mwenifumbo
  • 36.
    We Are America

    Soldiers standing strong
    standing to protect us all
    Never giving up faith
    never quitting on us read more »

    Brandon Smith
  • 37.
    Old Soldier

    Surviving many bullet and grenades
    dodging many bombs and clay mouth
    crawling and swimming in the pool of decayed bodies
    was his act of bravery read more »

    paapa esuman
  • 38.

    Leaves from the vine, carry me home
    Like shadows drifting from, the meadow's roam
    Little soldier boy, comes marching home.
    Brave soldier boy, comes marching home. read more »

    Sky Welch
  • 39.
    I am a soldier

    (explanation - This about a soldier who has gone through all walks of life, faced it all..carried burdens...its left him so shallow that he likes d feeling of it..being emotionless....considering himself a machine...people respect him....everyone likes it.its what he wants us to be like 'a soldier'....carry on with life as if nothing has happened....u cannot say that u have suffered d most when u cont even compare your hardships with others, ....
    its the total feeling of overcoming u won a battle)

    I love the pain of a wound read more »

    shashank shekhar roy
  • 40.
    Only A Soldier's Grave

    Only a soldier's grave! Pass by,
    For soldiers, like other mortals, die.
    Parents had he - they are far away; read more »

    S A Jones
  • 41.
    The Irish Soldier

    The Irish soldier, cast for fight,
    Stood to his arms at dead of night,
    Watching the east, until its ray read more »

    John Banim
  • 42.
    Like Toy Soldiers

    Were all toy soldiers
    Just trying to keep our composures
    Were in the war
    To get more read more »

    devillinzee killer
  • 43.
    Ode to the American Soldiers

    Ode to the American Soldiers
    for fighting for our Freedom
    for making this day real
    Ode to the American soldiers read more »

    ashton karen
  • 44.
    American Soldier

    American Soldier

    When I say... 'I am an American Soldier' read more »

    Michael Anthony
  • 45.
    Army Rag

    Toy soldiers, toy soldiers,
    Marionetted by hands,
    Dressed in white diamonds,
    Have a hunger for sands, read more »

    Hala Dika
  • 46.
    Midnight's Soldier

    Harsh is the path you travel.
    Heavy is the burden you bear.
    Grave is the wound you suffer.
    Cruel is the fate you hold. read more »

    Paul Thomas 2
  • 47.
    The Soldier

    The common soldier is not though of allot
    Except by the ones they love
    And when they are fighting all over the world, people tend to give a thought
    That our Freedom depends on the likes of read more »

    Anthony M O'Donnell
  • 48.
    A Soldiers Pain

    The soldier sits bloodied in his cell,
    Knowing if he tells the U.S. will go to hell.
    As sweat and blood drip down his face,
    He’s wishing for that better place. read more »

    Daniel Cowgill
  • 49.

    The sounds were like thunder
    As men fell under
    In heaps like cattle
    ‘Win the bloody battle' read more »

    Hilda Ndenecho
  • 50.
    I love being an American Soldier

    I love being a American Soldier
    Beyond my years I do feel older
    With living in the Rain, Wind, and Sun
    Yet living my dream and having Fun read more »

    Daniel Ketron
  • 51.
    Lady of a soldier

    I am lady of a soldier,
    pale, lone, afficted,
    dying every moment for a glance read more »

    ashwarya pratap singh
  • 52.
    Soldier Blue 2

    Pulled your big file
    2C why UR loved
    Soldier Blue
    First 2 answer, is men read more »

    Terry Deal
  • 53.
    They Fight For What Is Right

    There are soldiers that come into the hands of combat,
    There are soldiers that fight and serve for what is right,
    There are soldiers that die and soldiers that survive,
    They fight for our country and freedom. read more »

    Cassie Lowe
  • 54.
    A Soldiers Dream

    As we see every soldier fight
    we think why
    well deep in every soldier
    they had a dream read more »

    tylor bearman
  • 55.
    Misdirected Soldier

    African soldier, American warrior

    Power to the black man read more »

