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Top 100 Poems About: SONG

In this page, poems on / about “song” are listed.
  • 1.
    Summer Song

    Summer breeze
    summer long
    I'll sing to you
    my summer song read more »

    Summer Song
  • 2.
    Song of the Soul

    I sing a love song
    to the world
    to the world that suffers
    prejudice, hate and war. read more »

    David Moe
  • 3.
    The sing of song

    it's a song without title
    a song without word
    a song without sound read more »

    Jean Francois Le Goff
  • 4.
    My Song

    Let my song
    Be a song of joy,
    A song about peace
    A song of love. read more »

    Fab Ricciardi
  • 5.
    My Song

    I have no song
    But still I sing
    I let my voice
    Fly on wing read more »

    Anonymous Ghurl
  • 6.
    A Song Of Love

    Sing me a song
    not a song of war
    not a song of peace
    but a song of love. read more »

    Marites C. Cayetano
  • 7.

    Songs, songs, songs…

    Songs are many, my songs are many-
    Constantly, continuously, countlessly- read more »

  • 8.
    Song of the World

    such a wonderful song
    song of life
    song of death
    wedding song read more »

    Rachel Stoddard
  • 9.
    A Song Thats Sung..

    A song that's sung
    tells more than a story
    a song that's sung
    is sung from the heart read more »

    emily summers
  • 10.
    A Song

    Sing me a song
    A song about dreams
    A song that tells me
    What´s meant to be read more »

    Nina gáspari
  • 11.
    He was

    He was an anchor in the light,
    He was my happiness.
    And when the blue sea dew from his sail-wings
    He was the song of my unknown things; read more »

    tina angel
  • 12.
    Sing A Song Of Broken Hearts

    Sing a song of broken hearts
    And you sing a song for me.
    Sing a song of shattered dreams
    You're still singing in my key. read more »

    Marianna Jo Arolin
  • 13.
    Life Is Like A Beautiful Song

    Life is like a beautiful song
    It starts with melodious imagination
    Of letters, notes, and tone
    then put together, so sweet into song read more »

    Gene Lupague
  • 14.

    Sing sweet Nightingale
    but sing me a song of deep sorrow
    sing through the night of sheer delight
    for I need change my life on the morrow. read more »

    Norman Lowe
  • 15.
    Alone, Writing A Poem With A Song

    I was alone listening to a love/sad song
    Searching, thinking ideas with imagination
    To create a story in a form of a poem
    Holding my pen and start writing it down read more »

    Judith Kempis
  • 16.
    The Song

    Sing me your song
    of hurt, of pain
    Read me the lyrics
    Again and again read more »

    Chelsea Pieterse
  • 17.
    My English teacher

    My English teacher taught me,
    How the world is sweet
    About the songs without a beat.
    New places I did meet read more »

    Mariam de Haan
  • 18.
    its a b'day of a fairy....(1) ....

    it's a b'day of a fairy lets sing a song,
    you'd gotta do it hurry since the party's on,
    everybody celebrating mood is on song...
    it's a b'day of a fairy lets sing a song.. read more »

    arpit kulshrestha
  • 19.
    The Song of the Wind

    Have you heard the wind blow
    Through the leaves of tress
    That sway and bend
    In reverence to the wind? read more »

    Thomas Noel Smith
  • 20.
    Peace Song

    Music is away
    My world is in pain
    I try to murmur old song
    Who's writer long ago was gone read more »

    Majed Mora
  • 21.
    A Song

    A song for your sorrows
    A song for your life
    A song for your mind
    A song for your heart read more »

    Jamison Williams
  • 22.

    What song do you sing?
    When you see the sun
    At noon,
    Bright and fiery read more »

  • 23.
    Two Steel Drums

    Jubilee songs days
    sundown songs nights
    a symphony of broken rhymes
    sweet as heaven's glory; If too heavy the load read more »

    William H. Alford
  • 24.
    The City Sings the Song of Death

    The City sings the song of Death
    Death that roams in the streets
    Fearless and merciless, its hands smeared with blood
    Its clothes drenched, its desire insatiable read more »

    Abdul Samad
  • 25.

    read more »

    Mandalie Blanc
  • 26.
    The Minstrel and the Muse

    More conceptual than fiscal
    There sings a happy minstrel
    who's songs of love and virtue show the heavens to the eye read more »

    Intel Outside
  • 27.
    Gift Of Inspiration

    I've wrote a love song
    What's a love song for
    She's got the look
    Makes a grown man howl read more »

    Dan Baruch
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