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Top 100 Poems About: SUN

In this page, poems on / about “sun” are listed.
  • 1.
    My Dreams Are the Sun

    See that golden hue
    Burning in the west
    My dreams are with that color
    My dreams are the sun read more »

    Dawn Michelle
  • 2.
    *******son of hidden sun (lyric) *******

    son of hidden sun
    lead them with invocation
    isn't with flying lizard
    that will make you more sincere read more »

    egi david perdana
  • 3.
    The Sun

    The sun shines very brightly.
    When cluds are not covering it.
    The sun is yellow.
    The sun comes up in the morning. The sun shines during the day. read more »

    Loretta Doyle Smalley
  • 4.
    your sun an moon

    read more »

    mr. romantic
  • 5.
    Moon's Tears

    Moon shines down onto Earth
    But does she ever really shine?
    Or does she just reflect Sun’s light
    A sad excuse for originality read more »

    maddie bird
  • 6.

    Bright shining sun,
    Lighting the world,
    The world revolving around you,
    My world revolving around you, read more »

    Mandy Author2
  • 7.
    Tale of Two Stars

    The mind of Sun smiles from the centre
    The mind of Moon beams from the corner: they seek
    Body to put on the Beam Bang to ensure a universality…
    Moon says to Sun “you are hot” And Sun says read more »

    Gabriel Eshun
  • 8.

    The white sun fell while the Sun was down.
    When the Sun rose the white sun started to fall.
    In the light the white sun became many suns
    Red suns, Blue suns, Green suns, Any Color suns. read more »

    Matthew Kraft
  • 9.
    When the Sun Goes Down

    When the sun goes down,
    The sun is jealous of the moon
    When the sun goes down
    The sun will have his revenge soon read more »

    Cara Cadmen
  • 10.
    the sun

    What Bliss the sun
    How radiant the sun
    Overflowing with flair the sun
    Shining from inside the sun read more »

    derrick foster
  • 11.
    Australian Heritage

    Sun.....bake, read more »

    Kylie Rowe
  • 12.

    Sun over dark trees;
    Sun rising over the black;
    Sun and blueness, BLISS! read more »

    Richard Joseph
  • 13.
    The Setting Sun

    When i hear you'r voice
    the sun is setting
    When i think of you
    the sun is setting read more »

    alyssa hinson
  • 14.
    Winter's sun

    There is something about the winter's sun,
    That aspires hope after struggle
    The wait for tomorrow after
    long cold shivering nights; read more »

    azmat naushad asif
  • 15.
    I Watch the Sun Pass by

    I watch the sun pass by
    That is what I’ve been doing
    Days passed, months rolled and years slipped away
    But I am never tired of watching the sun pass by. read more »

    Basanta Lohani
  • 16.
    El Sol (The Sun)

    Spanish: Sol brillante que guía,
    Sol sonriente que despierta mi alma,
    El mundo gira el día oscurece,
    No duermo de noche para esperar tu sonrisa, read more »

    Willy Ortiz
  • 17.
    When The Sun Goes Down

    When life's glad day is gone,
    And the sun goes down
    When we muse all alone
    As the sun goes down; read more »

    Edwin Waugh
  • 18.
    Love 101

    EYES CRY read more »

    Basil James Ronzitti
  • 19.
    Sol solis quod luna (Sun and moon)

    The burning light of mighty Ra
    The brilliant shine of our own star
    The all Seeing Eye, the sun above
    Watching over war, peace and love read more »

    Mackenzie Desil
  • 20.
    I Need The Sun

    I need the sun
    I need fun
    No sun no fun
    Did you use a gun read more »

  • 21.

    Outside it’s dusk
    the sun sets from

    home, the place read more »

    j. saca
  • 22.

    Though you might feel alone in the sun
    wait, wait until I come into the sun read more »

    nicholas sardinha
  • 23.
    Sun Rise The Mood Fall

    sun rise each morring your a wake each moring
    the moon fall dialy but when it become mide night
    the moon rise and the sun fall
    when moon rise it set a upon your face read more »

    julisw kelley
  • 24.

    On the crack of dawn, the sun knocks the door,
    All humans must never snore.
    In he afternoon the sun gives off heat,
    Which scorches our feet. read more »

    Janani Thiyagarajan
  • 25.

    Cloudless face
    Resembling an auroral portrait
    She's smiling read more »

    Areese Woodson
  • 26.
    Sonnet for the Sun

    Like the shining sun you light up my day
    Your sunlight is my heart's constant desire
    To breathe it is your beams that I require
    So to the sky I turn when miles away read more »

    Rose Whittington
  • 27.

    The sun doesn’t burn as bright to me,
    I’m never truly happy,
    I’m never truly free,
    The sun doesn’t burn as bright to me, read more »

    lucas altenberg
  • 28.

    read more »

    alexis stanfield
  • 29.

    The window is open
    standing knee-deep in freedom
    We are inside read more »

    Bobby Crawford
  • 30.
    Veiled Scenes Behind The Sun

    Perceived glimpses cast emotions
    Perceptions give glimpses
    Wrapped in a draped veil
    Cupped hands you hold out with discretion read more »

    Eric Von Rohr
  • 31.
    Drunk off of Life

    The sun rises above the Vinyards
    Bleeding warmth
    And promising a new day ahead
    To be enjoyed like wine read more »

    Ana Burnhep
  • 32.
    Morning Sun

    Scarlet sunset reflected in the silent stream,
    Dazed emerald forest still,
    In this never ending dream,
    Wind whispers through the grass softly, read more »

    Keitorin Miki
  • 33.
    At Ease on the River

    At ease on the river
    The sun begins to go down
    The water begins to glimmer
    Everything seems to be sound read more »

    Brendan Jones
  • 34.
    Earth And Sun

    Darkness surrounded the earth,
    No sign of life,
    Nothing could be seen. read more »

    Melam Tashi Tamang
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