Top 100 Poems About: TRUTH

In this page, poems on / about “truth” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Truth

    This is the truth
    I have betrayed you
    This is the truth
    I have lied to you read more »

    Betty Ashe
  • 2.

    The truth sucks
    The truth hurts
    The truth ruins
    The truth unveils read more »

    Phil Panebianco
  • 3.
    The perception of truth

    Fact exists, truth needs to be believed

    My truth is important to me read more »

    Anita Atina
  • 4.
    The Truth

    The Truth Is
    I Shouldn't Have Left The Comfort of Your Grasp.
    The Truth Is
    I Miss You. read more »

    Dominica Wolf
  • 5.

    Truth was there at the beginning of the beginning

    Truth was there at beginning of the beginning of the beginning read more »

    Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyaya
  • 6.

    Truth is power, truth is true wealth,
    Truth is unequalled ultimate strength,
    Truth makes soul its own king
    And makes the angels in heaven sing, read more »

    Pratheek Praveen Kumar
  • 7.
    The Truth

    Say what you want
    Mean what you say
    Remember the darkest
    Lights of that day read more »

    max lehrman
  • 8.

    They say they want the truth, others say they can't handle the truth
    They say the truth never sounded this good,
    When the truth was about peace and love,
    Some say the truth is lost somewhere among the 7 seas, read more »

    Salleh Chowdhury
  • 9.

    Truth Is Honesty
    Honesty Is Truth
    Truth Is Honesty
    Honesty Is Truth read more »

    Patel Ketu
  • 10.
    Truth or Dare

    The truth is I loved you, I dare you to remember
    The truth is you hurt me, I dare you to share my pain
    The truth is I wanted you back, I dare you to say the same
    The truth is you never said sorry, l dare you to try read more »

    Alexander Downie
  • 11.
    Pillow Talk

    When I tell you I'm not hurting
    my pillow knows the truth

    when I say that I don't miss you read more »

    Robert Reldan
  • 12.
    Truth Is.....

    Truth is.....Hard.
    Truth is rewarding.
    Truth is cutting. read more »

    Marc Robinson
  • 13.

    'Truth...I really want to know the truth of exactly how you feel. I want to know if it's a game or if our love is real. I wish I could tell you that I think our love is right, but I know I can't do that because I feel your with someone else tonight.'

    What is TRUTH? ! ...Is it a feeling? , a thought? , a belief? Does the truth really set us free or does it leave us wishing we hadn't found out the TRUTH nor told it in the first place? Would one rather hear the truth than believe a lie or believe a lie and NOT want to hear the truth? read more »

    EmilyAnn Blas
  • 14.
    Truth is

    The truth is still i love you
    The truth is you still love me

    The truth is i hate you deep inside read more »

    crystal chandler
  • 15.

    Truth, what is truth? And is it aloof?
    And if it is, where is the proof?
    Is it something that comes in a revelation,
    Does it follow some grand divine presentation? read more »

    Josh Weiss
  • 16.
    Not Wanting To Be

    Not want to be seen
    Not wanting to be heard
    Not wanting to be have feeling
    Not wanting show emotion read more »

    brandi queen
  • 17.
    the honest truth

    the truth is i love you
    the truth is i always dream of you at night
    the truth is i do my best to hide it from you
    the truth is the future is blank without you read more »

    Neo Patricia Monamodi
  • 18.
    Time will take us to the truth

    My brain does not understand the truth
    But my heart shows me the truth
    Amazement is there when the heart speaks
    I am all aflame to experience the truth read more »

    Mawlana AbulMaani Mirza AbdulQadir Bedil
  • 19.
    The Truth

    These thoughts, opinions, ideas, impressions, judgements,
    weigh us down,
    like a burden on our shoulders.
    Protecting the truth within. read more »

    Jackie Beyer
  • 20.
    What is truth?

    To tell the truth
    To lie
    For one condemned
    For the other survive read more »

    Vicki Benson
  • 21.

    What is truly truth?
    Why people smear it the mud?
    Why are we being deceived?
    What makes those in power and organisations turn it up-side-down read more »

    Tshililo Thomas Radzilani
  • 22.
    The LadyBugs Diary

    This phrase ahead these next three words I heard one say, 'the truth hurts' yeah who says?
    That line alone is what caused deepest pains.
    In a home of honesty two girls were raised, daughters who know truth means good things come your way. read more »

    Van Goz
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