    K.C Baylor
  • 56.
    Ballad For The Emerald Soldier

    A soldier lain in pools of blood,
    A soldier of no name,
    A dying soul face down in mud,
    His mercy is to blame. read more »

    Tadej Blažic
  • 57.
    Live On Soldier

    A wounded soldier should not fight in war,
    The bleeding won't stop if he does anymore,
    If only you can feel what he feels as you stare in his eyes,
    For all the death of all the soldiers that disappear and die, read more »

    Nicholas Fuhrmann
  • 58.
    Soldier, Soldier

    Soldier, soldier, off to the war,
    Take me a letter to my sweetheart O.
    He's gone away to France
    With his carbine and his lance, read more »

    Maurice Hewlett
  • 59.
    Man's road

    It's a long road,

    Oh so sad road, read more »

    Misty Evans
  • 60.
    Shells Of Soldiers

    The gun dialogue has ended in cold blood
    Warm blood gush and trickle fresh from the empty soldiers
    that fell trying to stand firm by lying down. read more »

    Kennedy Oluoma
  • 61.
    A soldier stands

    read more »

    jessica brocklesby
  • 62.
    my brother in law the soldier

    my brother in law the soldier.
    he was so young when he went to war..
    he has turned it to a brave soldier and
    and im verry proud of him read more »

    dawn hunter
  • 63.
    Anzac's Requiem

    The soldiers fate, were in the hands of war
    Their wives were on their shoulders the day before
    Their time had come, the way it meant to be
    They were trapped by darkness, no where to flee read more »

    jack hon
  • 64.
    Loud Soul; Loud Cry

    read more »

    Will Hop
  • 65.
    Wars of School

    everyday it's likes drums at school bang, bang, bong.
    WW2 planes flying in halls.
    students dominated by striking teachers. read more »

    Vang Lor
  • 66.
    Dear Soldier

    read more »

    rochelle cathell
  • 67.
    Alone the soldier is....

    Alone the soldier is...
    lying on his bunk
    in a unfamiliar land
    thousands of miles from home read more »

    Anthony Scott
  • 68.
    Memorial Day

    The flags are flying, the banners waving,
    the men are weeping, over by the wall.
    They are full of memories,
    All the dead soldiers. The flags are flying, the pennants flowing, read more »

    Ruth Carey
  • 69.

    Now, carry your guns soldier,
    Rush into war
    With your guns and knives
    Shoot into the sky read more »

    larry Philosopher
  • 70.

    We are standing in the battlefield of our broken family,
    No one is mourning the dead
    Each soldier had gripped their gun angrily
    And watched as their kindred bled read more »

    Beth Caro
  • 71.
    Ants of War

    Like ants they march,
    towards their death.
    Pawns in the games of chess.
    Soldiers march, rifles fire. read more »

    Kevin Fung
  • 72.
    Soldier of War

    I am a soldier with the will to live
    I wonder if my family knows that I'm still here
    I hear the sound of the guns blasting in my ears
    I see my friends lives coming to a end read more »

    Jake Ailes
  • 73.
    My Soldier

    My Soldier is tough and rough but gentle and sweet.
    Depending on the day, either way one way or another, gentle or sweet, tough or rough, She will always own my Heart.
    My Soldier can walk a mile in anyone's shoes, so she knows just how they feel.
    She has a Heart of gold, and don't like to be fooled. read more »

    Dixie Tanson
  • 74.
    I Bleed Red, White and Blue

    I’m the soldier who defends,
    I bleed red, white and blue.
    Not for our local politicians,
    rather I selflessly bleed for you. read more »

    Stacy Stiles
  • 75.

    Soldiers, soldiers, everywhere, with no good wars to fight
    How do you flex your muscles, the weapons of your might?
    Where do you go to kill these days, false enemies in sight?
    How do you earn the wages paid? Through false created blight? read more »

    Carey Lenehan
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