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In this page, poems on / about “sonnet” are listed.
  • 1.
    ! ...Dont Tell THe World! (Sonnet)

    This Sonnet is in the popular Petrarchan Form

    I behold thy love as beautiful thing,
    In my wrecked heart, a pleasure garden, read more »

    Seema Aarella
  • 2.
    Sonnet On A Star

    If I could write a sonnet
    on a star
    Then bottle it and
    toss it to the sea read more »

    Tamara Beryl Latham
  • 3.

    I sing a sonnet for you,
    to immortalize my love,
    I sing a sonnet for you,
    such ethereality as further memories, read more »

    nasibeh Daneshvar
  • 4.
    Sonnet of Love

    We stand on the ground
    upon a turning page
    brandishing like a banner in the wind. read more »

    hammadh zareer
  • 5.
    Shakespeare's Frustrated Lover

    I've tidied your parchments,
    And cleaned up your quill,
    Now i'm asking you nicely,
    Make love to me Bill. read more »

    Fred Barton
  • 6.

    I have been dreaming all a summer day
    Of rare and dainty poems I would write;
    Love-lyrics delicate as lilac-scent,
    Soft idylls woven of wind, and flower, and stream, read more »

    Victor Daley
  • 7.
    The Poet

    Shakespeare was a playwright of great ability,
    And, although very few of us know it,
    That besides being a great writer of tragedy,
    Shakespeare was a notable poet. read more »

    Brian Swaine
  • 8.
    I miss you

    “I-miss-you” because you blessed my heart with pure joy,
    When you cared for me in my youth,
    With a kind-spirited finger you touched my heart,
    Now fingerprints of your legacy remain, read more »

    Fabrice Wonga
  • 9.
    Life's A Sonnet

    life is a trumpet
    every being responds to read more »

    Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
  • 10.
    They Know

    Topaz shadows undulate their way past
    The headboard
    To whisper sultry sonnets
    Across the sheets read more »

    Cat Ginn
  • 11.
    Fourteen beautiful birds on wings

    A baker as packs thirteen eggs to claim
    A good dozen, a sonneteer— fourteen
    Sweet lines in praise of thine slender good frame,
    That thine mysterious marvels never lean read more »

    Aniruddha Pathak
  • 12.
    The Sonnet -new-

    I came across the sonnet at high school: the form stood out
    with its fixed line number and rhyme, but variable metre.
    Petrarch wrote the first sonnets, in Italy in the fourteenth century,
    on the eternal theme of love between a man and a woman. read more »

    michael walker
  • 13.
    Sonnet #1

    Sonnet #1
    I’m not quite sure how to write a sonnet
    So I’ll start with just a few simple lines.
    If I correctly write this sonnet read more »

    Vi Lanflagle
  • 14.

    The rain is like a beautiful sonnet
    A sonnet oh so pure
    It enables all the flowers to grow
    The flowers, trees and plants read more »

    Andrew Hamm
  • 15.


    Winter's white cloak is wrapped round the high peaks,
    Rosily tinting, blushing at daybreak, read more »

    Lesley Diane Sutherland
  • 16.
    A Love Assonance (A Valentine Poem)

    Come close by and tell
    me did you know me in a silent wish
    and formed my laugh in a magical dish?
    In kind I ask you spell, read more »

    Linda Neill Poet Digter
  • 17.
    The Last Sonnet

    There are many challenges that I have seen
    not many are as odd as this one is
    to this challenge I am not very keen
    I would much rather get a final quiz read more »

    Kaleb Christenberry
  • 18.
    Of life and love

    A Sonnet of Life and Love

    They live like a stone read more »

    Joey Marshall
  • 19.
    A Sonnet Of Nature

    Will you please come with me?
    This dusty path will lead us
    To a beautiful sonnet of Nature- read more »

    Portia Burton
  • 20.

    I slouch by the once vivid, now dying fire
    watching the scarce embers glow,
    remembering all of your sonnets to me
    spoken in sweet voices, slow. read more »

    emergingfrom thedark
  • 21.
    Words That Move

    Amazing are the words that move
    Us like the sailing seeds of a poppy or
    A freight train falling from the sky
    A thousand pictures paint the words that read more »

    Mario Valdes
  • 22.
    For Mine Angel

    Mine angel, I lovest thou
    For thou art a conundrum,
    And a sonnet, simultaneously,
    Intricately layered, read more »

    Joel Baldwin
  • 23.
    Shakespeare Sonnet Da Vinci Codes

    We have all heard that Da Vinci created his own cryptograms. I thought you might enjoy some simple Da Vinci coded sonnets. For these simple Da Vinci codes, the very first line of one sonnet in this section reads:

    Morf tseriaf serutaerc ew erised esaercni
    From fairest creatures we desire increase read more »

    Joe Wocoski
  • 24.
    my grandads sonnet

    My Grandads

    Your pipe was like the Smokey no mans land read more »

    cherry lollipop
  • 25.
    Sonnet: For a Spider

    O spider, thou with legs so hairy
    So innocent, ugly-cute and scary
    As I ponder wonderingly
    What you would have lived to see read more »

    Heidi Kristine
  • 26.

    Words are powerful entities themselves

    They can be used to strengthen, rejuvenate, and rekindle our energies read more »

    Beau Jordan
  • 27.

    sonnet #3
    friends read more »

    Derrick Hubert Schnabel
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