Top 100 Poems About: STAR

In this page, poems on / about “star” are listed.
  • 1.
    ' One Bright Star

    One bright star in the vast unknown
    A blazing ember in the night sky shone
    Reminding me that I'm not alone...............
    One bright star; read more »

    Linda Ori
  • 2.
    On Your Birthday

    On your birthday, may you experience joy
    On your birthday, may you experience love
    On your birthday, may all your dreams come true
    On your birthday, may all your desires be filled read more »

    Mariah Rhoda
  • 3.
    My Unattainable Star

    Star light, star bright,
    The most beautiful star in my sight,
    I wish I may, I wish I might,
    To be with you for just one night. read more »

    Warren Chan
  • 4.

    Stars across the universe
    Stars along the galaxy
    My star is never far away
    My star is always with me read more »

    Tamisha Bellamy
  • 5.
    Favorite Star of Mine.

    Far above in that sky,
    Is a small star of mine,
    Star where life exists,
    That star shines brighter then light. read more »

    Anurag Kumar
  • 6.
    Of A Virgin Born

    Have you seen the
    Star of wonder
    Star of grace
    Star by which read more »

    Steven Silent Wolf
  • 7.
    Falling Star

    I am a falling star
    A falling star thats fell so far
    I am a falling star
    A falling star with so many scars read more »

    Donald Edwards
  • 8.

    Butterflies, butterflies,
    Beautiful butterflies
    Wings spread out
    For everyone to see read more »

    charlie birkett
  • 9.
    My First Love Poem

    When God created heaven and he placed those stars above,
    I knew right then the star I'd chose would fill my life with love,

    The greatest gift bestowed to me is the best received by far, read more »

    FeChristie Wong
  • 10.
    The Clouds

    The clouds were not there,
    When the stars provided us with light
    This is why I’m still waiting for the clouds
    To reveal the light of the stars read more »

    Kudakwashe Roak Mutama
  • 11.
    I wished upon a star one day

    I wished upon a star one day
    As it went shooting through the sky,
    I wished upon a star one day
    As it passed me by. read more »

    katy allen
  • 12.
    Sleepless Star

    Long ere creation spurn
    The stars shone in the heavens,
    Billions of years they have burned
    To musing eyes read more »

    john hardesty
  • 13.
    Oh stars oh stars

    Oh stars
    oh stars
    so bright
    shine your light. read more »

    nitsujt renrut
  • 14.
    The Ten Stars

    In the motion of the universe,
    The rotation of planets,
    The conjuction of the wind,
    There my sight witnesses, read more »

    Gaylord Munemo
  • 15.
    Starlit Love

    Each star high in the midnight blue
    Is radiant with my love for you.
    And in the clear enchanted night
    Stars shed on you love's constant light. read more »

    John N. Blow
  • 16.
    The Owner of My Stars

    My stars
    Where are you my stars
    My stars
    Not only bright… white read more »

    Tristan Maverick
  • 17.

    Gleaming stars hover above
    While I think of you, the one I love read more »

    Chris Fox
  • 18.

    Stand at balcony
    Look at the sky
    Count the stars that lies
    In the shining sky read more »

    Benhardi Dicka
  • 19.
    That One Star is Not Me

    That One Star is Not Me
    Laying down in the grass looking
    At the sky I see a bright
    Little star just stareing at at me read more »

    Bre Pantoja
  • 20.
    Shiny Star

    I look upon the sky
    In search of a star
    I see comets fly
    And stars shine read more »

    Solomon Crane
  • 21.
    The Starry Sky

    As I look into the sky
    I see the stars and wonder why
    I see the big bear and little bear
    I see the other constellations up there read more »

    Virginia Hightower
  • 22.
    Black Star

    Black Star, Black Star
    I wish I'd know where you are.
    I need a wish, to help me out
    in my dark world full of doubt. read more »

    Ashley Bachtel
  • 23.

    So I wished upon that star
    I wished for love
    For your love read more »

    Animosity Drowning
  • 24.

    Look up above see the star's.
    You think of me.
    Take your time.
    So when i die you'll remember me. read more »

    joseph escamilla
  • 25.
    Falling Stars

    Falling Stars
    Are like diamonds
    in the sky read more »

    Kassy Riggle
  • 26.
    Starring at the stars.

