Top 100 Poems About: SPRING

In this page, poems on / about “spring” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Spring And The Fall

    In the spring of the year, in the spring of the year,
    I walked the road beside my dear.
    The trees were black where the bark was wet.
    I see them yet, in the spring of the year. read more »

    Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • 2.
    It Was A Lover And His Lass

    IT was a lover and his lass,
       With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,
    That o'er the green corn-field did pass,
       In the spring time, the only pretty ring time, read more »

    William Shakespeare
  • 3.

    read more »

    Billy Collins
  • 4.
    The Winter's Spring

    The winter comes; I walk alone,
    I want no bird to sing;
    To those who keep their hearts their own
    The winter is the spring. read more »

    John Clare
  • 5.
    A Spring Piece Left In The Middle

    Taut, thick fingers punch
    the teeth of my typewriter.
    Three words are down on paper
    in capitals: read more »

    Nazim Hikmet
  • 6.
    When Spring Goes By

    The winds that on the uplands softly lie,
    Grow keener where the ice is lingering still
    Where the first robin on the sheltered hill
    Pipes blithely to the tune, "When Spring goes by!" read more »

    Duncan Campbell Scott
  • 7.
    ## A Spring

    (not the season)

    A spring
    A perennial source of inspiration read more »

    Samanyan Lakshminarayanan
  • 8.
    Villanelle Of Spring Bells

    Bells in the town alight with spring
    converse, with a concordance of new airs
    make clear the fresh and ancient sound they sing. read more »

    Keith Douglas
  • 9.
    The Georgics


    What makes the cornfield smile; beneath what star read more »

  • 10.
    Hokku Poems In Four Seasons


    The year's first poem done,
    with smug self confidence read more »

    Yosa Buson
  • 11.
    Madala Goes By The Orphanage

    Unaware of its terror,
    And but half aware
    Of the world's beauty near her-
    Of sunlight on the stones, read more »

    Muriel Stuart
  • 12.
    Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 06 - Spring

    "Oh, dear, with the just unfolded tender leaflets of Mango trees as his incisive arrows, and with shining strings of honeybees as his bowstring, the assailant named Vasanta came very nigh, to afflict the hearts of those that are fully engaged in affairs of lovemaking...

    "Oh, dear, in Vasanta, Spring, trees are with flowers and waters are with lotuses, hence the breezes are agreeably fragrant with the fragrance of those flowers, thereby the eventides are comfortable and even the daytimes are pleasant with those fragrant breezes, thereby the women are with concupiscence, thus everything is highly pleasing... read more »

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