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Top 100 Poems About: SORROW

In this page, poems on / about “sorrow” are listed.
  • 1.
    Sorrow's Bane

    Love is the one thing
    That keeps our spirits whole
    When Sorrow comes a knocking
    With hurts that touch our soul read more »

    Ed_ Schmidt
  • 2.
    Autumn Leaves

    Never weep, have no sorrow
    Just pretend there’s no tomorrow
    Leaves are slowly falling down
    Red, orange, green, and brown read more »

    Brett Elliott
  • 3.

    sorrow can leave you spending in a frame
    with so much gulit and pain
    sorrow was taken as a game
    but it's so much more than and emotion read more »

    Mariah Whitfield
  • 4.
    Cycle Of My Emotions

    Love leads to pain
    Pain leads to hatred read more »

    Evy Moore
  • 5.
    Sorrow Makes One A Hero Tomorrow

    Without sorrow life is zero
    We must accept fate's arrow
    If our efforts are thorough
    Our sorrow, God will borrow read more »

    Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman
  • 6.

    A pain you never forget.
    Life's true regret. read more »

    Dillon Crawford
  • 7.
    Pain And Rage And Hurt

    Pain and rage and hurt.
    Erline has to feel bad too.da ya think//? ? +.

    Pain the feeling of sorrow... read more »

    Charles Hice
  • 8.
    Never-Ending Sorrow

    Timeless sorrow
    Like there’s no tomorrow
    Sadness contagious
    Love leaves us read more »

    Russell Sivey
  • 9.

    Remember when lives were lost
    You sleep and there is sorrow
    Sorrow is when you’re awake.
    Sorrow is the feeling you wish was fake read more »

    Danielle Noguet
  • 10.
    As we bask in sorrow

    While recently having a conversation with a friend, we discussed 'basking in sorrow, ' which by definition, is an oxymoron.. bask meaning to take great pleasure or satisfaction; and sorrow meaning loss or despair.
    It is possible to bask in sorrow. While for one reason or another, sadness consumes you, at the same time you could be quite happy. For example; I am naturally a happy person. Therefor while I may feel constant sadness about a certain situation, I may still be basking; or somewhat happy. (smiling, laughing, having a good time)
    Many people have a sadness inside them that is hidden, or in the back of their mind at all times. These people are probably happy, can have fun, and seem to be in good cheer, while the sadness is still there, in their minds or hearts. read more »

    kamryn chew
  • 11.

    Sorrow, sorrow why have you catch me so
    Why have you left me in such a big hole
    sorrow, sorrow when will you leave my soul
    and let my heart breath so read more »

    Simone Brown
  • 12.
    finding loves fool

    Finding loves fool

    loves fool you may be
    but I stand in front of thee read more »

    cody byrne
  • 13.
    I'll Be Sorrow Tomorrow

    I'll Be Sorrow Tomorrow

    I'll be sorrow tomorrow,
    With me myself and I. read more »

    Ruby ...
  • 14.

    the tear of sorrow runs down my cheek
    friendship is what I seek
    I used to think I had it all
    but now my backs against the wall read more »

    adam cliff
  • 15.
    You Cry Not Alone

    Dear One- You cry not alone
    For my tears fall with Yours.
    And I pray that You will let me share
    The awesome burden of this sorrow You bear. You see the path that's now Yours read more »

    Charles G. Pou
  • 16.
    finding myself

    read more »

    lori stlouis
  • 17.

    The moment I peep,
    In the tank of thoughts.
    The memories I found,
    Of the daunting stock. read more »

    Aditya Pathak 'particle'
  • 18.
    Dear Sorrow, Death Awaits Your Acquaintance

    The rain keeps Falling
    And the Pain goes on
    Your name I try calling
    But the words just pass on by read more »

    Sorrow Lynn
  • 19.
    I am poem

    I am rolling in he deep
    I wonder when i will stop rolling with everyone else
    I hear people saying bad things about me it makes me feel that i should kepp rolling intil i am depp in sorrow
    I see everyone still while i am rolling all around read more »

    Haadia Ansari
  • 20.

    Sorrow came today,
    And left me full of shame.
    It's right down here inside of me
    A feeling of disdain. read more »

    Trinny Trin
  • 21.
    The Beauti Of Sorrow

    Beauti of sorrow
    vast as the sea
    eve of the morrow
    inner expanse of me read more »

    Tim caffery
  • 22.
    Dancing with Sorrow

    Amidst a garden in a twist of fate
    I dance with Sorrow in an evening late
    We hold our hands and tend our steps in pace
    Then glide like silk with songs of Tears in grace read more »

    Roland Jr Jamito
  • 23.

    You catch me watching you,
    your laughing smile inquires what I'm about,
    I say nothing, but my heart is full of wonder,
    at the depth of sorrow in your eyes. read more »

    Jeffrey Stultz
  • 24.
    Don't run from anger

    Anti anger campaigns
    Psychological trend
    Too much precaution
    with behavior changes read more »

    mitty wille
  • 25.

    Yet of life i do not speak,
    Where there is sorrow there is peace
    Agitation builds up till the brim,
    Yet the cup speaks of gratis read more »

    sangeeta naik
  • 26.
    Vibes Of Sorrow

    Soaring high,
    Being wild
    Seeking for,
    A vibes that rhymes read more »

    Amir Amin
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