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Top 100 Poems About: WIND

In this page, poems on / about “wind” are listed.
  • 1.

    Wind blow
    Blow me far away
    Away from my grief read more »

    Barbara Attaway
  • 2.
    Your Voice

    As the wind caresses
    The first flowers of spring
    I hear the wind chimes
    They carry your voice read more »

    Yellow Flower
  • 3.
    Weight of the Wind

    The wind carries much more than we see
    It carries a lot of what makes you and me
    The wind blows and carries lies
    Around the world it carries cries read more »

    Mathew Welch
  • 4.
    A Wind Of Silence Is A Wind Of Violence

    The wind of silence has become a wind of violence
    Guns for war, guns for ones own protection
    For some satisfaction, for others lack of affection
    Children playing Russian roulette with their feet read more »

    Elisabeth Karlberg
  • 5.
    The Traveling Wind

    I feel a breeze of wind
    It is as soft as a baby
    It travels along the land
    It comforts the grass that beetles, ants, and grasshoppers make their way through read more »

    Pamela Mote
  • 6.
    Wind Horse

    Da naho… It is said,
    Wind Horse, gentle Wind horse, you were the last of your kind.
    Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you were running wild and free.
    Wind Horse, Wind Horse, with this freedom you did nothing but give; read more »

    Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk
  • 7.

    You blow with the flowers
    You blow through the leaves on a tree
    Wind read more »

    Tanesha Thomas
  • 8.
    Whispers of the Wind

    The Tree stands tall,
    Listening to the Wind,
    Whispering its cautionary tales. read more »

    Zoe L Mathias
  • 9.
    Working of the wind

    Wind doesn't always topple trees
    and shake houses to pieces.

    Wind plays read more »

    bethany ford
  • 10.
    In The Wind

    Listen to the wind whistle
    It brings songs from other places and days
    Some catch your ear, some continue on their ways read more »

    Mark Arvizu
  • 11.
    The Winds Of Life

    As winter arrives the rose will soon perish
    The rose within my heart I shall then cherish
    Slowly fading in beauty to the winds that blow
    The winter rose soon loses its lustrous glow read more »

    Mary Balthazar
  • 12.
    Gone away

    came like wind
    and blown away like wind

    though held like stone read more »

    Surabhi Gupta
  • 13.
    O' Wind

    Wind Wind just you blow,
    Like a stream just you flow,
    Like a rocket you are so fast,
    Like a bomb just you blast. read more »

    Avisek Rath
  • 14.
    This Wind

    This wind it howls, this wind it moans,
    A mournful eerie sound.

    This wind gathers fallen autumnal leaves, read more »

    Ray Clune
  • 15.
    The Season of Change

    Autumn winds gently in,
    washing away Summer's sin...

    Autumn winds blow free, read more »

    George Aul
  • 16.
    Windy Days

    The wind is unpredictable it has the power to reprieve

    The power to invigorate, the power to relieve read more »

    Martin Susanto
  • 17.
    'Wind Child'

    The Wind has a voice,
    A sad, sweet voice
    I've heard it sing
    Long and beautiful read more »

    Sahar Alive
  • 18.
    the wind

    the wind...
    i love the way the wind blows through my hair when im on the swing.
    the wind...
    i love it when you rake the leaves then the wind blows and there everywhere read more »

    courtney hicks
  • 19.

    One day, the wind but a breeze
    Subtle, gentle upon ones'face
    Puts ones' mind at ease
    Yet another day, harsh, rough against ones' face. read more »

    Alvin Schaut
  • 20.

    Wind, why is it there
    Wind, how is it there
    Wind, when did it get there
    wind, where does it come from read more »

    jennifer marie
  • 21.

    I don't like the wind

    wind makes me shiver, feel cold read more »

    wong kang zhao
  • 22.
    Change Directions

    Change directions
    I'm not happy; so I'm deprressed
    That's the way it goes in my book
    I'm the best or I'm the worst? read more »

    Emily Muniz
  • 23.
    Winter Winds

    winter winds so cold
    winter winds blow old
    the way it moves
    fits into grooves read more »

    LIL Poet
  • 24.
    I'm Writing To the Wind

    I'm writing to the wind
    The words drift from my mouth
    They dance and mix about
    Then lose what they're about read more »

  • 25.
    The Windowsill

    I rested my head on the windowsill
    The wind cuddling me like it did to you
    When we were in love
    We were together read more »

    Amarjit Sidhu
  • 26.
    Canyon Wind

    In the early morning, long before I rise,
    the wind screams down Red Canyon,
    I hear it’s mournful cries. read more »

    Jane Johnson
  • 27.
    The Story Of The Wind

    Hear the wind that rings the chimes, that blows across the field.
    Wind that howls and screams on the cliff that will not yield.
    Wind that whistles through every hollow tree and crack
    In the rock. The peaceful wind that follows at the back read more »

    William Tell
  • 28.
    Wind, wind everywhere

    read more »

    Hannah Barton
  • 29.
    Winds Of Change

    Wind blows from every direction....wind blows to every direction.The winds of change carry the clouds and thunder....the winds of change carry the clouds and thunder away.My winds of change came in a form of you.Not only did you blow my way, but you blew me away.

    Blow beautiful winds blow.... read more »

    Lucky Mathambo
  • 30.
    Baby Toes

    A 'Heavenly Wind' comes riding In,
    Sweet and Warm, Free of Sin.

    What 'O Wind do you bring to Me on this read more »

    NikiAlex Zander
  • 31.
    The Wind and The Sea

    The stirring wind strokes the sea, not wanting to fight today
    To tied to blow, to tied to show, how mighty he can be
    The sea can be rough, the sea can be gentle, this is because the wind is mental
    When the wind blows, she gathers and throws, spits then shows read more »

    Dean Walter
  • 32.
    west wind

    From the west
    odd wind roars;
    green leaves of creed
    bow violently to singeing eastern sun. read more »

    ifeoluwa dele
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