Top 100 Poems About: WAR

In this page, poems on / about “war” are listed.
  • 1.

    War is never over
    Thought the treaties may be signed
    The memories of the battles
    Are forever in our minds read more »

    Cecil L. Harrison
  • 2.
    Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

    Love brings war
    Love breeds hate
    Love births peace read more »

    Nicholas McDonough
  • 3.
    War Some More

    War. And war some more.
    War. And war some more.
    No one knows,
    What it's for, read more »

    Sandra Osborne
  • 4.


  • 5.
    War is...

    War is fighting brothers,
    War is bombs exploding,
    War is crying mothers,
    War is bodies floating. read more »

    Cody Stephen Heldak
  • 6.


    war can kill, war can be killed read more »

    joe yourmom
  • 7.
    The Game Of War

    War is a game,
    It proves that the worst loss,
    Is a loss that was gained by a win,
    The blood is shed, read more »

    Aaron Tate
  • 8.
    They Gave Us A War That Nobody Wanted


    They gave us a war that nobody wanted
    The warnings unheard or simply discounted read more »

    Patrick O'Donnell
  • 9.
    Soldier Going To The War

    Soldier going to the war--
    Will you take my heart with you,
    So that I may share a little
    In the famous things you do? read more »

    Richard Le Gallienne
  • 10.
    World Peace

    When I cast a look around the world,
    I marvel at what I see and hear.
    Why, I ponder , is the world at war?
    Why, I lament, should the world know no peace? read more »

    Mac Araromi
  • 11.
    War and Peace

    War is Peace
    Peace is War

    War unites against read more »

    Nate Snowball
  • 12.

    The young man's youth
    fought the war for you
    The soldier's young dreams
    fought the war for me read more »

    Dan M. Jones
  • 13.
    War Is...

    War is triumph,
    War is gain,
    War is heartache,
    War is pain. read more »

    Caitlin Moreby
  • 14.
    Seven Wars

    Seven Wars by: Amine Fadil

    Many types of War;
    I have known. read more »

    Amine Fadil
  • 15.
    War! War! War!

    ...........................................War! War! War!
    ...................................Is all that people talk about.

    ..........................................War! War! War! read more »

    QalmeTari Misterres of Death Nat. Norville
  • 16.
    This War’s for you..

    Microwave with packaging too

    This War’s for you read more »

    Ray Harrington
  • 17.
    The Somme-France 1916, From A 15 Year Olds Perspective

    They said welcome to the warzone kid,
    Now run along and don't get killed,
    War was easier said then done,
    With shrapnel flying, read more »

    Harrison Bishop
  • 18.
    What war is all about.

    War is evil
    War is the devil
    War is between politicians
    War is about religions read more »

    Tetske van der Wal
  • 19.
    This Is War

    For this is war
    when a once vacant field has turned blood red
    when every man is nearly dead
    when the sky above has turned black read more »

    Cassie Lee
  • 20.
    'war' vita

    war! war! war!
    who are you?
    are you an animal or human?
    peace wanted to come you stoped it read more »

    olweny joshua
  • 21.
    what is war

    What is War

    War is always
    War is near read more »

    Nicolas Laboy
  • 22.
    The War

    What is the war
    Is it the battle over the darkness and hatred
    How will I shine the light that I've been given
    How will I show the love that He showed me read more »

    Yanka Brain
  • 23.
    'Love and War'

    All is fair in love and war,
    But love is peace and uproar is war,
    Love is beginning and end is war,
    Love is start and quit is war, read more »

    Shahid Hussain Chouhdry
  • 24.
    21st century war

    another little lethal step
    another little blatant threat
    another political point to score
    it’s a 21st century war read more »

    Tim Casswell
  • 25.
    peace love and war

    peace without war is love
    war with love is peace
    love without peace is war
    can we noy speak read more »

    nicole rassbach
  • 26.

    Where there is little love there can be no peace
    If hearts are at war, thus begins the warring of nations afar read more »

    Anne McDowell
  • 27.
    War is not good, absolutely nothing!

    war! war!

    Why do we have to fight?
    People are dieing because of the war, read more »

    Mary Deng
  • 28.
    War Is

    War is an act of nature
    Like causing death will make you strong
    War can be so immature
    Happening when an accident goes wrong read more »

    Harold Hills
  • 29.
    A War Poem

    With peace comes a war
    when there is a war there is death
    with death comes more death
    but in the end it doesn't even matter read more »

    Thomas Tyree
  • 30.

    read more »

    Kailem Conow
  • 31.
    War is...

    War is…

    War is certain death
    Every in hail is your last breath read more »

    C Jay Caputo
  • 32.

    War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left
    war doesn't claim to give, wars only claim is theft read more »

    Phil Richardson
  • 33.
    Modern Warfare

    What is War?
    War creates wounds
    War is Man vs. Man
    War causes countless deaths read more »

    Danny Nguyen
  • 34.
    Cyber War

    I have heard of many great nations
    That rose and fell like sand-mansions
    Many great empires were built
    And inscrutably ruined in a single tilt. read more »

    Chen S. Nagar
  • 35.
    Are We In A War?

    It feels like start or end of war,
    It looks like a scene from war,
    A struggle to win a personal war,
    This is a war, aren't we in a war? read more »

    Gabriel Mbusya
  • 36.
    The Evil inside

    War is everywhere.
    War shows no mercy, no relent.
    War takes and destroys. read more »

    Sarah Brooks
  • 37.
    All's Fair in Love and War

    Going on instinct, wanting to survive
    you kill all people both low and high
    you hide from sunlight for darkness is your only friend
    you must survive no matter what until this war ends read more »

    Cat Windham
  • 38.

    Pain and misery, despair and agony,
    War is nothing but a sad tragedy.
    For when all things have been said and done,
    All that is left is emptiness. read more »

    Alice Lai
  • 39.
    War Machine

    war is a machine that is controlled by made men
    war is a machine that run's on blood
    war is a machine that that destroy's the land it is on
    war is a machine that break's family's in two read more »

    Richard O'Connor
  • 40.
    The War

    The war is not confined.
    The war is inside all of us.
    From young to old.
    From girl to boy. read more »

    D.L. Lang
  • 41.
    war never changes

    war never changes
    sense the dorn of time man as wage war in the name of religion to politics to gread
    but man well all ways stay the same
    man will kill juse because he can read more »

    Richard O'Connor
  • 42.
    Peace and War

    Peace and War

    War means death. But when one side has given
    It means turmoil, up, and laid down their arms, read more »

    amy forde
  • 43.

    War is ridiculous
    War is immature
    War is never thinking read more »

    Magnus EJoh
  • 44.

    incapable to sort out with words
    war read more »

    chrisliker carr
  • 45.

    “Before the war what was here? ”

    Before the war
    Here was a deep green valley read more »

    Ishaq Samejo
  • 46.
    War can never bring Peace

    War can never bring peace
    I wish I could stop this war
    I wish I could stop all wars
    please stop this war read more »

    Dinesh Sharma
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