Top 100 Poems About: THANKS

In this page, poems on / about “thanks” are listed.
  • 1.
    Our Prayer Of Thanks

    For the gladness here where the sun is shining at evening on the weeds at the river,
    Our prayer of thanks.

    For the laughter of children who tumble barefooted and bareheaded in the summer grass, read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 2.
    Sonnet 41 - I Thank All Who Have Loved Me In Their Hearts


    I thank all who have loved me in their hearts,
    With thanks and love from mine. Deep thanks to all read more »

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • 3.

    The roar of the world is in my ears.
    Thank God for the roar of the world!
    Thank God for the mighty tide of fears read more »

    Joyce Kilmer
  • 4.
    In Thankful Remembrance

    What shall I render to Thy name
    Or how Thy praises speak?
    My thanks how shall I testify?
    O Lord, Thou know'st I'm weak. read more »

    Anne Bradstreet
  • 5.
    A Thanksgiving Poem

    The sun hath shed its kindly light,
    Our harvesting is gladly o'er
    Our fields have felt no killing blight,
    Our bins are filled with goodly store. read more »

    Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • 6.
    Epigram—thanks For A National Victory

    YE hypocrites! are these your pranks?
    To murder men and give God thanks!
    Desist, for shame!—proceed no further;
    God won't accept your thanks for MURTHER read more »

    Robert Burns
  • 7.
    I Went To Thank Her


    I went to thank Her—
    But She Slept— read more »

    Emily Dickinson
  • 8.

    with the night falling we are saying thank you
    we are stopping on the bridges to bow from the railings
    we are running out of the glass rooms read more »

    William Stanley Merwin
  • 9.

    Let us be thankful--not only because
    Since last our universal thanks were told
    We have grown greater in the world's applause, read more »

    James Whitcomb Riley
  • 10.

    HER griefs were the hours
    When my struggle was sore,--
    Her joys were the powers
    That the climber upbore. read more »

    Henrik Johan Ibsen
  • 11.

    Said Mr. Smith, “I really cannot
    Tell you, Dr. Jones—
    The most peculiar pain I’m in—
    I think it’s in my bones.” read more »

    Walter de la Mare
  • 12.
    A Thanksgiving

    From brief delights that rise to me
    Out of unfathomable dole,
    I thank whatever gods there be read more »

    William Ernest Henley
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