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Top 100 Poems About: TEACHER

In this page, poems on / about “teacher” are listed.
  • 1.
    To Every Student

    In every school, to every student
    there's a special teacher.
    To every teacher, to every student
    there's a special bond. read more »

    Gloria Celiant
  • 2.
    Teacher Says, Teacher Goes

    Teacher says,
    teacher goes,
    teacher smiles,
    teacher knows, read more »

    Jasmine Aira
  • 3.
    In Good Hands

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    a classroom is a magical place
    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    There’s a smile on each child's face read more »

    iOXYnoMORON 00
  • 4.
    Bubble gum

    Mary had some bubble gum, bubble gum, bubble gum
    Mary had some bubble gum read more »

    Lee Toballs
  • 5.
    A Good teacher

    A Good teacher is one, who teaches with love.
    A Good teacher is one, who Corrects Students and make them Grow, Instead of shouting and making them slow.
    A Good teacher is one, who makes Things to Flow.
    A Good teacher is one, who gets things done as and when. read more »

    Narendra Kuppan
  • 6.
    Teacher, Teacher

    Teacher, teacher, teacher, teach me now read more »

    Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
  • 7.

    dedicated to all teachers by profession

    as Mentor
    let the mentor gives an advice read more »

    Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan
  • 8.
    Teachers We Love You

    Teachers we love you,
    For all the kind things you do,
    using your teaching tools and talents,
    Keeping everything in balance, read more »

    Jane L. Nance
  • 9.
    You are My Teacher

    If I should meet you
    on the dusty road of life
    Do not despair
    for I am your teacher read more »

    Antoinette Kopperfield
  • 10.
    Life Is A Teacher

    Life is a teacher, which teaches how to live.
    Life is a teacher, which teaches how to win.
    Life is a teacher, which teaches how to laugh.
    Life is a teacher, which teaches how to make other people cry. read more »

    Raja Basu
  • 11.

    Remembering fondly my teachers
    On this day
    As I walk decades back
    To pay tribute in a humble way. read more »

    Kavya ...
  • 12.

    school is the best
    my english teacher rocks
    history is fun read more »

    logan dillie
  • 13.
    Teacher Man

    The Teacher Man teaches kids from all over the world
    The Teacher Man teaches no matter boy or girl
    The Teacher Man teaches Christans, Muslims, and Jews
    The Teacher Man teaches those who say 'God I don't believe in you' read more »

    ary bolanos
  • 14.
    My Teacher, My Hero

    Each one has an important part
    They guided us all the way
    Each one has a place in my heart
    For being there each day read more »

    Geneen Alyssa Meyers
  • 15.
    We NEED THEM! ! ! ! ! teacher appreciation week

    Teachers are like the air we breathe
    Without it, there’s just no way to live
    Teachers are like the gas pedal on a car
    Without it, we can’t go on read more »

    Kayla ...
  • 16.
    My Sweet School

    School is where one learns,
    Kowledge is what one earns,
    Teachers, friends are a part of school,
    Without them, a school, isnt a school, read more »

    Sherbanu Molu
  • 17.
    You are one

    A teacher is one who,
    Can groom every creation,
    A teacher is one who,
    Can enhance every admiration, read more »

    simran arora
  • 18.
    The Mark A Good Teacher Makes

    That little cherub sitting there
    With eager eyes and expectant air
    Who knows what he may become...
    Perhaps a doctor, lawyer, preacher read more »

    Julia Irene Peterson Hardy
  • 19.
    Best Teachers

    In the presence of my gifted teachers
    our classroom becomes a delightful place
    In the hands of my gifted teachers
    There is laughter in every student's lips read more »

    Edgar Rendon Eslit
  • 20.
    The Greatest Teacher

    The greatest teacher of all
    Is our Lord, Jesus Christ

    The kindest teacher of all read more »

    Jacqueline AntwiDanso
  • 21.
    A Teacher

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    a classroom is a magical place
    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    There’s a smile on each child's face read more »

    Jennifer Thomas
  • 22.
    My Teacher, My Hero

    Teachers inspire pupils like me and you,
    Obey them and follow what they want us to do.
    For what they ask is right,
    They guide us like a shining light. read more »

