Top 100 Poems About: WEDDING

In this page, poems on / about “wedding” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Wedding

    O marriage-bells, your clamor tells
    Two weddings in one breath.
    SHE marries whom her love compels:
    -- And I wed Goodman Death! read more »

    Sidney Lanier
  • 2.
    The wedding

    i wake up early dawn
    to witness the changes in sky
    from darkness to morn
    for a new bride tonight.. read more »

    lady grace
  • 3.
    ' With This Ring, I Thee Wed... '

    With This Ring, I Thee Wed
    And Bravely Go Where Love Has Led
    A Journey Unto The Unknown
    But With Hope Always Coming Home read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 4.
    Crying In Your Wedding Dress

    The roads always run wet this time of year
    Not with rain - with tears
    Crying in your wedding dress
    Tearing your hair out read more »

    B.. Alexander
  • 5.
    For a Daughter Who Leaves

    A woman weaves
    her daughter's wedding
    slippers that will carry
    her steps into a new life. read more »

    Janice Mirikitani
  • 6.
    (4) haiku

    foggy morning,
    covered from top to the toes,
    like a newly-wed bride,
    sitting silently, read more »

    udit kumar sahoo
  • 7.
    The Wedding Day

    Love has such a great way of growing,
    Often by leaps and hounds the lovers say
    loving hearts has a way of knowing,
    With joy she heads to her wedding day.. read more »

    Arijit Mandal
  • 8.
    To my sister on her wedding day

    To my sister on her wedding day
    I am happy to say,
    You're love is peur for this man hear,
    And he wont throe her love away. read more »

    Nicole Arishenkoff
  • 9.
    The Wedding

    The wedding:
    it must be right
    everything must go to plan
    be exact to near perfection. read more »

    Mal Foster
  • 10.

    Alex Brown
    21.12.09. read more »

  • 11.
    An amazing wedding poem

    I am your princess.
    You are my prince.
    May all of our wishes come true.
    This is our special day. read more »

    Rosa Tenezaca
  • 12.
    Our Wedding Bells

    Our Wedding Night
    In our wedding night
    I saw the bright stars
    Promising us happiness read more »

    sherif monem
  • 13.
    Silly Senryu: Weddings Galore

    baldy’s wedding –
    she accepts her man
    heir or no hair read more »

    AtreyaSarma Uppaluri
  • 14.
    Water Tender

    The river
    has not entered the house yet.

    I pack framed photographs: read more »

    Mary Agnes Dalrymple
  • 15.

    Today I cried a little, as I called my little girl
    and saw her waiting by the stairs
    Wedding blossoms in her hair
    How gently I had touched her baby skin so fair read more »

    Eleanor J. Scribner
  • 16.
    The Wedding Trees

    The flowering cherries
    Flowing and pink,
    Blossoms, like snow
    Fall to the ground, read more »

    Julia Ann Holliday
  • 17.
    I Thee Wed

    She wasn't taller than her doll-house.
    She was still writing to Santa Claus.
    Dark curly hair and wide open eyes
    she piously kneeled piercing the skies. read more »

    Maria Magdalena Biela
  • 18.
    Wedding Day

    Bright Saturday in June
    and there, for once, the whole of it
    and, Lord, I have no camera. read more »

    Donal Mahoney
  • 19.
    Kiss Me Please

    a breath of fresh air
    and aromas arise
    Lovers breath and hearts taken

    kiss me please read more »

    Amanda Shelton
  • 20.
    Something Blue

    A wedding day for the bride
    Is a time of treasured bliss
    A thing she dreamed of as a girl
    Nothing would be better than this. read more »

    Genevieve Pilat
  • 21.
    wedding day -new-

    read more »

    ademola oluwabusayo
  • 22.
    1998 Chart House

    Family Reunion Prayer For the joy of our celebration,
    we thank you Lord.
    For sunsets, sunrises, and songs,
    we thank you Lord. read more »

    Kathleen Dwyer Duyck
  • 23.
    A Love That's Past

    My mind wonders back
    to a love I used to know,
    a heart that was glad,
    but now I'm so low. read more »

    Suella Holt
  • 24.
    The Wedding Ring!

