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Top 100 Poems About: TOGETHER

In this page, poems on / about “together” are listed.
  • 1.
    When If Meets Must

    If we can fight together, we must strive together
    If we can play together, we must pray together
    If we can plan together, we must stand together
    If we can cry together, we must try together read more »

    James Weldon Lane
  • 2.
    ♥ Friends ♥

    Friends stay together
    through good and through bad
    Friends stay together
    through happy and sad read more »

    Jade Just me
  • 3.

    We will hold hands together
    Laugh and smile together
    Share our secrets together
    And help each other together read more »

    Allyson Gordon
  • 4.
    Family Comes Together

    Family comes together
    For always and forever
    In sickness and in health
    In poverty or in wealth read more »

    Glaedr the poet
  • 5.
    Sister, Please Hold My Hand

    Sister, please hold my hand
    As we journey through this land
    Together we stand, together we will fall
    No matter what, God will keep us together read more »

    Ashley Jackson
  • 6.
    we have to be together! ! !

    together we can face our fear
    together we can make all the sadness disappear
    together we can make no more tear
    all the dreams can be true if we are together my dear read more »

    angelica ayman
  • 7.
    The Way Things Are Supose To Be

    Finally, things are how they are suppose to be,
    Me with you and you with me,
    This is the way its suppose to be read more »

    Moon beam
  • 8.
    Until Now (I Love You)

    You came into my life
    when i was so young
    you witnessed my growing up
    shared my innocence read more »

    Maia Padua
  • 9.
    Peace And Unity

    Peace O peace let it be, let it be,
    among Islands near and far,
    with colour and creed no bar
    by working together in unity. read more »

    Noline A.V. Johnson
  • 10.
    Somewhere in this world

    Somewhere in this world there is a world where we can be together, where you and I can be together
    Where I can wipe your every tear, and make you smile endlessly, my dear
    Where I can watch a beautiful sunset with you, and tell you that I love you
    Somewhere in this world there is a world where we can be together, where you and I can be together read more »

    Deepak Hariharan
  • 11.

    You and I,
    Me and you,
    Standing at crossroads,
    Looking beyond. read more »

    Evan Skora
  • 12.
    ¤¤¤¤¤¤True lover¤¤¤¤¤¤

    .........True lovers
    Hatch together
    Grow together
    Live together read more »

    Shibil Muhammed
  • 13.
    Together We Await The Storm

    Together We Await The Storm
    This storm of love
    Where the possiblitys are so great
    Our love can take us any where read more »

    Kyle Matthews
  • 14.
    All Work Together

    My mommy told me an' the teacher told me, too,
    There's all kinds of work that I can do:
    Dry my dishes, sweep my floor,
    But if we all work together it won't take very long. read more »

    Woody Guthrie
  • 15.
    Family Means To Me What? !

    Family comes together
    For always and forever –
    In sickness and in health,
    In poverty or in wealth. read more »

    Istiqur Rahman
  • 16.

    Three hours of flight,
    three thousand kilometers
    and an immediate impulse keep us together read more »

    Roman Nikolaev
  • 17.

    If we were together,
    I'd love you more than anything.
    If we were together,
    I'd always want to be with you. read more »

    Sam Popeil
  • 18.

    We play together

    We laugh together, read more »

    mikaela smith
  • 19.

    read more »

    William Breland
  • 20.
    Slowly restart

    Distance certainly makes the heart grow fonder
    But our together times confirmed our devotion
    And the distance times made you ponder
    Left you with heartfelt confusion. read more »

    Trecie Roberts
  • 21.

    Someday we will meet again my friend, my love,
    it's our destiny

    Someday we will walk together hand in hand, read more »

    Lunette Sheppard
  • 22.
    The MoonWalker

    Here lies The Moonwalker
    The greatest of all performers
    The one who inspired the whole world
    And brought us closer together read more »

    Jennifer Maliya
  • 23.
    Together You and I...

    Together you and I
    can reach stars in the sky
    Together you and I
    can touch rainbows if we try read more »

    Surendar Chowdary Vattikuti
  • 24.
    When We Are Together

    When we are together,
    we forget about the world
    and we go into paradise
    in a world of our own. read more »

    Raquel R. Perez
  • 25.
    Promise together

    you have my heart and i have yours
    i dream about you and you dream about me too.

    promise me will stay together read more »

    kanako izumkui
  • 26.
    Family's Hard Times

    As the time goes by,
    We've passed everything together..
    No matter how we did it,
    We had to be together.. read more »

    yunni scholsatica
  • 27.
    True Dancing Souls

    Our souls want to dance forever
    not now. for you must see
    Fate brought us together
    too soon, he did read more »

    Elicia Santoro
  • 28.
    Walking together

    Long back

    When you were you read more »

    swatee sripada
  • 29.
    Their Adolescent Friendship

    Whether above or below
    Together we make the rainbow

    Through the darkest time read more »

  • 30.
    A Christmas Together

    We need not snow,
    Or electrical glow.
    It's not a matter of weather,
    Because we're together. read more »

    Beggar Boy
  • 31.
    FRIENDS! ! !

