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Top 100 Poems About: SUICIDE

In this page, poems on / about “suicide” are listed.
  • 1.

    Suicide, suicide
    Your presence is near
    Suicide, suicide
    I wish you were here read more »

    Lisa French
  • 2.
    Alone (2)

    alone wherever I go
    alone whatever I do
    alone all the time
    alone what I should do read more »

    tami alshamsi
  • 3.

    It's all i think about
    Can't get it out read more »

    Lizzie Resendiz
  • 4.
    Suicide, Suicide

    Suicide, suicide wishing I were dead.
    Suicide, suicide deep in my head.
    Suicide, suicide cutting my wrists.
    Suicide, suicide I'm so done with this. read more »

    Amber Zitzloff
  • 5.
    bigLIVE, smallSUICIDE, bigLAUGH, smallSUICIDE, bigbigLOVE

    This is what my thoughts are
    I do not have a star read more »

    Michelle Dickson
  • 6.

    Suicide is the answer
    To many questions asked.
    It hides inside of you
    But it will be unmasked. read more »

    Fernando Alvarez
  • 7.
    my suicide

    my suicide
    i want to die
    by my looks you want to be me
    but you dont know i have nights full of endless read more »

    latasha scott
  • 8.
    *(I Remember) When Suicide Was Just a Joke

    Do you know what I’d give
    What I got, what I’d give to go back?
    Do you know that I’d give
    Up my life just as easy as anything? read more »

    Christopher's Dead
  • 9.

    I contemplate this thought,
    A thought of giving up,
    A thought of suicide, read more »

    Kathryn Miller
  • 10.
    SUICIDE (remix)

    Suicide is deadly,
    so don't flirt with it

    Suicide is sneaky, read more »

    Sarah matthews
  • 11.
    Is suicide really suicide

    Is suicide really suicide or death with a cause
    I mean were not breaking any laws

    You hate us because we’re different and we dress in black read more »

    Lil Jam Jam
  • 12.
    Your Blood Seeping Through the New Blood Flow

    The razor is the one that cuts the wrists
    Drawing blood with every slit
    The razor is the one that makes anger let go
    Your blood seeping through the new blood flow read more »

    Free Faller
  • 13.
    suicide countdown.

    suicide, suicide i wish i was dead.
    suicide, suicide oh how much my wrists have bled.
    suicide, suicide were almost there.
    suicide, suicide no more skin, the blade will tear. read more »

    marissa e '
  • 14.
    She Often Spoke

    she often spoke of suicide, wordlessly.
    did I see scarred wrists or imagine them?
    of whose suicide did she speak?
    her eyes, I saw them, told a kind of truth read more »

    Jesse Weiner
  • 15.
    Only Way Out

    Some days I just wish
    that I could run and hide
    No matter where I go
    it seems like the only way out is suicide read more »

    Tim Queen
  • 16.
    If i die?

    If i die will any1 miss me?
    If i die will i be remembered?
    If i die will they cry because im gone?
    If i die will my best friend be there? read more »

    edddy rod
  • 17.
    Suicide, Suicide

    I aim the gun
    Its against my head
    One right move
    And I'll be dead read more »

    Cassandra Hooper
  • 18.

    suicide, suicide stamped in my brain
    suicide, suicide can't feel no pain
    suicide, suicide close my eyes tight
    suicide, suicide tell them goodnight read more »

    Gerdy Whirlwindsoldier
  • 19.

