Top 100 Poems About: SONG

In this page, poems on / about “song” are listed.
  • 1.
    Summer Song

    Summer breeze
    summer long
    I'll sing to you
    my summer song read more »

    Summer Song
  • 2.
    Song of the Soul

    I sing a love song
    to the world
    to the world that suffers
    prejudice, hate and war. read more »

    David Moe
  • 3.
    The sing of song

    it's a song without title
    a song without word
    a song without sound read more »

    Jean Francois Le Goff
  • 4.
    My English teacher

    My English teacher taught me,
    How the world is sweet
    About the songs without a beat.
    New places I did meet read more »

    Mariam de Haan
  • 5.
    A Song Thats Sung..

    A song that's sung
    tells more than a story
    a song that's sung
    is sung from the heart read more »

    emily summers
  • 6.

    Sing sweet Nightingale
    but sing me a song of deep sorrow
    sing through the night of sheer delight
    for I need change my life on the morrow. read more »

    Norman Lowe
  • 7.
    He was

    He was an anchor in the light,
    He was my happiness.
    And when the blue sea dew from his sail-wings
    He was the song of my unknown things; read more »

    tina angel
  • 8.
    A Common Singer

    I am a common singer
    Singing a simple song
    Inviting all who hear
    To join and sing along read more »

    Carol Fleming Klein
  • 9.
    Sing A Song Of Broken Hearts

    Sing a song of broken hearts
    And you sing a song for me.
    Sing a song of shattered dreams
    You're still singing in my key. read more »

    Marianna Jo Arolin
  • 10.
    Life Is Like A Beautiful Song

    Life is like a beautiful song
    It starts with melodious imagination
    Of letters, notes, and tone
    then put together, so sweet into song read more »

    Gene Lupague
  • 11.
    My Song

    I have no song
    But still I sing
    I let my voice
    Fly on wing read more »

    Anonymous Ghurl
  • 12.
    One Last Song

    One last song for the wicked
    One last song and a cigarette
    I see you standing in the back
    forming a silhouette read more »

    Steinar Olafsen
  • 13.
    Healing Song

    (for lost causes, and dissipated dreams)

    I hear a song
    from within hearts read more »

    Teniola Tonade
  • 14.
    its a b'day of a fairy....(1) ....

    it's a b'day of a fairy lets sing a song,
    you'd gotta do it hurry since the party's on,
    everybody celebrating mood is on song...
    it's a b'day of a fairy lets sing a song.. read more »

    arpit kulshrestha
  • 15.
    The Song

    Sing me your song
    of hurt, of pain
    Read me the lyrics
    Again and again read more »

    Chelsea Pieterse
  • 16.
    The Waves (A poem of sadness)

    The waves they sing the song I knew
    The song I knew both well and true

    The song I sang both day and night read more »

    Sarah Morgan
  • 17.


    The peacock flings the feather
    The fawn dances on the grass read more »

    Rajendra padhi
  • 18.
    When I Will Sing My Own Song

    A time may come when i'll sing my own song,
    And that time is coming fast.
    I'll sing my own song,
    Perhaps a lyrical song coloured with joy, read more »

    Eric Lungai
  • 19.
    True love

    Back ground of every love song,
    The truth more than one love story,

    Love Song, song by song read more »

    Sugar Wong
  • 20.
    The Minstrel and the Muse

    More conceptual than fiscal
    There sings a happy minstrel
    who's songs of love and virtue show the heavens to the eye read more »

    Intel Outside
  • 21.
    The Song Which Never Ends

    The song which never ends
    Is the song of love
    The more you love
    The more you want to love. read more »

    Ansarali Nadaf
  • 22.

    love has never been kind to me
    Like a song birds it come n flee
    Always failed to catch a tune THEY sang
    BUT U LIKE A huming bird perch on my window read more »

    Tenzin Namdak
  • 23.
    Peace Song

    Music is away
    My world is in pain
    I try to murmur old song
    Who's writer long ago was gone read more »

    Majed Mora
  • 24.
    Ocean Song

    Sing a little song,
    Just an itty bitty ditty,
    About the rolling boom
    Of the ocean’s lull and gloom. read more »

    Robin Shuler
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