Top 100 Poems About: SYMPATHY

In this page, poems on / about “sympathy” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Ultimate Denial

    Depression is being tired, when you're never able to sleep
    Depression is pity, when you hate other's sympathy
    Depression is longing for more, when you never acknowlede what's already there
    Depression is the feeling of self-hatred, when the arrogance is concurrently overwhelming read more »

    acd bcd
  • 2.
    No Matter What

    As I walk the streets,
    Watching my feet,
    I fight to make it through another day,
    I don't care what people have to say, read more »

    Brianna King
  • 3.
    Angels living in colorless harmony

    They have set my soul upon the skies
    My fate has sent me with teary eyes
    All i view are colorless rainbows
    The angels too, have lost their shadows read more »

    Angelic(Annie) Female
  • 4.
    Breaking Your Heart

    As I say those words
    I feel your heart break
    Im guilty for ripping apart
    the love you gave me read more »

    MeganOlivia Maxwell
  • 5.

    In all sincerity
    It is a pathetic pity
    I merely offer sympathy
    With such velocity read more »

    Greg Dills
  • 6.
    I'll cry no tears

    I'll cry no tears of sympathy,
    I'll cry no tears of joy.
    For what you've lost,
    For what you've gained, read more »

    Niamh Gold
  • 7.
    Lost Identity

    In this spiritual blindness
    I hope and seek in vain
    for words of lovingkindness
    to ease the dreary pain. read more »

    Willa T. Olivier
  • 8.
    ! Poets' Sinkhole of Sewage (Social Commentary)

    Excrement of
    Arrogant, haughty
    Minds filled with filthy read more »

    Alice Vedral Rivera
  • 9.
    Grim Reaper

    Death, bringer of
    Dreadful, grim injustice
    With his cloak built of
    And composed of read more »

    Amanda Vid
  • 10.
    True Friend

    A true friend is someone who stands by you,
    Through good times and the bad.
    A true friend is someone who cheers you up,
    When you're down and feeling sad. read more »

    Emily Morris
  • 11.

    lost in a world with no one to listen
    thought we were forever thats what
    you had me thinking
    hate to see the world through your eyes read more »

    deshae davis
  • 12.
    What i Can't Help

    In all sincerity
    it is a pathetic pity
    I merely offer sympathy
    with such velocity read more »

    Jackson Nyoho
  • 13.

    Just like a nasty nasal infection

    Nothing hurts more, than the feeling of rejection read more »

    Katherine Shaw
  • 14.
    selfishness and the human nature

    i write because i feel sympathy for someone
    like me, and then
    another reason comes which is hard to accept anyway
    but just the same i must accept bluntly read more »

    Sebastian Soberania
  • 15.
    Free Me

    read more »

    daniel wentz
  • 16.
    sympathy in end

    In all sincerity
    It is a pathetic pity
    I merely offer sympathy
    With such velocity read more »

    sarthak das
  • 17.

    My hand is a mirror of all my broken hearts
    I would give you thirty hugs if I could see your smile again
    Listen to my bleeding heartbeat
    And understand the pain I feel read more »

    Shannon Dunlap
  • 18.
    Sore Memories

    Every time I thought about him my heart was torn to shreds,
    My eyes repeatedly shed tears of sorrow.
    I thought of hurting others so that I could feel alive.
    But it didn't happen, my heart crumbled, read more »

    Dark Blood
  • 19.
    A Smile

    A smile for hello
    for good morning,
    and good night read more »

    susan Johnston
  • 20.
    my bestfriends the enemy

    hope feeds my obsession
    and these pills are my addiction
    hide my tourtered skin
    scared from all my sin read more »

    lex brown
  • 21.
    All For You

    Everything I do, I do for you
    Whether or not you know it to be true
    This secret is safe with me
    My heat is a vault and I have lost its key read more »

    Nicolas White
  • 22.
    A Human Touch

    Human traces blurred,
    covered me
    and then,
    followed me with sympathy read more »

  • 23.

    Run, not for your life but for freedom!

    Danger close but you venture to the land of wisdom read more »

    Mario Perdomo
  • 24.
    Broken Heart

    Wasted My Time All On You
    Making Me Feel Really Blue
    Realising That You Hurt Me
    Just So Everyone Can See read more »

    Georgina Ashton
  • 25.


    This time you say it’s over,
    You say it’s not about her, read more »

    Maxy Sanderson
  • 26.
    One Summer Night

    Teardrops wasted
    Unfelt mouth water overflowing
    Silent noise of the cry
    The blanket now damp read more »

    John Michael Elritz Gallo
  • 27.
    Untitled 4

    Struggle to evade misery, hoplessness pervades history,
    Years disbursed pursuing ruins devised of bursts,
    Perched, back against wall, no sympathy for me at all,
    gazing down the custom barrel, extensively fulfilled the peril, read more »

    Forrest Garside
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