    Rafael Enrico A. Arellano
  • 23.
    A nice Teacher

    A nice teacher
    Never gives out alot
    of work to their students. read more »

    James Wilhoite
  • 24.
    Relation Between Teacher And Students

    Relation Between Teacher And Student Is Like,
    The Relation Between Potter And His Pot,
    Like Them Teachers Also,
    To Their Student, Loves A Lot. read more »

  • 25.
    A teacher is the best artist of the child

    A teacher is the best artist of the child
    He is also the builder of a strong Nation,
    If his art fails the statue, this child will be wild,
    Then, what about the future of our Nation? read more »

    Mazid S Kazi , INDIA
  • 26.
    My Dear Teacher

    I can see a smile in your face all the time
    I can see you speak so nicely all the time
    I miss you like anything read more »

    Mary Amrutha
  • 27.
    Teachers' Day

    My childhood days I sometimes remember
    those classrooms, staff room and the principal’s chamber
    It was so much fun to go to School daily
    no tension in life but to play and study read more »

    renu kakkar
  • 28.
    Why God Made Teachers

    When God created teachers
    He gave us special friends
    To help us understand His world
    And truly comprehend read more »

    nick chaos
  • 29.
    My teacher is the best in the world

    Books are confusing
    .Exams are tentioning.
    But u are never bussy
    To make it easy read more »

    ashwini ahir
  • 30.
    my school teachers(punjabi)

    Teachers day:
    Sadi class di adheapak,
    Sanu maar di hai thapar jadon kar de han bak-bak!
    Us time sada chal reha hunda hai bura kaal, read more »

    jagmeet singh
  • 31.
    o teacher

    be my guide read more »

    penyair aja
  • 32.
    my teacher

    I hate my teacher
    They give to much
    They talk to much
    When I get busted read more »

    stephany mejia
  • 33.

    Teacher, Teacher please be my Guide,
    Show me the way which is right.

    Teacher, Teacher please be my side,
    With you my sorrow and pain gets hide. read more »

    Ayog Rastogi
  • 34.

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    a classroom is a magical place
    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    There’s a smile on each child's face read more »

  • 35.
    What a Teacher!

    My teacher is a person,
    Who guides us all.
    My teacher is a person,
    Who teaches us all. read more »

    Jiya Jain
  • 36.
    The Teacher is the Teachers Teacher xx xxx xx Improvisation 05 31 2013

    The Teacher Is The Teacher's Teacher:
    Original 10 20 2010 read more »

    Lee Mack
  • 37.
    My English Teacher

    Our Teacher teaches us English
    And makes learning real fun
    She teaches us grammar
    And mends our manner read more »

    Albert John
  • 38.
    In memory of a great teacher

    I know not of a man better than him
    a man of morals and purity
    my best teacher and example in life
    I love him more than myself read more »

    Rehab Helmy
  • 39.
    my teacher

    the teacher talks
    the teacher thinks im listening
    the teacher is my friend
    the teacher it my worse nitemare read more »

    Megan Simbeck
  • 40.
    When I Die A Teacher

    when I die a teacher
    tell my wife I wasn't a blither
    to re-dig and blip those contours
    that I had opted for the community read more »

    Pius Didier
  • 41.
    Poetry For Children: Happy Teachers' Day!

    Happy Teachers’ Day
    God is always very busy,
    He has lots work to do;
    So, He created Teachers, read more »

    Roann Mendriq
  • 42.
    The Teachers

    The prophetic eyes of your Teacher
    Could see your success in your life
    Could guarantee your shining future
    Could open the vistas in your life read more »

    amir khan
  • 43.
    A teacher…

    Is one who learns about life constantly.
    Is one who keeps young by growing up again and again.
    A teacher is one who knows nothing about the workings of life,
    But he is able to rationalize each event of a life. read more »

    Roshan Sabapathy
  • 44.


