Top 100 Poems About: STAR

In this page, poems on / about “star” are listed.
  • 1.
    Evening Star

    'Twas noontide of summer,
    And mid-time of night;
    And stars, in their orbits,
    Shone pale, thro' the light read more »

    Edgar Allan Poe
  • 2.

    How countlessly they congregate
    O'er our tumultuous snow,
    Which flows in shapes as tall as trees
    When wintry winds do blow!-- read more »

    Robert Frost
  • 3.
    Summer Stars

    Bend low again, night of summer stars.
    So near you are, sky of summer stars,
    So near, a long-arm man can pick off stars,
    Pick off what he wants in the sky bowl, read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 4.
    To The Evening Star

    Thou fair-haired angel of the evening,
    Now, whilst the sun rests on the mountains, light
    Thy bright torch of love; thy radiant crown
    Put on, and smile upon our evening bed! read more »

    William Blake
  • 5.
    Stars, Songs, Faces

    Gather the stars if you wish it so.
    Gather the songs and keep them.
    Gather the faces of women.
    Gather for keeping years and years. read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 6.
    Not From The Stars Do I My Judgment Pluck (Sonnet 14)

    Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck,
    And yet methinks I have astronomy;
    But not to tell of good or evil luck,
    Of plagues, of dearths, or seasons' quality; read more »

    William Shakespeare
  • 7.
    Lost Star

    When the creation was new and all the stars shone in their first
    splendor, the gods held their assembly in the sky and sang
    `Oh, the picture of perfection! the joy unalloyed!' read more »

    Rabindranath Tagore
  • 8.
    A Star In A Stoneboat

    For Lincoln MacVeagh

    Never tell me that not one star of all read more »

    Robert Frost
  • 9.
    My Star

    All, that I know
    Of a certain star
    Is, it can throw read more »

    Robert Browning
  • 10.
    Bright Star

    Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art--
    Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
    And watching, with eternal lids apart, read more »

    John Keats
  • 11.
    Stars And The Soul

    To Charles A. Young, Astronomer

    "Two things," the wise man said, "fill me with awe:
    The starry heavens and the moral law." read more »

    Henry Van Dyke
  • 12.

    Most merciful God
    Look kindly upon
    An impudent child
    Who wants sitting on. read more »

    Katherine Mansfield
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