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    " To His Fairest Valentine Mrs. A. L.

    "Come, pretty birds, present your lays,
    And learn to chaunt a goddess praise;
    Ye wood-nymphs, let your voices be
    Employ'd to serve her deity: read more »

    Richard Lovelace
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    Valentine Brown

    read more »

    Aogán Ó Rathaille
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    Will you be my Valentine?

    Here is a poem for Valentine day..hope some of you will use Valentine Day is around the corner :)

    I pick up courage to tell you today, read more »

    renu kakkar
  • 4.
    Oh Valentine, Valentine

    Oh Valentine, Valentine! Won't you be mine?
    Words called out to my one so divine
    If the feeling is mutual then let heart intertwine
    Oh Valentine, Valentine! I'll never find read more »

    Keli'i Rice
  • 5.
    Valentines Day~

    Valentine, oh valentine, you're so Devine.
    True as the stars that always shine.
    Valentine, oh valentine, from you I learned love.
    Someone like you I thought was undreamed of. read more »

    Bree Rhayne
  • 6.
    If you be my valentine

    Though I don’t have
    To give you a gold coin
    But I have an open
    Heart of mine read more »

  • 7.

    read more »

    Cloamae Suiters
  • 8.
    Fractal Analysis

    Fractal analysis
    Capillaries and the like
    Blood red sky
    Look to the light read more »

    Benn Bell
  • 9.
    Happy Val(end) tine

    Happy Valentine, I hope you choke on chocolate,
    Happy Valentine, or of the nauseatingly romance in the air

    This stomach-turning smell of red roses, read more »

    Fie KroC
  • 10.
    Edward Cullen (from the movie)

    Edward be my Valentine,

    Your skin is white and pasty
    You remind me that I smell quite tasty read more »

    Jimmy Hoffa
  • 11.


    It‘s Valentine‘s day
    Whiffs of gentle fragrance read more »

    Nida Nawaz
  • 12.
    Yours until Infinity

    If you could count up all the nebula
    Number all the stars
    Order all the grains of sand
    On beaches near and far read more »

    May East
  • 13.
    Friends Are Gems To Keep

    20+ years ago
    When I first kissed life
    And got my first best friend
    I wept and wailed read more »

    LLDr. Gyd
  • 14.
    Valentine's Day

    The History Why We Celebrate Valentine's Day.

    Every February, across the world, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? read more »

    Philosopher.SD.Sharon Jebaraj MBA
  • 15.
    Valentine Poem

    Know fourteenth February is the day of valentine
    It doesn't matter who whatever think the day is purely mine

    Love is the only ingredient for all to live in harmony read more »

    Tripati Narayan Mishra
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