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Top 100 Poems About: SUMMER

In this page, poems on / about “summer” are listed.
  • 1.
    In that summer of loving you

    In that summer of loving you
    I was free
    All things were possible
    And I believed them all read more »

    Debra A.G. Hawley
  • 2.
    Here It Comes

    Here comes summer
    Here comes summer
    Chirping Robins, budding roses
    Here comes summer read more »

    Faith Long
  • 3.
    Summer Song

    Summer breeze
    summer long
    I'll sing to you
    my summer song read more »

    Summer Song
  • 4.
    Summer Rainbows

    It's that beautiful summer sky..
    Like blue raspberries
    I dare to try...
    Freshly squeezed home made orange tropicana... read more »

    Saundra Diamante
  • 5.
    summer song

    Summer song
    summer long
    summer sounds
    of summer throng read more »

    Alice Anne Gordon
  • 6.
    Waiting for the Summer

    Warm Summer…
    Bumblebee flies to the south
    Hailed by the beautiful blossom orchid
    Summer..oh Summer… read more »

    Dina Satika
  • 7.
    Senryu - Back to School

    end of summer
    school bell rings-
    empty cereal bowls read more »

    Don Haney
  • 8.
    Summer Chimes and Summer Wines

    Listening to the summer chimes,
    Of summer sounds of summer time,
    Bringing all that nature is,
    That shows and sounds like, read more »

    Ellen Ni Bheachain
  • 9.
    Winter's Summer

    Winter without you is like
    a summer in a winter, when memories
    of your love murmur in my winter. read more »

    venkatesh nagaraj
  • 10.
    Three Years Without Winter

    Autumn read more »

    PEF (PEF)
  • 11.
    Summer holidays

    The greatest time of the year
    Summer holidays
    Much freedom and a pint of beer
    Summer holidays read more »

    Kevin Deckert
  • 12.

    Summer is hot season. read more »

    Lawanna Holt
  • 13.

    each summer the last summer
    the only remembered summer read more »

    ryan blood
  • 14.
    The Last Rose Of Summer

    The last rose of summer lingers of a soft fragrance
    as the days of summer fade into days only remembered
    over the fires embers that stir yesterdays moment. read more »

    Elaine E. Brebner
  • 15.
    ( Summertime )

    Summer time and winter is gone
    Summer time and I'm left all alone.
    Summer time is so dam hot, so why don't it stop.
    Red, yellow, green someone look at me with grief. read more »

    Bernice Rush
  • 16.
    Summer's Coming

    In my head I hear a humming,
    Summer, summer summer's coming,
    Soon we're going on vacation,
    But there is a complication, read more »

    Sophie Shaw
  • 17.
    my summer

    my summer is boring
    my summer is wake
    my summer is harebell
    my summer is stupid read more »

    jencelyn marin
  • 18.

    His anger is a hard summer storm,
    Unpredictable and uncontrollable
    Like the rain his anger falls upon countless victims.
    Like the wind his anger lashes out upon the innocent read more »

    Davina Caddell
  • 19.

    Summer is when the sun comes out
    Summer is when the dogs pout
    Summer is when crickets on
    Summer is when you go to the salon read more »

    freddy roach
  • 20.

    By: VYNE read more »

    Vyne Daguasi
  • 21.
    Changing Seasons

    Summer days are here at last,
    Days of school are in the past,
    Summer skies will turn to grey,
    And summer's warmth will fade away, read more »

    Katherine Knight
  • 22.
    Blue Summer

    blue summer
    outside sun is shinning to it’s height
    children playing water games
    down the street dogs playing same read more »

    azmayu azmayu
  • 23.
    Summer Fling

    Summer love what
    a thing, it comes and
    goes leaving you with
    a summer fling. read more »

    AlissaMarie Unknown
  • 24.

    I love the summer its really hot,
    It's as hot as boiling water straight from the pot.
    It's so hot you think you're going to melt
    Summer is laughter summer is cheer read more »

    Fitzisaac Maliya
  • 25.
    My Summer Days <3

    Summer breeze blowing the grass around,
    whirling my hair in every direction.
    Summer sun kissing my face,
    Leaving me red, and all sunburned. read more »

    Ashley Meyers
  • 26.
    The Summer Rain

    The summer rain comes down my face
    I remember every wish till that day
    all those wishes were for you
    not even one came true read more »

    kayla fountain
  • 27.
    summer may

    read more »

    erika maple
  • 28.

    Summer, summer, summer
    Everything bright and lovely
    Kids at side play
    The beautiful sound of the ice truck read more »

    edowaye omorogbe
  • 29.
    Summer nights

    Those cool summer nights  
     Not a cloud in sight 
    catching fire flies 
    Lost in /glisten in your eyes read more »

    Brandon Rhodes
  • 30.
    almost done

    the summer
    is almost here
    almost time
    for a summer cheer read more »

    brianna plancarte
  • 31.