    A simple word that means so much more
    A means of escape that shuts the door read more »

    Ashley Mejia
  • 20.

    suicide, suicide i wish i was dead.
    suicide, suicide oh how much my wrists have bled.
    suicide, suicide were almost there.
    suicide, suicide no more skin, the blade will tear. read more »

    Tiddely Winks
  • 21.
    Suicide Scars

    i look at myself in the mirror wondering.
    wondering what happend to the girl i used to be.
    wondering why there are scars on my wrist.
    why i did this to myself. read more »

    teresa johnson
  • 22.
    love = suicide

    love is fake
    love is retarted
    love is nothing,
    but a whisper read more »

    rachel reed
  • 23.

    my pain is to much to hide
    i need help
    but no one's there
    im thinking about commiting suicide read more »

    megan goldsmith
  • 24.
    Suicide Suicide

    Suicide, suicide wishing I were dead,
    Suicide, suicide deep in my head,
    Suicide, suicide cutting my wrists,
    Suicide, suicide I am so done with this. read more »

    Sam S.Slait
  • 25.
    My Suicide Note

    Suicide ohh Suicide...
    I've always wanted to commit suicide
    why wouldn't it happen?
    ooh how i wisheed i had a gun instead of this little razor read more »

    Criisy Caso
  • 26.
    As I am thinking

    As I am thinking
    to commit suicide,
    I water the plant.
    Suddenly read more »

    Jade TheBird
  • 27.
    Suicide note

    here i sit
    at my desk
    what do i write?
    in my suicide note read more »

    Alice Lion
  • 28.

    I hate all of you
    i want to die
    i hate everything read more »

    jon groff
  • 29.
    Suicide Kid

    As she read the note aloud
    Her voice clear and loud
    'This is what she wrote
    Her suicide note' read more »

    Laura Kelly
  • 30.

    Suicide is like ICE
    It cuts like a fice read more »

  • 31.
    Dear suicide

    Dear suicide,
    Your on my mind Day or night
    When life sucks
    you could be by my side read more »

    The runner who hides
  • 32.
    Silver Sleep

    A night I will commit
    A most ungodly thing
    I will commit suicide
    With the poison I keep read more »

    Jade DragonHeart
  • 33.

    Suicide, suicide
    Your presence is near
    Suicide, suicide
    I wish you were here read more »

    kaliaha hogue
  • 34.
    Suicide I cry

    Suicide I cry with all my Heart
    Suicide I cry, someone Kill me with a poision dart.

    Suicide I cry, when I'm in pain read more »

    Shauntae Taylor
  • 35.

    Suicide your cold, gnarled finger has touched me
    Suicide you tried to blacken my heart
    Your icy chill driven deep into my soul
    Nuclear like, tore my world apart read more »

    Colin Bingham
  • 36.

    So simple.

    Suicide. read more »

    Brooklyn Sorrow
  • 37.
    Thoughts Of Suicide

    Thoughts of suicide grow
    Why do i think like this?
    Why cant i live in harmoney?
    Why cant i live in bliss? read more »

    Chris jones
  • 38.
    Suicide In My Head

    I cut the wrist of my left hand
    Drupping, dripping,
    Dieing, sitting here crying read more »

    Tanya Lorenzi
  • 39.
    Dear suicide

    Dear suicide
    Why I ‘am alive?
    Suicide suicide
    Why is so sad? read more »

    Alex Rodriguez
  • 40.
    Suicide Kiss

    Suicide kiss, kiss my life away
    because its my last chance to live for another day
    your kiss taste like razor blades when you put your lips near me
    it cuts me into sadness when the time I feel lonely read more »

    Andrew Tom
  • 41.
    Suicide Suicide Suicide

    Suicide is wishing I were dead
    suicide is deep in my head,
    suicide thoughts are cutting my wrists burning my ankles,
    suicide my last tear dry, suicide. read more »

    Jessica Lee Workman
  • 42.
    Suicidal Feelings

    I feel no fear
    I wish you were here read more »

    Lucy Pickford
  • 43.
    My Thoughts Of Suicide

    Here I sit and write this poem
    Thinking of all I love and all I hate
    Thoughts of suicide thinking its my fate
    I think of all the times I used to laugh read more »

    Danielle Arsuaga
  • 44.

    Suicide come and save me
    Come and take me away
    Suicide please help me
    Cant wait one more day read more »

    christina dobija
  • 45.
    Mutual Suicide

    Sufficent breaths
    nothing left
    of the best
    settling for what's thought read more »

    Daniel Wittfoth
  • 46.

