Top 100 Poems About: SOLITUDE

In this page, poems on / about “solitude” are listed.
  • 1.

    Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain
    On this bleak hut, and solitude, and me
    Remembering again that I shall die
    And neither hear the rain nor give it thanks read more »

    Edward Thomas
  • 2.

    Sitting in my room alone
    Wrapped warmly in a quilt
    Cold wind blowing outside my window
    Feeling not a pang of guilt read more »

    Rebecca Parker
  • 3.
    Solitude and Silence

    All I have to offer
    is solitude and silence.
    No accomplishments to speak of,
    having never finished anything read more »

    Juge Sopczak
  • 4.

    Speak! said my soul, be stern and adequate;
    The sunset falls from Heaven, the year is late,
    Love waits with fallen tresses at thy gate
       And mourns for perished days. read more »

    George Cabot Lodge
  • 5.
    The worlds in my heart

    I gather the world up in my heart
    Step into solitude then fall apart

    I'll never tell you what storms are going on in my head, read more »

    Twilighter dazzzler
  • 6.
    dreams of love

    confused dreams of love
    morning memories of past
    hours to my awakening
    deep whispers of the arriving dawn read more »

    barbara smith
  • 7.
    Lonely words

    read more »

    Mike poet
  • 8.

    An evening spent
    Recalling life's events
    Crowded in my skin
    In Solitude read more »

    Ravi Upadhye
  • 9.

    Who could be a better friend
    Than solitude itself?
    For it never leaves you,
    And accompanies you in times poorly miserable. read more »

    Namrata Nath
  • 10.
    My surroundings

    Flowing seemingly through my surroundings
    Surroundings carved by my ways
    Give me the strength to breath
    To fill the vacuum I have surrounded me with read more »

    mike west
  • 11.

    O solitude
    Be my hangman,
    Wrack me twist me
    Trample my coiled span read more »

    TariniKinkar Das
  • 12.

    The moment of solitude
    when others left you
    start to think about themselves
    they don't seem to care read more »

    Earlene Yemima
  • 13.

    I hate nights spent in solitude
    with nothing but the sound
    of my breath:
    s l o w l y inhale, read more »

    Theresa Potts
  • 14.
    My Solitude

    In my solitude
    I'm not
    Your thoughts
    Cloud the read more »

    vineeta dcruz
  • 15.

    Soulsong, given free returned unwanted
    No quietude

    Cadence, drums emptiness aloud read more »

    M.. Considine
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