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Top 100 Poems About: THANKS

In this page, poems on / about “thanks” are listed.
  • 1.
    Loss of memory

    I thank the loss of my memory
    Of those days when I had not a friend
    I am thankful to the memory
    Of those great moments when we are together read more »

    hariharans sundaram
  • 2.
    Thanks for the Pain

    Today is the day
    I wanted so much to say
    Thanks for the tears
    Thanks for the fears read more »

    Matthew Hyatt
  • 3.
    Thanks for playing with my feelings,

    Thanks for playing with my feelings,
    How i wish i could stop my heart from beating,
    Thanks for playing with my heart,
    At least to you this was a fun part, read more »

    Beautiful Lie
  • 4.

    Thank you,
    Thanks for looking after me
    Thanks for having someone to look upto and admire
    Thanks for giving me time read more »

    Lucy Vernezze
  • 5.
    Thank You

    Thank you,
    Thanks for looking after me
    Thanks for having someone to look upto and admire
    Thanks for giving me time read more »

    georgia hunter cannon
  • 6.
    Thank You

    Thank you for the love and happiness
    that you have filled my life with each day
    Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness
    and respect that you have shown me in every way read more »

    Linda Pollizze
  • 7.
    Thanks for being here...

    Thanks for being here, even though You're on the phone.
    Thanks for being here, so I don't feel all left out alone.
    Thanks for being here, to talk away my fears.
    Thanks for being here, to wipe away me tears. read more »

    Angel Anonymous
  • 8.
    Thank GOD! !

    I am alive today!
    I am blessed today`
    I am favored today
    I am happy today read more »

    Tumelo Makhudu
  • 9.
    Thank You

    I thank you for all the sleepless nights
    I thank you for all the stupid fights
    Thank you from the bottom of the hole in the chest where my heart used to be
    Thank you for making me realize the love of your life was never meant to be me read more »

    Triin Kann
  • 10.
    Thanks A Lot, Mom

    Thanks a Lot, Mom

    Thanks a lot, Mom.
    Thanks for loving me to no end. read more »

    Rebecca Paul
  • 11.
    Thanks You

    Thanks for always being there for me.
    Thanks for that person you helped me to be
    Thanks that you never let me be alone
    Thanks that forever you promise to be my own read more »

    Mostafa Abdelrahman
  • 12.

    Thanks for being there
    Always being so aware
    Thanks for being near when I needed you here
    Thanks for staying so close when I needed you the most read more »

    widelene ermat
  • 13.
    thank god

    thank god thank god thank god thank god
    thank god thank god thank god thank god
    thank god thank god thank god thank god
    you are in love with me read more »

    delora sewap
  • 14.

    A thank you to roomate
    It's funny how I like doing things
    but doing this just feels right
    and I just want to thank you read more »

  • 15.
    Thank You

    Thank You for being there when I needed help
    Thank You for loving me when I didn't love myself
    Thank You for listening to how I feel
    Thank You for your good advice and always keeping it real read more »

    Shaquasia Anderson
  • 16.
    My Lover My Friend

    Thank you for being there
    through thick and thin
    I thank you for being my lover
    I thank you for being my friend read more »

    Brenda Hyter Smith
  • 17.
    Thanks To You

    You never let me live my life my way
    You say it was in my best interest
    But was it really or was it just in your best interest
    Guess we'll never know because we don't talk, anymore read more »

    Brooke Lynn Moore
  • 18.
    1998 Chart House

    Family Reunion Prayer For the joy of our celebration,
    we thank you Lord.
    For sunsets, sunrises, and songs,
    we thank you Lord. read more »

    Kathleen Dwyer Duyck
  • 19.
    Letter to JT Miller (1926-2006)

    Dear Daddy,

    Thank you for giving me the gift of life
    a lifetime opportunity read more »

    Jacqui Miller
  • 20.
    Thank You Dad!

    Thank you Dad for everything you have done,
    your hard work and sacrifice for everyone.
    Thanks for everything you continue to do,
    but most of all thank you just for being you. read more »

    Damian Murphy
  • 21.
    Thank You God

    thank you god for everything
    for another chance of living
    thank you god for the good friends
    for the friendship that never ends. read more »

    true prince
  • 22.
    Thanks For Not Giving Up On Me

    Thanks for not giving up on me like everyone else...
    Thanks for picking me up when everybody was looking down on me...
    Thanks for wiping the tears from my eyes when i cried...
    Thanks for being the farther i never had in my life... read more »

    Joe Peraza
  • 23.
    Butter Fly

    If I were a butterfly
    I'd thank you Lord for giving me
    If I were a robin in a tree read more »

    Asif Raza
  • 24.

    Thanks for being there when i cried
    Thanks for being there when i tried
    Thanks for being with me to the end
    Thanks for letting me depend read more »

    Adriana Salazar
  • 25.
    Thank You...Father

    I Thank You...
    For your Instructions and Directions for Life
    Through your Beautiful, Truthful and Powerful Word
    You inspired to be Written and left behind to be Heard read more »

    Sylvia L. Wisner Molina
  • 26.
    Thank You

    To all who gave me a cup of garry or two,
    I say thank you.
    To all who paid my dues
    I say thank you. read more »

    ransom ossy
  • 27.
    Thank God

    Thank God for my mother,
    For being an example for me.
    Thank God for my father,
    For without him I don't know where I'll be. read more »

    Deborah Skannal
  • 28.

    Mom, you don’t ignore me when I state my problems,
    You help me get back up when I’m
    You put this roof over my head, read more »

    Hunter Wall
  • 29.
    thank you for making me suffer

    Thanks for using me up completely, then throwing me away
    Thanks for making me cry, those sad tears again
    Thanks for pushing me away, when I most needed you
    Thanks for ignoring my calls, when I needed to hear your voice read more »

    sarah sanchez
  • 30.
    Mother, Thank you

    Thank you, Mother
    Thank you, Mother

    I send You A Rainbow in Thank You Forms.... read more »

    Cassie Huron
  • 31.
    I thank y0u

    read more »

    Keosha Getridge
  • 32.
    A Little Boy Thanking His Mother

    When I was born I could not see,
    Thank You Mom because of you, I am able to see.
    When I was born I could not hear,
    Thank You Mom because of you, I am able to hear. read more »

    Garvitkumar Choraria
  • 33.
    Thank You

    Thank you for loving me
    Even though you did not show it often
    Thank you for playing silly games with me
    Because I always wanted to be around you read more »

    Tori Godwin
  • 34.

    Thanks for believing in me
    Thanks for showing me you care
    Thanks for holding my hand
    Thanks for being there read more »

    jessica ward
  • 35.
    Thank you

    Thank you for being, who you are,
    Thank you for giving me the joys and smiles.

    Thank you for correcting me when I was wrong, read more »

    Jasmine Diane Guy
  • 36.
    Thank y'all

    I would like, I would like to thank you all…

    Thanks to the Soldier that serves his country
    Saying he has no well-power other than conformity read more »

    Jacob Arden
  • 37.
    Sorry Mom

    I will be the first to say sorry
    Sorry for the bad times, and thank you for the good times
    Sorry for not saying I love you, but thank you for your overflowing love
    Sorry for not defending you, but thank you for protecting me read more »

    Brittany Wongus
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