    An occupation of worthiness,
    An occupation of respect. read more »

    Ashar Owais
  • 45.
    On Teachers Day

    I am like the midnight glory
    That only you can see, with wisdom hoary
    For when I am low or I don't know
    You understand and tell me how read more »

    Ayush Anand
  • 46.
    A teacher's Hope

    I wish I were my pupil
    I wouldn't talk about my teachers
    Even if I were the president
    Still I would dare'nt my teachers read more »

    Duncan Livingstone
  • 47.
    My English teacher

    My English teacher taught me,
    How the world is sweet
    About the songs without a beat.
    New places I did meet read more »

    Mariam de Haan
  • 48.

    She can speak
    But she would write
    No, scribble
    With that box of crayons read more »

    Morphing Professor
  • 49.

    As i sit
    alone in this
    room i see
    everyone sitting read more »

    veronica jewell
  • 50.
    Stand for teacher

    Stand for the teacher and honor his rank...
    ...for a teacher is almost as a prophet
    Do you know of someone nobler than...
    ...he who nurtures minds and hearts read more »

    Ahmad Shawqi
  • 51.
    The Best Teacher Forever A.k. A My Second Mother

    Let me tell you about my best teacher forever, in fact you can call her my second mother. She is loving, caring, trustworthy, helpful, protecting, and patient. I tell her all my secrets, feelings, and problems and I know that she will keep them in confident.

    This relationship started three years ago. The minute I walked into the school I felt happy. The reason I felt this way was because I knew there was going to be a teacher I could count on when I have a problem. A teacher who always shows that she loves her student like if she had her own child. A teacher who gives her student a hug when she is going through a big situation. A teacher who always says' I will always be there for you no matter what.' A teacher who cares about her student' s education like a mother does. The second person I would go to if I had a problem. A teacher who I can rely on and come back and say'' Thank You for everything you have done for me.' A teacher who protects you like a mother would. A teacher who always is patient In helping you. read more »

    Lucia Tenezaca
  • 52.

    Teachers and peers
    are a child's worst fears.
    All they do is teach
    and ban us from the beach. read more »

    Aryaman Kakkar
  • 53.
    The Furious Feacher and The New Class

    I remember when our class was changed,
    How we all raged!

    The teacher said, read more »

    Chandini Jaswal
  • 54.
    My Teacher I Never Forget You

    Oh my teacher, oh my teacher
    I can’t forget you, I can’t forget you read more »

    sakalabaktula sairaj
  • 55.

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    A classroom is a magical place! ! !
    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    There's a smile on each child's face. read more »

    Maanasa Bhaskar
  • 56.
    my teacher

    my teachers absoult fab she always makes me laugh,
    shes not like most other teachers that nearly all the time nag,
    she has bright blue eyes and long black hair, read more »

    lauren seath
  • 57.
    The lesson

    A lesson
    Of student's syllabus
    Is like a glass of milk
    It is prepared with the nutrients read more »

    Asit Kumar Sanyal
  • 58.
    All About My Teacher

    my teacher is hip
    my teacher is cool
    but she can drewl read more »

    sachi baldwin
  • 59.


    We celebrate 5th September as teachers’ day read more »

    venkata lakshmi narasimharao
  • 60.
    To my teacher...

    Oh my teacher...
    let me praise you,
    for you sprouted me out,
    from a darkened life. read more »

    fayeda vanimel
  • 61.
    My Teachers

    In this life we have many teachers!
    Some you ma not consider to be teachers,
    But truly they are.
    They all have different ways in teaching you a lesson. read more »

    Qwanza Bentinck
  • 62.
    Help, Please Help, Teacher!

    Algebra, algebra—it doesn’t make sense,
    Numbers and variables combined in strange ways,
    With symbols and signs—parentheses too,
    My footing is lost, I feel stuck in glue, read more »

    Joe Pagano
  • 63.
    Ode to Humanity

    Prayer of a Teacher to Teachers

    They come in innocence and empty shells
    To be filled with knowledge: no one’s to blame read more »

    Shanika marini Paul
  • 64.
    Students and teachers - attitude, gratitude solitude

    Students and teachers were once buddies
    They discussed other issues not only on studies
    On academic and co-curricular activities
    They shared many things including movies read more »

    Noor Othman
  • 65.
    Without dreams

    read more »

    Poetry Lover
  • 66.

