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Top 100 Poems About: WATER

In this page, poems on / about “water” are listed.
  • 1.

    Water is pure,
    Water is natural,
    Water is healthy,
    Water can help all read more »

    Olivia Taylor
  • 2.
    4. Elements – Water

    Water an elemental
    Water a fundamental
    Building block of life
    Water of Life read more »

    Anand Dixit
  • 3.

    Under the curved blue
    water flows forever,
    cold current
    hot current read more »

    p a noushad
  • 4.
    (O) Water always finds water (a slippery tale)

    She asked her a few questions
    Shuffled the cards
    Laid out the deck before her
    “Pick a few won’t you? ” read more »

    Original Unknown Girl
  • 5.

    Water washes over my hand
    Water slips away like sand

    Water trickles down a river read more »

    Secret Agent
  • 6.
    Water for life

    Water for living,
    Water is crying, read more »

    Harshit Sheth
  • 7.
    Water Of Life

    water flowing
    in mountains streams creeks rivers
    water trickling
    racing to fill ponds lakes oceans read more »

    Terence G. Craddock
  • 8.
    A Safe Place To Cry

    Sitting at the waters edge
    Under a moon lit sky
    I find my safe place to cry read more »

    Donna Elouise James
  • 9.

    Water is life.
    Water flows through Earth's veins.
    Water is mysterious and dangerous.
    Water transports us to the vast unknown. read more »

    Jessie Hopkins
  • 10.
    Dance at the Water's Edge

    Dance at the Water's edge,
    Ev'ry day and ev'ry hour,
    Even when the Sun is high
    You bring an angry show'r. read more »

    Phillip Hoffeld
  • 11.

    Water flows in the river
    Water puts out the fire
    Water never gets older
    Water is what I prefer read more »

    Rolling Juliet
  • 12.
    Where The Waters Meet

    today i feel good
    i walked in the water
    loved how it felt under my feet
    i look out in the oceans read more »

    raesheka antwine
  • 13.
    Water, water

    Water, water you’re good for me
    You help me hydrate and make me pee
    Sodium and you are meant to be
    Water, water I must have thee read more »

    David Stainton
  • 14.
    Ode to Water


    So clear in color read more »

    Malaysia Mason
  • 15.
    I Need Water

    Scorching hot summer’s day
    Devastation struck on our holiday.
    Water, water running out
    No more water left about. read more »

    Salvatore Mazzeo
  • 16.

    Without you the precious liquid
    Who can live without you water
    Without you we will all die read more »

    Innocent Timburwa
  • 17.
    Cold water

    Water is cold water is wet,
    Water is cold and can be a big mess...

    Water is a teer dropp running down your cheek, read more »

    Alexandra Greif
  • 18.
    Silence Of The Waters

    i sat besides the rock
    staring in to the deep waters
    the water looks at me silent and serene
    in this waters echoes his words read more »

    steffy samuel
  • 19.
    Water of life

    Crystal drops falling from the sky
    Bringing life to the dry
    Growing plants reach for the sky as they start growing on high
    It cures your thirst and cleans the dirt read more »

    Reinette J.v Rensburg
  • 20.
    deep water

    Still waters,
    Run deep,
    While the surface looks calm,
    You never knows what lies beneath, read more »

    Ellen frawley
  • 21.
    Skilled hunter

    Fishermen fish to water
    I take pictures of him in the
    Which one are more water Skilled hunter read more »

  • 22.
    The Canal

    when I go to school,
    I have to walk by side of a canal
    I would be curios to see fish and crabs
    But when I look into water these days read more »

    shaleeka v.p
  • 23.
    Water, Water, every where

    Water, Water every where,
    Not a dropp to drink, read more »

    Vinay Gupta
  • 24.

    read more »

    Ngyuyen Chich
  • 25.

    Water is the key to survive
    The treasured sea of pure life

    We bath and we use water read more »

    Shania Fernandes
  • 26.
    Water is life

    Water Is Our Life, /
    Water Is Care Of God, /
    Water Is Gold,
    Water Is Beauty Of Earth/ read more »

    Kundan Kumar
  • 27.

    water is here,
    water is there,
    water shines and it also reflects. read more »

    mercelon davis
  • 28.

    Look down
    What do you see?
    I see deep water
    Crisp and blue read more »

    Natalia Nolte
  • 29.
    Save Water!

    The only liquid earth life craves is water
    High in the skies wanders the condors, low
    In the ground a hardy cory and its tiny daughter
    All needs this liquid, becoming celebrated at a blow. read more »

    Nobleness of Mind
  • 30.

    I am a man
    Who went to the desert
    Without any food, water and roses
    In order to bring to you read more »

    Kyriakos Kant
  • 31.
    Just Land

    Still waters
    motioned grass
    blank skies
    slow trees read more »

    Nicole Seekings
  • 32.
    Modern Holi.

    Splashes of water and vividness of colour,
    Makes one shiver as body gets soaked in water.
    Dancing and singing the celebration is made
    And with colours and waters best wishes are shared. read more »

    Pukar Dhital
  • 33.
    The lake

    I look at the smooth and slow flowing water. I wonder what it would be like to move forward and never look back. Or never stay or be in the same place twice.

    I can stand there for hours just to watch the water and to hear the water.
    I see my reflection. read more »

    James Rektor
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