Top 100 Poems About: SWIMMING

In this page, poems on / about “swimming” are listed.
  • 1.

    Swimming is fun
    you can swim in the sun
    Yes swimming is fun. read more »

    Casey Noe
  • 2.
    For moon

    Moon are
    clouds.... read more »

    poet selvakumar
  • 3.
    Summer's Coming

    In my head I hear a humming,
    Summer, summer summer's coming,
    Soon we're going on vacation,
    But there is a complication, read more »

    Sophie Shaw
  • 4.
    Does a Fish go Pee?

    Does a fish go pee
    when it's swimming in the sea?
    Does it ever get the notion
    when it's swimming in the ocean? read more »

    Cathe Ferguson
  • 5.

    Epic, strong
    Swimming, attacking, winning
    Death in the sea by his horn read more »

    Bob Ubetcha
  • 6.

    swim swim
    swim swim
    swim swim
    it goes read more »

    AwesumPoetPlox Yesiiz
  • 7.
    It's a Fish's Life

    Swim fish, swim! swim for your life!
    The fisherman's coming you're tea for his wife!
    Swim fish, swim! your fastest yet,
    You must swim quickly, to avoid his big net! read more »

    George Howard
  • 8.
    Will there ever be?

    Will there ever be trees that talk,
    Will there aver be stools that walk.
    Will there ever be toilets clean and stark,
    Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark? read more »

    Douglas Ackerman
  • 9.
    Narissa part 1

    My ocean
    Swell, swirl
    Push, pull
    Drag, drown read more »

    Casey Lou
  • 10.
    Just Keep Swimming

    It is an ocean
    And it is mine
    Somewhere in its depth lies my beginning
    A love that has no end read more »

    Joline Gordon
  • 11.
    Lost In The RIvers Of Love

    Unexpectedly, I fell into a river
    In it I saw something worth more than treasure
    Honestly my deepest fear was to drown
    So to free myself I swam read more »

    Jasmine Fafanyo Awagah
  • 12.

    Sticky, sweaty
    Swimming, playing, reading
    Studying for summer school class read more »

    stephanie tea
  • 13.
    Super Fish Thorpe

    I wish I were like Thorpe
    The super fish that has now retired
    No longer to challenge the rest of the world
    For their swim records read more »

    Kaci Tami
  • 14.
    The Shark

    My, sweet, let me tell you about the shark.
    Though his eyes are bright, his thought is dark.
    He's quiet - that speaks well him.
    So does the fact that he can swim. read more »

    Jennifer Huynh
  • 15.
    A Summer Day At The Swimming Pool

    A summer day at the swimming pool,
    Women in their bathing suits,
    Bearing their forbidden fruits,
    Water glistening like a jewel. read more »

    Joshua Dinkin
  • 16.
    Seven Oceans Of Pain! ! !

    Swimming across the first ocean, i met my friend-tears,
    he has been living there all alone for now many years,
    he keeps count of all the little tears that i have shed,
    on every tear, her name is tagged and my future is read. read more »

    Kumar Kumar
  • 17.

    So let us be off to the depths of the sea
    to hurry through saltworks
    fetch shells and make love
    backs to dunes read more »

    Luiza De Mesquita
  • 18.
    Lily flower

    The water in the pool is my tears
    let’s swim, come on winds.
    The wild and pitiless shamans,
    Robbed my joys in the darkness. read more »

    Uktamoy Khaldorova
  • 19.
    A Song to the Fish

    Darling, you are a fish
    having fun in a creek bright and clear
    Please swim into my heart; Hurry up, my dear! read more »

    East Sea Fairy East Sea Fairy
  • 20.
    A Girl Who Swims With Her Head Above The Water

    A girl who swims with her head above the water
    Knows which way she is swimming
    And lets not the water
    Pull her down to read more »

    Renji Mao
  • 21.
    When I Ruled

    Decades before your birth
    I flooded the city with men
    Turning about on rotten sticks
    I did it for me read more »

    Ajibola Tolase
  • 22.
    Such Boredom (A Haiku)

    read more »

    Saut Situmorang
  • 23.
    Haiku2: Springs on a River

    read more »

    Rozelle Monroe
  • 24.

    The sight yesterday of classmate Allan
    Being taken swimming by his old man
    Had me behind the classroom weeping,
    As I saw myself and my old man read more »

    Ssemutooke Joseph
  • 25.
    Dolphins Of Grace

    dolphins swimming gracefully
    to their homes
    beyond the sea
    as they swim read more »

    magenta hart
  • 26.

    I'm a fish beneath the sea
    Swimming in these troubled waters
    And I just can't seem to breathe
    Swimming fast as I can go read more »

    M.L. Bennett
  • 27.
    I am the Ocean

    The Isle of Man is where I danced
    All shimmering and blue
    The animals inside of me
    jumped up, went down and swam through read more »

    Kayleigh Butler
  • 28.
    I'm Running Down A Sunshine River

    I’m running down a sunshine river
    I’m swimming down a sunshine street
    As ears reinvent rhythm
    A foot tapping to the ongoing beat. read more »

    Cody Allan Turner
  • 29.
    Talking Fish

    Glub, glub, swimming in the seas
    Glomp, schlomp, doing as we please

    Blub went the cod as he swam along read more »

    Patrick Old
  • 30.
    My last love

    I can’t sleep in the night as my heart was really sad,
    I woke up in the morning but she was again back,
    Was she a river of sorrow, or a sea of love,
    But I was into her trying to swim above, read more »

    nik aaxx
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