    Summer sounds,
    Concrete and heat, read more »

    Elizabeth Swados
  • 32.
    A Touch Of Heaven

    I felt at peace that bright summer day

    As I lay in the shade of the big oak tree read more »

    Michael Kersting
  • 33.
    Summer Days

    The air is alive on a summer day
    it compliments the sweet aroma that weaves within,
    The air is humid on a summer day,
    it sticks to the world in such a way that the wind must shake it off, read more »

    Katy Lue
  • 34.
    Lazy Dog Days

    Summer days are coming
    summer days have come
    and summer day have gone to waste read more »

    elizabeth benitez
  • 35.
    Summer Oh Summer

    Look outside your window
    The sun is calling you to come out and play
    The pool tempting you to jump in
    The air warning you that if you don’t go out you’ll regret it read more »

    Bianca Mckay
  • 36.
    If Summer Was A Lady

    If summer was a lady
    How old would she be?
    She might be twenty-six
    Or she could be forty-three. read more »

    Elizabeth B. Arney
  • 37.
    Summer and Rain: Tanka

    Summer and rain
    rain and summer
    no one can escape from
    this cycle of seasons read more »

    Roh Mih
  • 38.
    Summer Passing

    Lockers slamming
    Excited shouts and chattering
    Summer beginning read more »

    Jenna Sheridan
  • 39.
    It's Summer

    It’s summer.
    Dogs barking in closed cars.

    It’s summer. read more »

    Jane Brunton
  • 40.
    Summer Floats As A Waltzing Swan

    Summer floats like a swan
    Gracefully with blossoms so fair
    Swans waltzing with melodious flare
    Dancing in the lakes and streams read more »

    Carolyn Padgett Summerlin
  • 41.

    read more »

    Nour Hisham
  • 42.

    Sticky, sweaty
    Swimming, playing, reading
    Studying for summer school class read more »

    stephanie tea
  • 43.
    Butterfly Laughter

    butterfly flutters
    a playful summer breeze
    the world is her home read more »

    Robert Allison
  • 44.
    A Warm Summer Breeze

    The trees whisper in the breeze
    The forest peaceful, quiet, and serene.
    The warm breeze like a soft caress,
    Momentarily eliminating all stress. read more »

    Theo Townend
  • 45.
    The summer song

    Miss summer please smile
    Mr summer please smile
    It won't harm you just to smile
    Other wise it will varnish like a water bubble - giving colourful white bubble read more »

  • 46.
    Summer Is

    Summer is the breeze blowing through the grass in June
    It is running carelessly through the meadows
    It is taking off your shoes and feeling the grass tickle your toes
    It is sitting on the porch at night sipping lemonade read more »

    ChaCha Poet
  • 47.
    Come Summer

    Come Summer life will not be like this
    Dreams become real like a wood nymph's kiss
    The smell of new cut hay heralds the end of May
    Come Summer read more »

    michael warburton
  • 48.

    read more »

    Breann Vilsack
  • 49.
    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Summer Wisdom

    1964, 65 and 66 was Spring raindrops
    so mistry--beautiful
    67-free in Monterey
    68 and 69 is Summer, thus 1968 read more »

    Mark Turns
  • 50.
    3 Years

    The first year was great
    jokes and laughs
    games and retardedness read more »

    Adriana Ellis
  • 51.
    Summer rain

    Clouds whispering by
    on a warm summer day
    The sky peacefully
    ...turns from blue to grey read more »

    Tygrr Robertson
  • 52.


    Seasons change,
    spring, summer, fall, winter. read more »

    alec shannon
  • 53.
    Mid Summer Beauty

    Thou blossomed into a true beauty that summer.
    Thy hair grew more golden as the summer progressed.
    Thy eyes, took on the deep blue of the summer sky,
    and thy complextion, as soft as a summer cloud. read more »

    Laura Nnamdi
  • 54.
    My Summer Love

    We met in the summer
    And I knew what it was read more »

    angelica senare
  • 55.
    Summer Break

    I long to be with you
    But summer has built a barrier between us.
    I use to wait for summer to come and free me
    But now I search of a hammer to break down its walls. read more »

    Richard Noggin
  • 56.
    Summer fun at the Beach

    Summer fun is so grand
    It's so fun too play in the sand
    Summer time with family is so fun
    you get to laugh and play in the sun read more »

    Attalia Gooden
  • 57.

    Flowing breezes with gentle heat
    Fragrant flowers scents so sweet
    Blinding sunshine from up above
    Spring romance now summer love read more »

    Gordon Jerome
  • 58.
    The Mermaid

    There are memories
    as far as a
    A castle of sand near a shore of the ocean read more »

    Clemens Esterel
  • 59.
    Summer Love

    Laying alone under the stars,
    Can't help but wonder were you are.
    Wishing you were here beside me,
    Wishing your brown eyes i could see. read more »

    Andrea Nickle
  • 60.
    summer days

    Cold and bare
    With its bone biting chill
    I await the sun
    With its fun galore read more »

    Summer Jinx
  • 61.
    Summer time

    Summer time
    By: Shannon Olson

    Summer read more »

    Shannon Olson
  • 62.
    Hot Summer

    It was a very hot summer,
    but there's more to remember it by,
    because in that hottest of summers,
    I met a girl for which you could die. read more »

    Iago Meldini
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