Top 100 Poems About: SUCCESS

In this page, poems on / about “success” are listed.
  • 1.
    Succes My World

    When I think success
    I see it comes
    When i dream success
    I see it comes read more »

    Fiefa Bruce
  • 2.
    What Defines Success

    What is the journey to success?
    Success is not gained by defeat
    Success does not occur over night
    Success can emerge at any age read more »

    Alisha Ricks
  • 3.
    There Is No Rest For Success

    Success is a journey not a destination a year from
    now you may wish you had started today.
    Every beginner is a winner. Success is not escaping problems but facing them creatively.
    There is no success without sacrifice. read more »

    Felix Lugo
  • 4.
    No end to success

    Success is not the triumph over regress,
    Success is the power to suppress.
    Success is not the money or the fame,
    Success is, knowing you are still the same. read more »

    Jeff Rushton
  • 5.
    What Success is?

    success is the success of beliefs and thoughts,
    success is the battle which have been saught.
    success is not about getting fame and name,
    but reaching the hieghts being the same. read more »

    tanya gupta
  • 6.
    Passion Of Life

    To achieve something great in the world you need Passion
    To fulfill vision, a great leader’s courage comes from Passion
    Whatever it may be, you must find your Passion
    If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins read more »

  • 7.

    The melodrama of labour,
    The menace of failure
    The determination to achieve,
    To make one believe read more »

    jasleen khanuja
  • 8.

    If I were to be not myself,
    then I would rather not want this success,

    If I were to unlearn all my values and principles, read more »

    Nivedita Chatterjee
  • 9.
    What is Success?

    Success is not merely becoming wealthy.
    Success is not only working for remaining healthy.
    Success is not going after fame and name.
    Success is not living life for such mind game. read more »

    dr.nutan pol
  • 10.
    Key to Success

    Failure is not a sin,
    failure teaches you how to succeed,
    failure is the first step for success,
    failure helps you from failing, read more »

    Suma Varsha
  • 11.

    Success want all men
    Success search all are
    I want success you want success
    All are wants success read more »

    md. faruk
  • 12.

    I SEE IT
    YOU TALK IT read more »

    Mbali Gina
  • 13.
    02 Night Sky

    A sky in night is a mixture
    of happiness and sorrows.
    We feel its texture
    as our debt and borrows read more »

    Akhil H Kumar
  • 14.
    Success And Principles

    Success is no respecter of persons
    Success considers no lame reasons
    There are principles that guide its business
    Principles to be applied with diligence. read more »

    Viola Akhigbe
  • 15.

    What is success?
    Is it a good job?
    Is it a lot of money? read more »

    The Wanderer
  • 16.
    Road to Success

    The road to success is not straight,
    There is a curve called FAILURE,
    A loop called CONFUSION,
    Speed bumps called FRIENDS, read more »

  • 17.
    When things done, results come.

    The night is finally over
    The month will soon be October
    North east wind makes days cold
    Past experience makes us bold read more »

    James Mond
  • 18.
    O Holy Success, My Success.

    O holy success, my darling success,
    Weather indigo or starry, it'll glow,
    As fountain vessel of blood
    In my sweet faithful heart. read more »

    Babatunde Olusegun Ajayi
  • 19.
    Don't give me success! !

    O Lord! don't give me success,
    If it takes away my freedom;
    Don't give me success,
    If it pulls me in the ditch of pride; read more »

    Niharica Bhardwaj
  • 20.
    I Crave For Success

    I dream the future without the past
    Of when my success will be a blast
    Intent of heart, I see the best
    Hope for the future, with God I rest. read more »

    Vyktor Ekott
  • 21.

    you will decide, what to do,
    with your life,

    you will decide, rise and fall, read more »

  • 22.

    you thought of everyone generation by generation
    for all you were true inspiration
    to the lock of success
    you were the key read more »

    nisha jain
  • 23.
    Failure Or Success?

    When failure is present or showing up near,
    Look around the bend and success will straggle behind the weary path
    Till all you do is try,
    Then success will no longer follow behind. read more »

    Lexi Schaeffer
  • 24.

    I know not what
    the future holds for me;
    Or if alive I'll even be;
    Or if success I'll ever see; read more »

    Mary Bagley
  • 25.
    Dreaming of Success

    The Success does not chase the successful
    The successful chases the success

    The dream does not chase the dreamer read more »

    Ryan Merkel
  • 26.

    If success is a measure
    Of how many nothings
    Glorify my bank statements,
    Then I am a failure, read more »

    James Bradley
  • 27.
    SUCCES! !

    It’s not a goal you seek
    It’s not about getting money
    It’s not to stay negative
    It’s not all about you but other around you too read more »

    Angie Alphonce
  • 28.
    The Cream of Success

    Some say i am silly,
    Some say i am mean,
    But success iz my only dream.. read more »

    Himanshu Saxena
  • 29.
    I am Success

    I am success
    Everybody wants my company
    But in who's house do I dwell?
    Some think they've wooed me enough read more »

    Kute Makerz
  • 30.
    Yield to Success

    People want to succeed,
    but some are afraid.
    Afraid of the person,
    they'll be one day. read more »

    J.B. Hines
  • 31.
    Key of Success

    The heart of education,
    lies within the path of determination.

    The sign of progress, read more »

    Max Okere
  • 32.

    You are far but reachable
    You are difficult but possible read more »

    Nazar Fatin
  • 33.

    read more »

    Rennae Goodchild
  • 34.

    read more »

    monk frost
  • 35.

    What is Success
    I come not to say
    for there are many others
    who know the way read more »

    Sriram Sampath
  • 36.
    The Walk

    I like to walk the walk
    The walk that creates a journey
    Where only narrow roads exist
    Where only the willing dare to thread read more »

    Adedamola Michael Onalaja
  • 37.

    Success is not measured by how much a man has,
    But how much he has done,
    How far he has gone.
    Success is the basic human knowledge, read more »

    Nicholas Turner
  • 38.

    Iam the most essential quality of success,
    My presence should not be in excess.
    Iam the most benifitable secret of success,
    Iam useful only for true beleivers. read more »

    raghavi manickavelu
  • 39.
    Victory Without Messure

    Reason takes thee above, thou feels aright
    Life is a moment passing like candlelight read more »

    Infinity Richard
  • 40.

    Tired and beat
    reaching the peak
    hard work drove you
    now success will push you read more »

    Jordan Owens
  • 41.

    To the place where
    failure and success
    gains and losses
    love and hatred read more »

    Zay Linn Maung
  • 42.

    Success can leave you feeling good
    To show everyone that you could.

    Some people can put you down read more »

    Maya Williams
  • 43.
    My Success Stories

    Another day passed on the way.... Another day lost,
    Loosing not only hope loosing each second which having huge cost....
    Trying to fix life, each part of it,
    Trying to earning, trying to full fill each need.... read more »

    Argha Paul
  • 44.

    Alone and sad I wait by the sea side
    Seeing the ships of success ride by
    I wait and wait for failure to die
    And the tide to take me to the other side read more »

    tryingtobe awriter
  • 45.

    read more »

    Vishal Chandran
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