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Top 100 Poems About: SPRING

In this page, poems on / about “spring” are listed.
  • 1.


    the season of spring
    weather seems to sing read more »

    Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel
  • 2.

    Spring is life
    Spring is hope
    So is love and
    happiness. read more »

    Archie Greenidge
  • 3.
    Three Years Without Winter

    Autumn read more »

    PEF (PEF)
  • 4.

    Its spring its spring
    Oh I just can’t wait
    To find fruits on the vases
    And flowers on my plate read more »

    Arvie Calimlim
  • 5.

    Spring! How beautiful is the
    Spring! How wonderful is the
    Spring! How majestic is the
    Spring! How fantastic is the read more »

    Alex Fischer
  • 6.

    Spring Spring Spring
    is almost here

    Spring Spring Spring read more »

    taylor hurttgam
  • 7.
    Spring And Winter

    Spring is near
    It is visible in the rear-
    View mirror, winter is going to a far away place
    From where it'll move at a very slow pace read more »

    Aishwarya Misra
  • 8.

    autumn to summer to winter to spring..

    the cool air of autumn
    the sunshine of summer read more »

    nick.. sorensen
  • 9.
    Early in the Spring

    Early in the spring
    Not a leaf has struck the ground
    The swallow has yet to sing
    And the plowmen are no where to be found read more »

    James Kent
  • 10.

    read more »

    Melvin Hergenroter
  • 11.

    Spring is past and over these many days,
    Spring and summer. The leaves of September droop,
    Yellowing afid all but dead on the patient trees. read more »

    Aldous Huxley
  • 12.

    read more »

    Stardasia Livngston
  • 13.

    Spring reminds one of,
    Discarded leaves,
    Rotting hats and
    Banished coats. read more »

    Robbie Brereton
  • 14.
    To Cherish Spring Forever

    'It's winter, it's winter! '-you once exclaimed with glee,
    I merely stared at your bright eyes of sunshine rays,
    Your laugh chilled me like running water from once frozen rivers,
    With lips like morning spring dew and fresh newly-sprung grass, read more »

    Lilian Chromious Eveson
  • 15.


    Seasons change,
    spring, summer, fall, winter. read more »

    alec shannon
  • 16.
    Gifts of Spring

    Spring Seems to come over night,
    Bringing beauty with all its might.

    The sun shines down all around. read more »

    Candace Johnson
  • 17.

    Winters, Autumns
    Summers, Springs
    Something special
    each season brings read more »

    Michelle Hanes
  • 18.
    Sun baked bread

    Sunlight radiated on my back
    Illuminating my way with no shadows
    Sprang from the ashes
    My soul's a bird of flame read more »

    Dan Littauer
  • 19.
    New Spring


    Spring! How beautiful is the
    Spring! How wonderful is the read more »

    Mario Saboundjian
  • 20.
    When it will be spring

    see flowers on my window
    Cold winds whipping about
    Soon I think
    Wolves will begin to howl read more »

  • 21.

    Because the morning sun is gold
    Because the smell of loam is bold
    Because there's warmth within the cold
    I know that I am Spring read more »

    John May
  • 22.
    Spring Is

    Spring is birds singing their heads off
    Spring is a beautiful season full of color
    Spring is the constant war between the sun and rain
    Spring is the light at the end of the long winter tunnel read more »

    Kristina Lybbert
  • 23.
    SPRING sprung

    Sensational spirited spring has sprung
    to deliver happiness and cherished moments
    the spring rain cries joy on the melancholy plants
    spring is an angel who is permanently here read more »

    yaya yaya
  • 24.
    I Love Spring

    I love spring
    Spring is new
    It’s new blades of grass
    It’s rain on a lass read more »

    Mohammed Rashid
  • 25.
    I Know It's Spring When.....

    I know it's spring when blossoms bloom
    I see the disappearing gloom
    The sun shines bright on children's faces
    Children run at fast paces read more »

    Daniela Valdes
  • 26.
    Spa (Hot Springs)

    In the spa city of Hot Springs
    Old maids sit in trolley cars
    Up and down the busy streets
    Young men strum on blue guitars read more »

    Alan Hickman
  • 27.

    Through my window pane
    I watch the winter go,
    I see the falling snow
    Turn into rain. read more »

    Grace Moore Kimata
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