    Students are they who a pose do assume
    With folded hands sit on the bench I presume.
    Students are they who attend to lesson
    Scholastic lectures during probation. read more »

    Dulal Mukherjee
  • 67.

    Memory read more »

    Alex Ranedo klein
  • 68.
    my teacher

    my teacher is
    fun, boring, funny, angry
    he gives too much work
    he scream too much read more »

    sephora motty
  • 69.

    Teachers are special, they enable... read more »

    Aneree Shah
  • 70.
    A Teacher

    A teacher loves
    With out Denial.

    A teacher loves
    With many smiles. read more »

    David Tucker
  • 71.
    My noisy class 6-A

    Noisy and loud,
    There's nothing louder
    Than the class called,
    6-A! read more »

    Eefa Ibrahim . A
  • 72.

    I didn't do my homework.
    My teacher asked me, "Why? "
    I answered him, "It's much too hard."
    She said, "2+2 You didn't try." read more »

    Phillip Ahrens
  • 73.
    My Friend the Teacher

    Your thoughtful, you’re smart, you’re wise
    You’re caring, you’re generous, you don’t despise
    With words of wisdom like a preacher
    For you’re my friend the teacher read more »

    Poetic Philosopher
  • 74.

    School can be fun
    But school can be boring
    Teachers are active
    Or teachers are lazy read more »

    One Self
  • 75.

    What's with teachers they get on my nerves never giving the judgment you really deserve, some kids are nice some kids are bad but teachers don't care they make me mad, why do that job cant you tell teachers are monsters under the school boards spell. read more »

    larell carter
  • 76.

    wealthy nature,
    is an unbearable torture,
    so please get out of my way,
    and be far away. read more »

    nooyi ...
  • 77.

    read more »

    Tracy Preko
  • 78.
    sonnet- Gurus For Subjective(or) For Worldactive(In Tamil Nadu, India) -

    I asking God for not been in TN(a)
    a good achievement teacher(b)
    i oft doubt in commons in subjects(c)
    they did say 'i don't know'(d) read more »

    Selva Santosh
  • 79.
    Honored To Teacher Salah

    In the hands of a gifted teacher
    a classroom is a magical place
    in the hands of a gifted teacher
    There is a smile on each child's face read more »

    Aya Abbas
  • 80.

    He was the teacher,
    But he lied,
    But he knew,
    So, why lie? read more »

    Maselo George
  • 81.
    English Class

    English Class
    Is supposed to be fun.
    But when teachers make you
    Listen to them while they talk about read more »

    Kelsey Tennant
  • 82.
    An Evening Tuition

    It was winter time
    on a chilly evening
    a boy had to go to a tuition class read more »

    subham roy
  • 83.
    school- iv had enough

    school is very hard
    as nearly everyone gets bullied
    we hate it loads
    as teachers tell us to leave them alone read more »

    joanne Delaney
  • 84.
    The Notes

    I sit
    I take notes
    The teacher keeps talking
    I look at the clock read more »

    Cheyenne Joyner
  • 85.
    To My Teacher

    You are there when we need you

    You are there when we are sad read more »

    Emily Kurete
  • 86.
    Coming To England In The Late 70s

    I came to know and like Jimmy Saville
    as a young lad who went to England
    in the late 70s to do my O and A Levels
    followed by university read more »

    Cynthia Fielding
  • 87.

    read more »

    monoranjan karam
  • 88.
    I saw (an infatuated student)

    Yesterday I saw a teacher,

    An interesting teacher, read more »

    Ibrahim Bidu
  • 89.
    my school

    My School
    Oh when you stepped in
    I hope you were a toddler
    And learning to walk and talk with stuttering speech read more »

    Dr.Balnarayana Bandam
  • 90.

    Teacher, dear teacher
    epileptic with knowledge,
    spitting and apprehensive.
    Enthused; read more »

    Abhyudai Dhawan
  • 91.

    why God created teachers
    Author unknown

    When God created teachers, read more »

    adnan zahedi
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