Top 100 Poems About: TIME

In this page, poems on / about “time” are listed.
  • 1.

    Was TIME born with all the sky?
    Can TIME suffer and also die?
    Is TIME flat? Or is TIME round?
    Where is TIME? Can TIME be found? read more »

    Tony Avila Sampson
  • 2.

    Time will come, time will go
    Time shall reap, that time has sown

    Time comes slowly, time goes fast
    Time will linger, time outlasts read more »

    Nate Hawk
  • 3.

    Time goes fast
    Time goes slow
    Time sees people die
    Time sees the grass grow read more »

    Amy Darnbrook
  • 4.
    Treasured First Time

    I'll put on the box of memories
    My first time to say 'I love you, Ma and Pa'
    My first time to open my eyes in this world
    My first time to cry breathlessly read more »

    Sheldon Allen Saluta
  • 5.
    Time For Everything

    we all have the time for everything…
    a time to play and a time to sleep
    a time to move and a time to be stiff
    a time to cry and a time to laugh read more »

    Frieda Taller
  • 6.

    God is Time
    Time is white
    Clear as water
    Clear as air read more »

    sunny Munera Managan
  • 7.
    Its time to sing

    Its time to sing
    and dance in rain,
    Its time to go out,
    and get steep in rain. read more »

    Reena Ray
  • 8.
    Time Time Time

    Time time time
    Make time, give time, take time out
    Win time, cost time, the time of your life
    Spend time, sell time, the good times and the bad read more »

    Shaun William Hayes
  • 9.
    There Is a Time To.....

    There is.......

    A time to write,
    A time to listen, read more »

    Michelle Hyde
  • 10.
    In time

    In time
    We fell in love
    In time
    In time read more »

    Oscar Robles
  • 11.

    Time will come and time will go
    Time shall reap what time has sown

    Time comes slowly, time goes fast read more »

    Harshit Agrawal
  • 12.

    Time, the thief of life,
    Time, an unwinnable fight,
    Time, brings the work of death, read more »

    Joseph Walter Duggan
  • 13.
    Who Knows Where Time Goes

    Time is something we don't understand,
    It's gone with a hello and a shake of the hand.
    Never enough time for those you hold dear
    But always, time for sadness and tears. read more »

    Dorothy Fern Fowler
  • 14.

    Time to celebrate
    Time to mourn
    Time to live
    Time to die read more »

    Richard Lam
  • 15.
    Find Time

    Find time, for this day shall soon be night
    Find time to love, whilst you still have life
    Find time to visit the sick and the old
    Find time to embrace someone when they are cold. read more »

    William J. Walls
  • 16.
    To Everything There Is a Season

    To everything there is A season,
    A time for every purpose under the heaven:
    A time to be bourn, and a time to die;
    A time to plant, and a time to reap; read more »

    arnold simon
  • 17.

    Where dose time really go once it has past
    Time is time
    Is there such a thing as bad timing
    Why dose it fly when were having fun read more »

    GJC boyle
  • 18.

    Time will come
    Time will go
    What will happen
    We don’t know read more »

    Michael Phipps
  • 19.

    when times turned me
    i just couldn't handle
    and i was lost
    and i was turned to time read more »

    Satanson Nathoam
  • 20.
    It's About Time

    Yesterday I was thinking about tomorrow,
    and now tomorrow is today.
    Today I need to save time to make time
    'cause I don't have time to waste time. read more »

    Cindy Thacher
  • 21.
    Good Times

    Frozen in time
    If you are lost in time, make sure it’s the good time

    Remembering the good times read more »

  • 22.

    Time is where we are
    And time is where we've been
    Time is being lost
    And found again read more »

    Anthony Zeigler
  • 23.
    A Time

    A time to laugh, a time to cry,
    A time to love, a time to sigh.
    The love we feel is put in us to stay,
    Love will make us stronger each and every read more »

    Dena C. Broadus
  • 24.
    Time Is

    There is time for everything
    Time to know the reality
    Time to show the real us
    And time creates our history read more »

    cokie obey
  • 25.

    Time is relative,
    Time is relevant,
    Time can irelevant,
    Time stands still against our will, read more »

    Dan Quiles
  • 26.
    Time, friend or foe?

    Times gives life meaning and sustenance, so we're all
    somewhat on common ground, so life doesn't confound.
    Time doesn't stay the same, nor does the world.
    Time goes slow and sometimes fast, and with hope, we shall last. read more »

    Ric Velle
  • 27.

    Time can build
    Yet time can break.
    Time can hurt
    And yet, read more »

    Alnaver Baltazar
  • 28.

    The time what is the time to you
    Are you the seeker or the creator speak now

    oh wait you just want time to go by fast read more »

    Linda Anguiano
  • 29.
    life is time

    4) Life’s time

    A time to plan, a time to live read more »

    djemoi talbi
  • 30.

    What is it
    When is it
    How is it read more »

    derrick foster
  • 31.

    Time cherished, time spent,
    Reflecting on past events.

    Moments of joy, moments of glee, read more »

    Nate Morris
  • 32.
    Peace - It's Time!

    Time to face the world's dilemmas,
    Time to love and laugh once more.
    Time to mend the broken hearted,
    Hang a welcome on the door. Time to hear the children's laughter, read more »

    Joyce Marie Hayes
  • 33.
    How Many Times

    How many times do I have to hurt
    How many times do you have to flirt
    How many times do I have to suffer
    How many times will you make my life tougher read more »

    Jonathan Majus
  • 34.
    No Time To Think

    No time to think, no time for dreams
    No time for anything it seems.
    No time to stop, no time to waste,
    No time for anything but haste. read more »

    paul anthony
  • 35.
    I Have No Time To Waste

    I have no time to stand and stare
    To ask if truly life is fair,
    No time to stand till the morrow
    And stare as the little cock crow read more »

    Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan
  • 36.