    Sitting by an hour glass,
    Starring at the stars.
    Sitting as the hours pass,
    Starring at the stars. read more »

    Nicole Ronne
  • 27.
    My Lost Star

    Twinkle Twinkle the star I see,
    In the night staring at me,

    Twinkle Twinkle the star was you,
    holding my hand all along through, read more »

    Krishnendu Gupta
  • 28.
    Under The Stars

    Under the stars
    Are little minds
    Under the stars
    Are thoughts of all kinds. read more »

    Josh Alfred
  • 29.
    A Wonderful Beetle——Shi Xiaoqun

    Beetles, beetles beautiful movie star,
    Shi Xiaoqun is the emperor's lover of Ir star,
    Beetles, beetles beautiful movie star,
    How I wonder who you are. read more »

    Zhijian Jiang
  • 30.

    Star light,
    Star bright,
    First star
    I see tonight, read more »

    Jared Woods
  • 31.
    The Forest Of Fallen Stars

    Her eyes are crying
    To fill a deep hole
    Her lips are cracked
    From spitting out her soul read more »

    Khawar Farooq
  • 32.
    That one star

    Remember that summer, i used to lie down on the grass.
    In the countryside, i used to watch the stars every night.
    Were always lots of stars in the dark blue sky,
    Were always rich lightened in the deep sky. read more »

    Sukhee Bukhbat
  • 33.
    Shining Star II

    Shining Star the light of my life
    your that one star, I wish upon every night
    Everyday, hour, min, sec. that goes by
    I think about my Shining Star read more »

    Ivana Suazo
  • 34.

    read more »

    Jessica Wright
  • 35.
    A Shooting Star Flew By One Night

    A shooting Star flew by one night
    I wished upon its burning light
    I wished for love to fill a heart
    For love taken away in the dark read more »

    Anthony Wayne Parran
  • 36.

    Skies filled with stars,
    Amazed, I gaze with awe,
    My life, just like stars,
    Scattered all around. read more »

    May Elise
  • 37.
    If I Could

    If i could find a way
    I promise you, I would stay
    I would never go so far
    and you would be my star read more »

    Jezidina Mehanovic
  • 38.
    I don't wish on stars, I wish on razor blades

    I stare out the window,
    But my view is obscured by bricks.
    I don't see the stars tonight,
    All I see are sharpened blades around me. read more »

    Gemma O' Hanlon
  • 39.
    I see a star

    I see a star,
    I see a star not so far,
    I see a star woudering what its doing,
    I see a star that so bright, read more »

    billiejoe mullen
  • 40.
    My Evening Star

    Twinkle Twinkle Evening Star
    How I wonder where you are
    Miles and miles of land and sea
    In between you and me read more »

    Anonnyme Dloader
  • 41.
    I'm a star

    I may be notorious but i'm a star
    my life may look lunatic
    my mind may be intricated & fartic
    my eyes may have clouds to not see read more »

  • 42.
    Like a Star!

    Like a star I shine,
    I shine among many and still feel special.
    Like a star I shine,
    I shine and know i have accomplished my mission. read more »

    Grace Andahwa
  • 43.
    Falling Star

    Stars can see everyone from above the moonlit sky. Eventhough you are far away, it shines through the whole universe to find where you are. If love is real and connection is strong, your star will shine the brightest. If love is gone and faith had faded, one star will fall from the darkest sky. falling stars, failing hope, losing love. People wish upon a falling stars, to find love, happiness, peace of mind and hope. One day one single wish, one strong faith, stars will align and make that wish come true. read more »

    Rose Queen Yeh
  • 44.
    Stars Above

    read more »

    Juan Rios
  • 45.
    I See Stars

    I saw a star in Venice
    I saw a star tonight
    I saw a star falling then regain its flight.
    I saw a star in Rio read more »

    Coen Carter
  • 46.
    Starry Night

    The star shines brightly
    A star will never stop shinning
    A star will help so the way

    A star will sometimes twinkle read more »

    Rudi Delong
  • 47.
    Everything is human

    There are billions of stars
    and there are billions of humans
    Could it be
    that one signifies the other read more »

    Rozmanshah Abdullah
  • 48.
    These Shiny Silver Stars

    These shiny silver stars
    gleam aginst the silver of my eyes
    theflashing dazzling party scene
    and the eyecandy on my arm read more »

    Kate Quinn
  • 49.
    The Star Of My Night Sky

    When I Look Above
    A Day Another
    The Stars Shinning with a Subtle love
    But there is star that shines Brighter than anyother read more »

    Kavin De Silva
  • 50.
    You are my one.....

    You are my one shinning star,
    the light of my life,
    your that one star
    the star the star i wish apon everynight read more »

    monique manning
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