    A Friend is one who helps in need,
    Mine are those who do good deed.
    Share my feelings make me smile, read more »

    Rashmi Raj
  • 32.

    at the keyboard
    they fall together
    at the keyboard
    they fall apart read more »

    Robert Graber
  • 33.
    The Love of A Family

    We join together in the good and bad.
    Even helping each other when we are mad and sad.
    We laugh together
    We cry together read more »

    Annie Vari
  • 34.
    The Bright Future of South Sudan

    The bright future of south Sudan
    South Sudan sons and daughters, wonderful and dear;
    Together in life, together in death, together in liberty,
    And prosperity; at last they’re free forever, read more »

    Gregory Kur Deng
  • 35.
    you and me

    i walk with you,
    you walk with me,
    together we walk to the edge of the sea,
    we are there together, read more »

    hayley granger
  • 36.
    A Family of Friends

    I look around me,
    And what do I see?
    A group of friends,
    Who have inspired me, read more »

    Margaret Shaw
  • 37.
    You And I

    Your smile lights up my world
    like the sun lights up our earthly one
    and my heart sings out in joy.
    For I have found you, or you me. read more »

    Jean Renwick
  • 38.

    Should we be together
    Or should we stay away
    Or maybe it doesn't matter
    If you leave you're gonna break my heart read more »

    Melinda Sordini
  • 39.
    sweet love

    our sweet love together devine

    forever combined read more »

    kissing a sweet vampire
  • 40.
    Dear Daddy -new-

    Dear Daddy,

    When we were together I tried out new things.
    When we were together I wasn't afraid of anything. read more »

    Daniella Burke
  • 41.
    Always and Forever

    Everything is right in the world
    You and me are back together
    Together always and forever
    I could never ask for anything better read more »

    Ashley Wakefield
  • 42.
    My Hero

    My good friend
    I can't see our end
    So together we defend
    Every attack that descend read more »

    zoas noble
  • 43.
    Together We Can

    Together we can,
    Make freedom.
    Together we can,
    Make world peace. read more »

    Cookie Dempsey
  • 44.

    May I rest my troubled mind upon you?
    And confide in you
    My purpose for life? read more »

    B.A. Phillips
  • 45.

    we laugh together,
    we cry together,
    through the stormiest weather we'll smile together, read more »

    Shalita Thornhill
  • 46.
    BFF Poem

    I love you with all my heart
    No one can sepreate us
    You and I
    Me and you read more »

    izzy barnwell
  • 47.

    read more »

    Taylor TeeHee
  • 48.
    By chance we met

    By chance we met
    I bought you without hesitation
    Even then I could see your heart read more »

    cheryl myron
  • 49.
    You and I

    How can you wander
    around this world so cold
    Just give me a chance
    I’ll show where to go read more »

    christy harris
  • 50.
    Together we grow...

    Whenever we're together
    You outshine the sun
    When I need a friend to hold
    Or a friendly listening ear read more »

    Mist Glantz
  • 51.
    Together Forever

    Me + You Together Forever
    I Write Our Names Together
    They Look Perfect Together
    Like They're Meant To Be Together read more »

    Brianna Austin
  • 52.
    In Between Together

    Phrases of care and lines of love
    In poems and in odes I have read them say
    I've seen them mumbling the three words all the time
    And mostly felt their real essence wither away read more »

    Snehith Allamraju
  • 53.

    Together we will rise,
    And together we will fall,
    Together we will love,
    And together we will hate, read more »

    Hope McPeak
  • 54.

    Let's venture through the
    Rough times,
    Reality, read more »

    CeCe Fons
  • 55.

    Time will only make
    our Love stronger
    If we put our Hearts together
    strenght is our Key read more »

    Heidi Kinnunen
  • 56.
    We Cry - The Script

    Together we cry
    Together we cry

    Jenny was a poor girl, living in a rich world read more »

    Ooo Blanco
  • 57.

    People say we're cute together
    People say we're perfect together
    But what are we really?
    Are we good together? read more »

    Margaret Smith Vail
  • 58.
    The Funeral Song

    Beneath this sky the clouds travel still
    And as the night falls on this hill,
    They fall with darkness together; read more »

    Igbinedion Obaretin
  • 59.
    Fire of desire

    Last night with you
    we lit together
    the fire of desire read more »

    Lonely Voyager
  • 60.
    When We Return

    Together we trained together we sailed
    Together we battled for souls and wailed
    Together we cracked up to disguise our fear
    Together we dreamt of coming home for a beer read more »

    Natasha Lage
  • 61.
    Stay Together

    We All Need To Stay Strong Together
    We All Need To Live Strong Together
    We All Need To Be Brave Together
    We All Need To Have Faith Together read more »

    Brigitte Sams
  • 62.
    We Go Down Together

    I find myself saying
    Hoping and praying
    We go down together
    Playing in the dirt read more »

    Veronica Murillo
  • 63.

    Her baby blue eyes sparkled like the fresh dew on the
    faded crimson rose
    Beautiful silk red hair; flowing like a stream
    I love her for who she is to me read more »

    Ashley Nichole
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