    You have tempted me
    With the gift to die
    Oh my ultimate read more »

    Jay Press
  • 47.

    Suicide, suicide why do you torment my head
    Suicide, suicide why do you lurk so deep into my head
    Suicide, suicide why do you bring me so close to death read more »

    jemal wallace
  • 48.
    To live or not to live


    mohammed junaid
  • 49.
    Love Is Pain

    Today is the day I wipe my tears,
    Today is the day I end all fears,
    As I grab the gun the bullet flys,
    I have now commited suicide, read more »

    Lisa Tauzin
  • 50.

    read more »

    .No Angel.
  • 51.
    Smile To Death

    I'll Smile to Death
    If he came to me
    I would be pleased
    If he stole my soul read more »

    Creativity Four
  • 52.

    Suicide is a constant thought
    Suicide could be so easy
    Suicide could be my escape
    Suicide would end it all read more »

    Alexis Chandler
  • 53.
    Complicated Suicide

    Another Complicated Suicide,
    it all went according to plan.
    Another Complicated Suicide,
    will be the one that killed me. read more »

    Bianca Baier
  • 54.

    i kill
    i cry
    i hate me
    leave me read more »

    brad lough
  • 55.
    Suicide Moon

    Golden curls rest on her pillow
    Tom Toad gets a kiss on the nose
    Mother’s curls are kept away
    With satin bows that glow read more »

    Carolyn Michael
  • 56.
    Oh What A Beautiful Suicide

    Oh what a beautiful suicide
    it will be
    blood will run down her arms
    and onto the floor read more »

    nichole phillips
  • 57.
    In My Head

    Suicide is in my head suicide is all i think about why cant i get this out of my head

    God cant help me now i know im going below now mom or the doctor cant help me you can try to put me on medcine but i will try to overdose on it read more »

    kearston osburn
  • 58.
    Suicide is Calling

    suicide is callling wonder what i will do to myself
    suicide is call wonder if i will hang myself
    suicide is calling wonder if i will overdose
    suicide is calling wonder if i will shoot myself read more »

    jasmine ledgister
  • 59.
    To Remember

    To remember you
    I'd be in hell
    I'd suffer a
    Thousand sleepless nights read more »

    Ryan Taylor
  • 60.
    what do u think

    suicide is bad
    suicide is great
    suicide is fun
    suicide is awfull read more »

    claire finch
  • 61.

    I love that word
    it sounds nice read more »

    victoria fierro
  • 62.

    Suicide its almost done
    Suicide didnt have a gun
    Suicide how gods work is soon to be done
    Suicide why am i here read more »

    Zack baldwin
  • 63.
    love should be a crime

    Love is like a suicide mission
    And if it’s what I need to do
    Just to win you
    I’d die a thousand times over read more »

    Jess Cadman
  • 64.


    The blank and white ground
    The peaceful feeling all-around. read more »

    Danielle Vincenzi
  • 65.
    Push Me...

    Slow attempts of suicide
    Cuts go deeper each time
    More pills down my throat,
    You push me. read more »

    Courtney Rodda
  • 66.

    trying to destroy your hope
    really affecting your and other peoples life
    even males came go through stress read more »

    James Batten
  • 67.
    my reason to live

    Once as a child I thought to myself ‘'no one loves me ‘' I cry by myself

    Day in and day out sun up to sun down ‘'I think to myself why do I live ‘'surprised at why I still exist read more »

    josh kazuya
  • 68.
    When Teenagers Die

    The birds sing sweetly
    as blood drops fall
    their soothing lullaby
    carries you to sleep read more »

    Demon Queen
  • 69.
    Love Is Like Death

    Suicide seemed like the perfect thing to do
    To be gone forever and never feel pain again seemed like pure bliss
    Then I realized that I have already experienced death and it hurts
    Losing someone you love is like death read more »

    Faith furrow
  • 70.
    Sweet Suicide

    It’s a sweet suicide being here next to you.
    Bringing him around just makes things worse you've changed so much.
    What happen to the girl I knew. 
 It’s a sweet suicide being next to you trying to get your attention.
    When he has it already what happen to the girl I knew. read more »

    Justin Rafferty
  • 71.

