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Top 100 Poems About: TELEVISION

In this page, poems on / about “television” are listed.
  • 1.

    is the curse of the nation
    Feeding ignorance
    from station to station. read more »

    Wayne Leon Learmond
  • 2.
    Dirty old fire

    Fire in my hair
    Fire in my eyes
    Fire between my thighs
    Thank you for the fire read more »

    Lindsay Crosby
  • 3.
    My dreams

    I have many dreams
    That I would like to do
    Before I die, they include
    Meeting Maya Angelou, read more »

    Christa Rhodes
  • 4.
    National Service

    Wake up at five in the early dusk
    Sleep at midnight with howl of owls
    A life of military
    Bounded by rules read more »

    Sutha rajakumar
  • 5.
    The Things We Love

    read more »

    Zach McAuliffe
  • 6.

    To me, television is a chore.
    It is a bore.
    It shows half a program, then makes you sift through adverts for more. read more »

    Gary Diamond
  • 7.

    Television, the Orangerie and
    Exiled closed shops friend
    Leggins three or four years old read more »

    Pierre Rausch
  • 8.
    They Dig....

    They dig
    With sweat beads
    Of heavy piks
    And broad shovels read more »

    Felicity Nong
  • 9.
    Sick of adverts

    Adverts? asks the television
    I switch it off
    in a spasm of white noise read more »

    Clum Hare
  • 10.

    To Say Tv Is A Small Thing
    But It Can Make You Dance And Sing
    If You Watch It Will Put You In Doubt
    Is It A Box Or A World There Out read more »

    smriti chhibber
  • 11.

    Un cavernícola golpea a su amada / A caveman hits his lover
    y se la lleva de los pelos a la cueva / and it takes it to him from the hair to the cave
    no se preocupe no ha pasado nada / don't worry it has not passed anything
    el noticiero de las nueve lo comprueba / the news report of nine o'clock checks it read more »

    Ramiro 2 Burgos
  • 12.

    Radio, television, watching live matches
    Are all sources of entertainment
    While radio doles out music of different genres
    Alongwith jingles and commentary read more »

    Meenaxi Pandey
  • 13.

    The crime scene has worsened
    From year to year
    Isn't it shameful we should live in fear
    Of muggers, hoodlums, murderers and such read more »

    Mildred Haith
  • 14.
    Big Books

    read more »

    Tom Thompson
  • 15.
    Funny Commercials, Damn

    television screens gave birth to me
    I want emancipation

    a blood aqueduct above my hands
    I need help read more »

    Gabriel Corvus
  • 16.

    I'm a ghost with a body
    That lives in your house

    A forgotten identity read more »

    Lou Barnet
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