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Top 100 Poems About: TREE

In this page, poems on / about “tree” are listed.
  • 1.
    The girl I used to be

    My tree will know it all
    the tree of my childhood
    with the endless branches
    and the many whispers read more »

    Pia Andersson
  • 2.
    The Tree of Life

    This tree
    Is not only a tree
    It is a freindly tree,
    that is always watching over you. read more »

    Mia Ocean
  • 3.
    The Vision the Tree that was Me

    I saw a tree so tall and straight
    It almost reached to the heavenly gate
    I was very close to that tall tree
    I became the tree, and the tree became me A fire was burning all around read more »

    Pearline Wagner
  • 4.
    The Tree

    The tree
    where little kids come to meet
    where flowers grow around
    where teenagers crowd together by read more »

    candiboo bunny
  • 5.

    Majestic, tall, strong
    Powerful, life giving, aged
    Food, seeds hope read more »

    Smile Henry
  • 6.
    tree full of life

    read more »

    George mwandu
  • 7.

    Trees, trees,
    Bustling with leaves
    Waves at clouds
    And dances in the breeze, read more »

    Rajesh Thankappan
  • 8.
    A Tree

    Every branch shaking, shifting, and falling in the icy wind,
    A tiny leaf at the very end holds strong,
    Why am I here, questioning wondering waiting, for that final pulse that will blow him down?
    But in that tree was a force, a force of life, a force of strength, a force unmatched by the icy wind. read more »

    Emmanuel Mohanlall
  • 9.
    Tree Time Warriors Bliss

    Tree … Tree … Tree … Tree Time
    Tree … Tree … Tree … Tree Time
    Tree … Tree … Tree … Tree Time
    Tree … Tree … Tree Time Warriors read more »

    Stephen Karnaghan
  • 10.
    A Tree in a Field

    There once was a tree,
    A tree alone in a field.
    And as that tree grew
    It got bigger than all 'round. read more »

    Matthew Tener Wade
  • 11.
    a tree

    a tree that once stood alone
    a tree that was unstable
    and not very strong read more »

    destiny tatum
  • 12.
    What Weather

    The leaves are blowing away
    Up, up, and away they go.
    Swish, swoosh, they go.
    Like a dancing ballerina read more »

    Angela Fletcher
  • 13.
    A Tree

    A tree that once stood alone,
    A tree that was unstable,
    And not very strong, read more »

    Adam Redfern
  • 14.


    Leaves fall
    From tree read more »

    Suresh Dogra
  • 15.
    Tree List -new-

    Tree of the musky pods split open,
    of almond-shaped leaflets, taut skin,
    the Cooper's Hawk picking off a fat pigeon
    in the bank parking lot, read more »

    Talvikki Ansel
  • 16.
    willow tree

    Willow tree,
    willow tree
    how lovely you are
    your branches weep and bow to the wind read more »

    Kelsi Brockway
  • 17.
    A pair of Sparrows on my lovely Lemon Tree

    Those were the days
    So joyous and carefree
    When I could watch the preening of
    A pair of sparrows on my lovely lemon tree read more »

    Ravi Singh
  • 18.
    In Grandma's Garden

    A tiny elf lives in Grandma's olive tree
    He sits and stares and winks at me
    Where he goes nobody knows
    But he loves that old tree. read more »

    Patricia J. Kelly
  • 19.
    tree's -plant a tree day.

    some trees are big,
    some trees are small,
    but what's the best,
    i love both and all, read more »

    Holly Elizabeth
  • 20.
    Among the Trees

    I wonder lost among the trees
    Looking for the one my heart calls for

    I wonder lost among the trees read more »

    kelly Martini
  • 21.
    The tree

    Watching a great tree,
    That tree covered
    With fragrant flowers,
    Riveting all eyes upon it, read more »

    Jimmy Reed
  • 22.
    Whispers of the Wind

    The Tree stands tall,
    Listening to the Wind,
    Whispering its cautionary tales. read more »

    Zoe L Mathias
  • 23.

    Oh money-tree oh money-tree
    Oh leprechaun were are thee
    I only see mountains of unpaid bills
    No extra's to satisfy my thrills read more »

    Bojoura Stolz
  • 24.

    there once was a tree
    much smaller then me
    its now older then me
    that little tree read more »

    tina mcintosh
  • 25.
    The tree; sonnet 2

    I saw a tree in a country side,
    When I was on a horse on ride,
    I stopped and got down,
    To see the tree which seemed as the golden crown, read more »

    Winston Dsouza
  • 26.
    A Tree in the Desert

    A tree in the desert thirsts for water
    A tree in the desert gets too much sun
    A tree in the desert is alone in the freezing night
    A tree in the desert might never be seen read more »

    Leo Valencia
  • 27.
    Plant More Trees

    Plant more trees
    As it looks green
    And save the homes of the animals please. read more »

    Srijita Das
  • 28.
    Haiku (3)

    bird's nest
    sits atop a tree -
    a baby squirrel read more »

    Marijo Pinero
  • 29.
    The big tree

    Lets make a tree house for ourselves,
    I can remember the words of my love,
    Piling up fine wood with your soft hands,
    I can see the visions of my love, . read more »

    Sir Gaylord Munemo
  • 30.
    Meeting Under The Olive Trees

    There, where we no longer exist
    There, I will plant olive trees
    To weaken the storms of the upcoming centuries
    To protect the dreams of future dwellers read more »

    Natasa Bajic
  • 31.