    You feel like you have no way out
    Like your trapped read more »

    Taylor Bishop
  • 72.
    Life Lessons 5: Trouble

    Some people suicide because of,
    Some trouble could be solved,
    Some couldn't. read more »

    D.C J.C
  • 73.
    Love is Suicide

    read more »

    Toxic Nash
  • 74.

    I thought about it
    I herd about it
    I know about it
    Dont do it, its wack read more »

    Mysharae Jackson
  • 75.

    Really? ? ? Suicide
    I should pull the trigger and aim str8 for my temple
    Suicide is conniving
    Suicide is sneaky read more »

    london kay
  • 76.

    Suicide I cry with bloody tears
    For about 14 years
    Waiting for the day I die
    So people wont see me cry read more »

    Chyna Essence
  • 77.
    What is love?

    Passionate, red
    Caring, trusting, forgiving
    Slowest form of suicide read more »

    Quincie Bliss
  • 78.

    If for everyone that ever died
    Their closest loved ones committed suicide.
    There wouldn’t be anymore deaths by natural causes
    Or anymore life ending thefts. read more »

    Zog Gascoigne
  • 79.
    Suicide Lane

    Suffering every moment that I'm awake and not asleep
    Its the only way to get away from the things that make me weep

    What I feel is something beyond sorrow read more »

    FilledWithFearandDoubt NotAvailable
  • 80.
    Eternal Darkness

    Eternal darkness
    I did seek
    O, how sweet read more »

    Kiley Glass
  • 81.
    Revenge Suicide

    i don't know what this is
    this scary feeling inside
    it's taking over me
    forcing a young suicide read more »

    Bex Heal
  • 82.
    commited Suicide

    i sit in my room thinking about commiting suicide
    i look at the thinking about commiting sucide
    i open the tablets and take a thinking about commiting suicide
    i can feel my heart commiting suicide read more »

    Holly4Jakie 4eva
  • 83.
    Suicide My Love

    Suicide, my love
    Take my breath
    Suicide, my medicine
    Steal my laugh read more »

    Peter M. R. R.
  • 84.
    My mother

    My sweet and lovely mother
    had i come from another womb
    my decision would be suicide
    then i would end up in a tomb read more »

    Inawo Murphy Ternenge
  • 85.
    Dead man

    who am I
    I am the man that was killed
    not by murder not by homicide
    suicide did the trick read more »

    anthony ruben lee taylor
  • 86.
    Take Suicide off the Table

    Take Suicide Off the Table

    When life is dark and dreary,
    and pain is deep within your soul; read more »

    David Michael Barnett
  • 87.

    suicide is love,
    love is hate,
    death is the
    answer when happines read more »

    emmi luft
  • 88.

    Imagine your deep,
    Deep down,
    Down at the bottom, read more »

    Caitlin Flynn
  • 89.
    'MY LIFE'

    read more »

    juan palacios
  • 90.
    Suicide The Right Way

    Where do you stay
    When there's no one to hear your cries
    You know that angels they betray
    Hope breathes one last time read more »

    Noelle Decuir
  • 91.
    Suicide Season...

    Every day is a suicide season for someone
    Someone who enjoys pain
    Always placing the blade against their skin
    Watching themselves bleed.. read more »

    Maria Millet
  • 92.

    The venom spreads like nitro through my veins
    self injected
    to take me home read more »

    Dahlia Undead
  • 93.
    A Suicide

    The day I met you
    I found a new life
    But, little did I know
    that love to me, would be like a suicide. read more »

    Disha Gada
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