Top 100 Poems About: SUNSET

In this page, poems on / about “sunset” are listed.
  • 1.
    Just Beyond The Sunset

    Just beyond the sunset
    Someone waits for me
    Just beyond the sunset
    Lies my destiny read more »

    David Harris
  • 2.

    Every night
    The horizon lights up
    Swirls of pink and orange
    Fading to blue and purple read more »

    Jessica Millsaps
  • 3.

    Out over the ocean, and it’s waves it lay,
    A magnificent orange sphere, as it drops to the sea,
    With spears descending from within the fire,
    The magnificent beauty of the sunset each day, read more »

    B.J. Ayers
  • 4.
    As The Sunset

    As the sunset I think to myself why.
    As the sunset I sit down and cry.
    Wondering why life got to be a lie. read more »

    brittany smith
  • 5.
    The Sunset

    The sunset glistens upon the land,
    with people standing hand in hand,
    the beauty that it brings to them,
    the magic that it sings to them. read more »

    Bette Kayley Jones
  • 6.
    Hold Me Close

    Hold me close, under the sunset
    and let Gods reds and oranges soothe your eyes,
    like this is all a dream. read more »

    Daniel Alexander Howell
  • 7.
    Listen To The Sunset

    Listen to the sunset,
    Hear its silent sigh
    As it falls down the horisen
    Warning, the moon is nigh read more »

    Katniss Everdeen
  • 8.
    Under the Sunset Sky

    Sitting under the sunset sky
    Laying around I wonder why
    You value me so much more
    Than any other you’ve met before read more »

    Brian Potthast
  • 9.
    sunsets and you

    Sunsets are not a rare commodity
    they come and go every night
    so i compare you not to a sunset
    for you come once in a life read more »

    Daniel Cook
  • 10.

    This poem sort of goes with another poem I wrote, entitled 'A Sunrise'.

    It is so peaceful at sunset,
    They show all dreams to be met read more »

    Margaret Everard
  • 11.

    Sunsets are pretty,
    Sunsets are pink
    Sunsets are red,
    Sunsets are purple, read more »

    lisa daborn
  • 12.
    The Sunset

    The crimson sunset above
    The magical horizon orange and purple
    Setting fire to the sea read more »

    Talia Simpson
  • 13.
    My Sunset

    As the sunsets
    I realize how quickly time passes by
    I think of all the things I could have done
    and all the things I wish I had done read more »

    Chantelle T C Huggins
  • 14.
    Listen To The Sunset

    Hear its silent sigh
    As it falls down the horizon
    Warning, the moon is nigh

    Listen to the sunset read more »

    Lilli Singh
  • 15.
    Sunrise & Sunset

    When the sun rises, we call it sunrise
    when the sun sets, we call it sunset

    Our sunrise can be someone else's sunset read more »

    Sana Eddami
  • 16.
    Buried in the Sunset

    Sun is crawling down
    I wait for you
    Two yards under
    I was buried in the sunset read more »

    FaraM Siddiqui
  • 17.
    Sunset of Today

    He's standing on the shore
    Waves lapping at his feet
    She's holding his hand
    with a gentle squeeze read more »

    Ria Villaflor
  • 18.
    The Sea Gypsy

    I am fevered with the sunset,
    I am fretful with the bay,
    For the wander-thirst is on me
    And my soul is in Cathay. read more »

    Richard Hovey
  • 19.
    Precious Treasures

    Past sunsets as chains and anchors
    Past sunsets as beauties of love’s connection
    Hope as gold from a furnace
    Hope as dragons of the east read more »

    Feyisayo Anjorin
  • 20.

    Listen to the sunset,
    Hear its silent sigh
    As it falls down the horizon
    Warning, the moon is nigh read more »

    virgil narbon
  • 21.

    Shadows greet
    nightfall…...............still Sunrise, sunset….......still
    Clouds hovering....still
    Mirror image....still read more »

    John Anthony Gallagher
  • 22.
    Beach At Sunset

    read more »

    Govind Seshadri
  • 23.
    every sunset.

    read more »

    erbana ...
  • 24.
    Best Friends Forever, Me And You.

    Sunsets, deep beautiful sunsets
    The golden hues of you my friend
    Silent nights, twinkling star
    You are so close, yet so far read more »

    Shalom Wali Syed
  • 25.

    Every day i sit back,
    gazing through window,
    watching the sunset,
    nature's crescendo, read more »

    Bhaskar Sharad
  • 26.
    Sunset of the Soul

    Sight of a gorgeous sunset
    The feeling of love and peace we get
    light our soul light our heart
    Makes us never want to be apart read more »

    colinjon mccartney
  • 27.

    and their she sits lookin upp at the
    sky watchin the sunset on cable
    beach the waves come
    crashin in and hits the sand read more »

    Mamber Cooper
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