    The result o your swirling tongue
    Circling mine,
    Has turned into
    A knot read more »

    Bry Barrault
  • 37.
    It's Time

    Time to love me or leave me
    Time to think and act
    Not time to pretend and play more games
    Not time to fake things you don’t feel read more »

    Danielle Floyd
  • 38.
    To day is birthday

    To day is birthday
    At the birthday
    All enjoy and made happy
    Wish for birthday more read more »

    tsewang gon
  • 39.
    Mr Wolf

    What's the time Mr Wolf? She utters in the middle of her life
    Time you grew wiser in your ways, he said
    What's the time Mr Wolf? She utters when things are wrong in her life
    Time you learned from your mistakes, he said read more »

    Leanne Henderson
  • 40.
    What We Are

    The Goats graze around
    The Slaughter house
    From time to time
    Because they just ever read more »

    Ado Bashir
  • 41.
    All About

    At times sunshine, at times shade
    At times breeze, at times rain
    This is what Weather is all about. read more »

    Charishma Kota
  • 42.
    Times of Life

    TIMES like these.., and times like that
    TIMES of Hey! , where am I at?
    Lonely Times, down a forgotten highway
    Searching for the TIMES of a newborn day read more »

    Albert Caylor
  • 43.

    read more »

    Totes Sheldon
  • 44.
    How Many Times

    How many times have I sat here alone
    how many times have I sat weary to the bone
    how many times have I searched for hope
    how many times have I tried to cope read more »

    Rebecca Lawrence
  • 45.
    Last Time

    this is the last time some dude makes me cry
    the last time i crumble and fall apart
    this is the last time i'll feel like i wanna die
    last time i give any man my heart read more »

    Asha Brown
  • 46.
    I am sick

    Is it time to say goodbye.

    Is it time for me to be gone. read more »

    Danielle Kenley
  • 47.
    Every Time

    Every time I breathe I take, I remember that I have air
    Every time I step, I remember how to walk
    Every time I say hello, I remember how to talk
    Every time I see things, I remember how to open my eyes read more »

    Devon Dietz
  • 48.
    Time spent

    time spend living is time spend loving
    time spent loving is time spent feeling
    time spent feeling is time spent lying
    time spent lying is time spend telling the truth read more »

    Brian Biggs
  • 49.
    Time - Friend Or Foe?

    Take a moment to look deep into my psyche…
    I wonder would it resemble any resemblance of how many view me
    To speak of light many seem to see
    That granular ray of shine is my hope in time read more »

    David Pannell
  • 50.
    Time To Fear

    Picture me on the edge of sadness
    I was too blind to see the truth
    My hearts beating fast I'm not alone
    but you're not there read more »

    Rad Kick
  • 51.
    A Christmas Sonnet

    What a magical time is christmas time
    Yet sweeter still in the days of our youth,
    What a magical time is christmas time
    Ere we taste the bittersweet morsel, truth. read more »

    Trevor Stelzer
  • 52.

    Every time I look into those enchanting green eyes I am mesmerized
    Every time I see your sexy curves my mind is a blur
    Every time I kiss those sweet lips my world is flipped
    Every time I touch your soft skin my love feels young again read more »

    Michael Snowden
  • 53.

    wake, stand up, clean yourself
    being on time
    The clock's hands show the time read more »

    Kady Gonzales
  • 54.

    We are slaves
    And Time is a master read more »

    Boithatelo Motholo
  • 55.
    Time After Time

    Time after time my heart cries
    time after time my heart heals
    awaiting for the right one to emcumber
    awaiting for the right one it appeals read more »

    Jasmine Moreth
  • 56.
    Time to Time

    Broken body and twisted mind
    thoughts are lucid from time to time
    the mind play tricks that the heart repeats
    the hint off a doubt soon becomes a shout read more »

    Anthony Watson
  • 57.

    Time and Time again, mistake after mistake
    It's a miracle how we have all this Time
    And yet we waste it on petty things.
    When you look back does it remind you read more »

    Nikole Letchworth
  • 58.
    Time Out

    read more »

    Craig Fieldings
  • 59.

    Lights out
    The shadows cast upon the beach
    Sand storms arise to greet the perplexed crawler as he sweeps for a clear land
    Palm fronds like statues, pillars placed upon the sand foundations read more »

    Olatunde Chidera Obafemi
  • 60.
    math equation

    Almost four years go by, baby please don't cry
    These eyes are like two full wells
    They are going to burst
    She asks for no one to look read more »

    Ashley Joyce Forbus
  • 61.
    good and bad

    Good times are when you are happy all the time
    Good times are when you laugh and have fun
    Good times are when you meet somebody special
    Good times are when you get something that you always wanted read more »

    michel robsin
  • 62.

    Time has come and time has gone
    Stolen times and times of song
    Intense pleasure and Intense pain
    Time has yielded us time and again read more »

    Lucinda Louise
  • 63.
    The Reaper

    Time to forget, time to remember,
    Time to dim just like a black coal, and time to burn like an ember. read more »

    Barbara Norman
  • 64.
    as time goes by

    as time goes by
    i know people are going to die
    as time goes by
    i know people are going cry read more »

    lakeya washington
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