    Family that never visited
    50 or so family members too wrapped in their own lives
    Listen to this beat read more »

    Moses Samandar
  • 32.
    Tree please forgive me

    Oh tree, oh tree
    Please forgive me

    Oh tree, oh tree read more »

    Lovely Girl
  • 33.
    The Picnic Tree

    The picnic tree
    abandoned years ago
    in a forest
    that was once lush read more »

    Suzie Quincy
  • 34.
    The Old Tree


    The old rugged tree
    With thorny green leaves read more »

    Chinwe Robert
  • 35.
    Giving Tree

    oh giving tree, oh giving tree, why don't you give to me, candy and treats with music of all sorts of beats, all sizes and shapes with magical grapes, old and young come along just to play read more »

    Timothy Long
  • 36.
    the talking tree

    in the time of history people are care to tree
    The roots spread everywhere at the compound area by tree
    believe it has unique power in between forest and village tree
    the roots over came from wall actually can be wait and see one moment it has holly look for eye read more »

    inguruwatta pushpadewa
  • 37.
    The Masters Handiwork "Trees"

    I see the weeping willow standing, swaying in the grove
    It's branches sweeping, bending, as they kiss the ground below.
    I see the slender poplar tree, it's leaves of silver hew
    The maple and the shapely spruce are full of morning dew. read more »

    Lee-Anne D. McGrath
  • 38.
    Black Tree Black Tree (Southern, CA Fires)

    Black Tree, Black Tree
    What's happened to Thee read more »

    C. Michelle Olson
  • 39.
    The heart of a tree

    With branches reaching out as if for a embrace
    The tree may bow to nature with grace.
    He stands alone when the wind blows strong.
    The leaves may fall, but the tree stands tall. read more »

    Judy Arline Puckett
  • 40.
    Ode To The Cherry Blossom

    I have grown up with this tree,
    as my father had grown with it,
    and his father before him. read more »

    Evan Puglisi
  • 41.
    A Tree To Me

    A Tree to Me
    Once there was tree
    It looks so strange to me
    Wondering how it become a tree read more »

    Cristina Delos Santos
  • 42.
    Tree Lover

    Why do people cut down trees?
    Trees the ones who were gifted to us
    To shine our world
    Trees giving us everything we need read more »

    Lina farah
  • 43.
    hanging tree

    are you are you coming to the tree
    where they strung up a man they say
    strange things did happen here
    no stranger would it be read more »

    jackson idk
  • 44.
    Late Winter Spring

    The apple-trees of my delight
    The cherry-trees of my despair
    Drop silently their blossoms bright
    On my bent back and my grey hair read more »

    Peter Russell
  • 45.

    Eat less and chew more
    These trees are our friends
    Don’t make cutting
    The trees are a trend read more »

    Anmol.revengers123 Bhardwaj
  • 46.
    Under A Palm Tree

    Since you say good bye
    No more visit under the tree
    Leaved a thin tree at the bay
    I dream you will come someday read more »

  • 47.
    The Yellow Flowers

    The yellow flowers outside my window-
    Kissed by sun rays in the morning,
    Glowing like they are smiling. read more »

    Abhisek Ghosh
  • 48.

    When spring fades with the trees
    Amid the fading green
    The earth's old throat dries up
    And leaves not one sheer breeze read more »

    Jacqueline Vega
  • 49.
    Ancient Tree

    ancient tree
    sit there beneath winter heartbreak
    and be burdened by the contravention of man
    tree of immeasurable wisdom read more »

    Thomas R. Ruffin
  • 50.
    Oh! My God Save My TREE

    Oh! My God Save My Tree
    When I born My Mother put a tree
    When I playing singh sweet song my tree
    When I marry my tree wish my life read more »

    Sujon Roy
  • 51.
    Lemon Tree

    Here is my lemon tree.

    Strong, and laden with read more »

    Giorge Thomas
  • 52.
    I Will Not Leave You...

    The tree of our love is full of happiness,
    Its fruits are growing red day by day,
    Sun is caring for tree,
    Clouds are talking to tree everyday, read more »

  • 53.
    Tree of No Light Life

    Tree of night.
    Tree of fright.
    See as this tree has, lost the need to fight. read more »

    daryl widder
  • 54.
    Dads Cherry Tree

    There was a large cherry tree in my yard
    This tree t’was my dad ‘s favorite
    And as the cherry tree grew up to thy sky
    He did have a decision read more »

    timothy young
  • 55.
    Spare The Tree

    It has been said with certainty
    That only God can grow a tree.
    Man does not seem to understand
    That trees are part of God's great plan. read more »

    Mary Frances Green
  • 56.

    Secrets syntax subtle silence
    Argons; jargons
    Cants that cant, thief of thieves
    The slangs of simple which are gone read more »

    Mitchell Long
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