Top 100 Poems About: SONNET

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  • 1.

    A deviation split our primate past
    and catalysed the rise of modern man.
    Inquirers scan a triple epoch span
    to piece together how it came to pass: read more »

    Diane Hine
  • 2.
    To All Soldiers, and Fallen Angels

    (A tribute to all soldiers in observance of the Veterans Day)

    I wrote this note at the apex of the world ceiling
    To highly honor these citizens of the world read more »

    Ency Bearis
  • 3.
    I've not forgotten You at All, My Love

    My love, my angel, I've not forgotten you,
    When warmly, you came to my rescue,
    When you coaxed and covered me with kisses,
    At which point I became strong and crazy. read more »

    Hebert Logerie
  • 4.
    Voyages I

    Above the fresh ruffles of the surf
    Bright striped urchins flay each other with sand.
    They have contrived a conquest for shell shucks,
    And their fingers crumble fragments of baked weed read more »

    Harold Hart Crane
  • 5.
    Welcome Stranger

    Welcome stranger, settle bed and board,
    Rest sore, weary head while dreamless sleep
    both body, mind repairs. Let slumber deep
    wash worries well away, your precious hoard read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 6.
    Oceanus Wakes (a Pretentious Name From The Drop Of A Hat)

    Blind is the ocean to the sound of its motion
    As it roars with momentum of immeasurable melody
    Ushering its whitecaps of sinuous elocution
    Against the gold Shorelines with foam balm fidelity read more »

    Kevin Patrick
  • 7.

    If home is where we dost belong to unroam
    Then, let me show thee where mine 'tis home
    Encrypted on yon capacious forehead I see mine home
    Inside thy fathomless eyes I see mine home read more »

    Aminath Neena
  • 8.
    I Am The Sun. I Am The Rain.

    I am my own will-o'-the quantum mist.

    My tempted fate abroad it's far flung door. read more »

    Anthony Di'anno
  • 9.
    Growing Light

    Growing light, may thy being ever shine,
    Not be cloaked in grey falsely conjured cloud,
    But unabashed across the reach of thine,
    Through lilted wood where bird and insect crowd. read more »

    Anthony Di'anno
  • 10.

    I live where shimmering white tangled waves,
    Sweep sparkle strewn, bright glitter sprinkled shores,
    Where pure fresh fallen summer rain engraves,
    life onto purple heathered, peat streamed moors. read more »

    Anthony Di'anno
  • 11.
    Four Letter Words (Adult Language)

    Four letter words are part of common life,
    Utilitarian in their own way.
    Crucial when describing edges of strife,
    Kenspeckled scratches wherever they lay. read more »

    Anthony Di'anno
  • 12.
    Absent Friend

    Teardrop beads curve along a cold wet cheek,
    Molten wax trickles from a vibrant flame,
    A candle lit through dark mid winter bleak,
    Lights your reflection in it's picture frame, read more »

    Anthony Di'anno
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