    The Wedding Ring!

    The wedding ring I wear read more »

    Ross DixPeek
  • 25.
    To The Wedding Angels

    As you promise 'I do'
    My mind reflects the wedding
    I lost and the white dresses read more »

    Emmanuel Monychol
  • 26.
    Not Till the Silver

    Not till the silver nor the golden wed
    I will proceed to live with you, my friend.
    But we have had the iron one before -
    It'd gone through flames of the ferocious war. read more »

    Olga Bergholz
  • 27.
    The Kennedy's

    The Kennedy’s
    Joe and Rose’s Children

    Joseph’s plane was shot down near England during WWII read more »

    Cynthia Long
  • 28.
    We Got it All Wrong

    read more »

    Scott Campbell
  • 29.
    'Wedding Snow'.

    Flowers solace such in paradise,
    Tiding and thrilling decorate the wedding,
    The blessing of beauty truth an unending grace, read more »

    Godfrey Nkanyani
  • 30.
    Moral of the Story: You Don't Understand, So Don't Judge

    The story starts with once-upon-a-time
    and princesses
    and castles
    and glittering-wedding-rings read more »

    Allyssa Barker
  • 31.
    Vow of a Wedding ring

    Is this the way it should be
    Endless horizon of distance
    With a Love armored by faith
    Yet dropped the sword of chance read more »

    mycris macapia
  • 32.
    The Rose

    What does the rose mean to me..
    The red rose means love, a birthday gift.
    The yellow rose brings memories of
    a beautiful wedding in June. read more »

    Esther Sakakini
  • 33.
    My list

    A baby, a husband, a ring, and a wedding is this the order things come in.
    Turn this list round and round then you'll see the way things really comes in.

    His baby is wonderful and it's mine. read more »

    Ashlie Ony
  • 34.
    O Jenny Dear, I’ve Courted Lang

    O Jenny dear, I've courted lang,
    I've telt my tale and sung my sang,
    And yet I fear I'm i' the wrang,
    For ye'll na mak a wedding o't. read more »

    Susanna Blamire
  • 35.
    Wedding Dress - Tommy C & J.Reyez

    (Verse 1 - Tommy C)
    Never should've let you go
    Never found myself at home
    Ever since that day that you walked read more »

    Mr LoLo Kanor
  • 36.
    I dreamed of a mountain

    I dreamed I was climbin
    up Tom Roche's mountain
    and high on the top
    there was roses all red read more »

    Daniel Artemas Harmon
  • 37.
    Don't bring @ gun

    to a baptism, to your child's
    first grammar-school play,
    to a first holy communion,
    to a confirmation, to a wedding, read more »

    bill costley
  • 38.
    Ballad Stanza: Wedding Cake

    read more »

    Walter E. Ferguson III
  • 39.
    A wedding Invitation

    Imagine if you woke up in the morning,
    just from a dream about your wedding day,
    and you found me,
    like a gentleman kneeling on your front yard, read more »

    Olunga Otieno
  • 40.

    My father set aside ten thousand dollars
    for my wedding day
    but reduced it by one-fourth
    each year I went to college. read more »

    Karen Glenn
  • 41.

    Oldest grandad up above,
    You were the one i truly loved,
    Loved you did for ninety five years,
    When you left there were many a tear. read more »

    sarah gledhill
  • 42.
    For simele [a village massacred in northern irak]

    build the old city, raise the ancient wall
    walk in pride brother, sister head up..tall
    trace the footsteps, in mud deep
    Khoshaba [assyrian name] walked there, Meriam's silent weep read more »

    Zack Birkho
  • 43.
    Two Loaves of Bread

    She thought the man that brought her bread
    was the man that would lead to a marriage bed.
    She never stopped to think.
    All she did was end up in bed. read more »

    Kimberly Dixon Harris
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