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Top 100 Poems About: SON

In this page, poems on / about “son” are listed.
  • 1.
    Our Son

    Our Son the Soldier
    How great a man he must be
    To be joined in the fight to
    set another part of the world free read more »

    Denise Girod
  • 2.

    My son
    I am here
    I cannot protect you
    From the world. read more »

    Rose Falcone
  • 3.
    Father And Son

    You're standing in the doorway.
    Your workday is all done.
    He waits to see you everyday,
    this boy that is your son. read more »

    Mary Nagy
  • 4.
    *******son of hidden sun (lyric) *******

    son of hidden sun
    lead them with invocation
    isn't with flying lizard
    that will make you more sincere read more »

    egi david perdana
  • 5.
    Father, son, spirit

    The father conceives his son
    the son grows with his father
    the spirit allows the heritage
    Father, son, spirit. The father says sweet things to his son read more »

    Teresa Gonzalez-Lee
  • 6.
    Dad and Son

    A dad, a son,
    One life, one love,
    A road, all alone,
    One last strife, from above. read more »

    JeanFrancois Denis
  • 7.
    WIthout my son

    When I am alone, without my son,
    I cry, I change, I am alone again, without anyone to love,
    Love is the most valued posession,
    Without my son I am nothing, but I am relieved, read more »

    Nakia Crespin
  • 8.
    A Lesson In Drawing

    My son places his paint box in front of me
    and asks me to draw a bird for him.
    Into the color gray I dip the brush
    and draw a square with locks and bars. read more »

    White Rose
  • 9.
    My Son

    Kai, my sensitive son.
    An old soul.
    So much to teach.
    My son read more »

    Misty Talbot
  • 10.

    I had heard of the feelings of a mother for her son
    But I never knew what it meant read more »

    Sally Campbell
  • 11.
    to our son with love

    on august 26th in the year ninteen fifty three
    god and my wife gave a son to me read more »

    hewitt hardy
  • 12.
    The Sons of Men

    the sons of men will rather die
    in the flattery smoke of lies
    than live in peace and solitude
    in the sincere light of truth. read more »

  • 13.
    Father And Son

    Let me tell you all, a story
    of father and son
    who lived happily
    before the conflicts begun read more »

    Arti Honrao
  • 14.
    Your son

    Your son in the corner selling drugs.
    Do you care?
    Your son kills innocent people,
    you think thats fair? read more »

    jennifer marcelino
  • 15.
    My Son

    My Son

    My son 6 and 1/2 months in the womb
    My son so small and cute read more »

    Carrie Robbins
  • 16.
    Fathers and Sons

    A son sits by his father with questions in his eyes
    The father looks down at his son, his pride he can't disguise.
    There comes a time when every son must leave his father's care
    and venture out into the world to see what happens there. read more »

    Patricia Denise Newman
  • 17.
    Will Always Love You My Son

    Doctor 'Congratulations it's a boy'

    I love you son I love you son boy you got me crying, from the moment you came in my sight now my heart is smiling. read more »

    fred sweetguy
  • 18.
    My Son

    Today is the day, we all await
    Today is the day, what a sigh
    Rain is pouring as I see in the window pane
    My son your coming from your mother's womb. read more »

    Albert M. Rosarda
  • 19.
    I Am Africa

    I am a son to my Father, I am born to my Africa, I am the Future!
    I am my own Father, I am on my own an African in my Africa, I am my own Future!
    I am to my son a Father, I am a People to my Africa, I am present in my Future!
    I am now a man just like my Father, I am Africa, I am making history in my Future! read more »

    Makabongwe Nkambule
  • 20.
    My Son

    My dear long gone son
    You went away, away from home
    But i won’t ask why, not now
    I am waiting to see you come back read more »

    Caleb Tukahiirwa
  • 21.
    The War Game

    Marching into town they came,
    Bringing fear, dread
    Snatching fathers, brothers, sons,
    Never to be seen again read more »

    Jaya Jaspal
  • 22.
    My Child

    I am at a complete loss
    I just don’t know what to say
    everyone told me to walk away
    but knowing that you my son wanted to stay read more »

    Malinda Kline
  • 23.
    The Grandad

    I look over to my son laughing playing not a care,
    Comes running when hurt or scared
    running to me
    But as time goes by I start to notice read more »

    Donal Moran
  • 24.
    To Daughters for Your Sons

    I am the slave hand that rocked the cradle
    back and forth gently as my pink son slept.
    While on a dirt floor, my brown son crept.
    As I catered to masters' mood, my black son wept. read more »

    Celeste Butler Mendez
  • 25.
    To A Mother The Son Does Not Grow Adult

    Mother, is the living shrine,
    To her eye the son remains ever green,
    Whole the world is aware of the son,
    The mother’s eye never transforms from the morn. read more »

    Subrata Ray
  • 26.

    Though you might feel alone in the sun
    wait, wait until I come into the sun read more »

    nicholas sardinha
  • 27.
    My Redemption Poem

    When satan fell,
    for one wrong mistake.
    He was thrown in hell,
    it was all he could take. read more »

    Nick Wingler
  • 28.
    mothers love

    read more »

    raju raj
  • 29.
    stretch marks

    These stretch marks my son, prove me a woman,

    One of those who has been ordained, read more »

    kawoya alosius
  • 30.
    I Love My Son

    love my son true,
    At his birth, I held him to my chest
    And called upon Heaven with praise,
    On his first cry, I shed tears of joy read more »

    Visato Kiso
  • 31.
    The Disavowal

    My son, when your rib supported mine
    you restored it and set it straight read more »

    Muzaffar al-Nawwab
  • 32.
    Son of God

    Son of God
    Not a puppet
    Blood on our hands
    Death on the cross read more »

    Ilan Cohen
  • 33.

    I am my father's son
    fruit of his loins
    morning of many a night
    an end to his travails read more »

    Samuel Obono Jr
  • 34.
    My Son

    My son
    Hear the cries of wisdom
    For she mourns for us
    We have left her read more »

    Nwanna Onyeka Benedict
  • 35.

    We come as congregation
    Family united as one read more »

    Sylvester Eaves
  • 36.
    mother's are crying in are lands

    Mother’s are crying in are lands

    A mother cry’s for a son,
    one that will never come home again read more »

    brian adolf
  • 37.

    Your son is a liar
    He says to someone
    You have the longest
    Wave in your smile read more »

    Anderson Dovilas
  • 38.
    Silent Scream

    There was a child within my womb
    Whose life I truly longed ot share
    But choices clamored to be heard;
    There were others about whom I did care. read more »

    Linnie Johnson
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