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Top 100 Poems About: TODAY

In this page, poems on / about “today” are listed.
  • 1.
    Yesterday is now today by now!

    Yesterday is now today!
    Yesterdays' today is in the past.
    Yesterdays past is today's past,
    but yesterdays' tomorrow is today's' past, and its' future. read more »

    pantor of the Oaks
  • 2.

    A sacrifice you make today
    Will never ever be gone
    A sacrifice you make today
    Will soon be passed on read more »

    Anders Lim
  • 3.

    Love to me my Kingdom is
    Love to me is what love does
    Love to me is conquering one self
    Love is but today what tomorrow will be read more »

    Jacqueline P. Adams
  • 4.
    Running Away

    I considered running away today,
    To leave all my worries behind,
    I considered running away today,
    Then I changd my mind. read more »

    Hayley Oxborough
  • 5.

    Today I step into a new world,
    old memories to you I bid farewell.
    Today I come out of my shell,
    hidden pain and dismal thoughts farewell. read more »

    joana bluementhal
  • 6.
    I Sent My Child To School Today

    I sent my child to school today
    With his little lunch box

    When he came home he said his friend read more »

    Doug Hollywood Davis
  • 7.
    I saw a Butterfly Today

    I saw a butterfly today
    Small and green with no wings
    Crawlsing into shadows\hiding from a world who ignores it's subtle beauty
    Afraid to never be noticed...appreciated read more »

    Venos Tricon
  • 8.

    Today is the day I put yesterday out of my mind
    Today is the day I take back my heart and soul
    Today is the day I put thoughts of you away
    Today is the day you’ll become a distant memory to me, I will no longer long to feel your touch or to be kissed by you read more »

    Kereema McDonald
  • 9.

    today is yesterday's pupil
    tomorrow is today's dream
    nothing is going to come read more »

    Ann Bell
  • 10.
    Have a Happy Blessed Birthday

    Its yo' birthday,
    I wanna wish u,
    This day, its somehow special,
    its yo' birthday, read more »

    Kiyaga Lyttle Cephas
  • 11.
    Birthday Boy

    Today is your day to shine
    It's your birthday
    Yet another year older
    Hopefully you're more wiser read more »

    Kristen Otto
  • 12.
    My Father Buried My Sister........Today

    My father buried my sister today
    My soul burns red with pain
    No longer will I touch her face
    Or caress her skin again read more »

    Pritisha Sardesai
  • 13.
    Sunset of Today

    He's standing on the shore
    Waves lapping at his feet
    She's holding his hand
    with a gentle squeeze read more »

    Ria Villaflor
  • 14.
    The Old Woman and Today

    She awoke early with a pep today
    A glimmer in her eye and strong step today
    She thought of a menu that would bring a smile today
    as she thought of her husband so lovingly today read more »

    Complicated Simply
  • 15.

    Today I finished all my work
    Today I ate my lunch
    Today I talked to all my friends
    Today I laughed a bunch read more »

    Kendra Englehart
  • 16.

    Today my friend died,
    I still cant believe my eyes.
    It seems like my world has ended.
    Today my friend died, read more »

    Afreen Khan
  • 17.

    Today has brought with it
    the promise that the hurt
    will fade, the dreams will
    subside, and the heartache read more »

    rita francis
  • 18.
    Live your day...

    Today, forget your past;
    Today, don't worry about tomorrow.
    Today, the life is vast;
    Today, forget the joy and sorrow. read more »

    Aashish Kalra
  • 19.

    a tender breeze touches my skin
    a horrible pain it's bringing
    and I wanna go running
    but I know I’ve got to let it in read more »

    silke m..
  • 20.
    today is today

    today is today
    is shine
    today is special
    today is bright read more »

    mary hartley
  • 21.
    -Times Have Changed-

    As a child, you only looked forward to swimming at the beach,
    As a child, you only played volleyball for the prize you would receive,
    As a child, winning was everything to you,
    You never even realized that time blew by so quick, read more »

    Sonam Avichal
  • 22.
    A stranger in the town

    For years I have walked in these lanes
    I know each brick and each pane
    The same paths and the gardens
    But today I am a stranger in the town read more »

    Praveen Ranjan
  • 23.
    Just Today?

    Just today, can I dream a little?
    Just today, can we pretend we are in love?
    Just today, can I wish a little?
    Just today, can my wish come true? read more »

    Prarthana Ranjit
  • 24.
    On A Day Like Today

    On a rainy day like today it's you who I miss
    On a day like today I wish we could kiss
    A kiss and some drops of water
    Your arms, your eyes and whatever read more »

    Amita Singh
  • 25.
    Everyone, and Myself

    today is a new day
    a new start
    clean and bright
    all shiny and new read more »

    Tony Hernandez
  • 26.
    Today is better than Yesterday


    Yesterday, I was running with to feet
    Yesterday, I was playing with kids read more »

    Sbonelo C Ngcobo
  • 27.
    Today is the day

    read more »

    kiara lewis
  • 28.
    A Tear -new-

    A tear was shed today because a boy became a man
    A life of crime he chose, alone in a cell he stands

    A tear was shed today a family was torn apart a mother read more »

  • 29.

    Today is going to be different.
    Today I am going to surpass my oldself.
    Today I got up off the bed earlier than yesterday.
    Today I prepared myself faster but neater. read more »

    Ryan Cabasag
  • 30.
    Yesterday and today

    Yesterday I was born
    Today I died
    Yesterday a loved
    Today I cried read more »

    Alice Holmes
  • 31.
    Today Is the Day

    Today is the day,
    for a better life, read more »

    Ricardo Ricardez
  • 32.
    Is Today the Day

    Is today the day
    we tell Satan flee
    is today the day
    we will be free read more »

    Linda Fleming
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