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Top 100 Poems About: WINTER

In this page, poems on / about “winter” are listed.
  • 1.
    Winter's Summer

    Winter without you is like
    a summer in a winter, when memories
    of your love murmur in my winter. read more »

    venkatesh nagaraj
  • 2.
    Jacky Frost

    When Summers blue sky fades to grey
    And swiftly ends the shortening day,
    When coldness takes the flowers away
    Ill dance the dance of winter! read more »

    Lucy Burrow
  • 3.
    The Life of a Season

    Autumn bids a fond farewell
    As Sister Winter takes her place
    The colors of the trees in glory
    With Winter's white is soon replaced read more »

    Dee Slater
  • 4.
    Winter Winter

    Winter, winter, winter,
    When are you going away.
    I love it when you snow, but i hate it when you stay.
    At first i start to play, until the end of day. read more »

    Samuel Earle
  • 5.
    Winter's love

    Winter, has the charm of life,
    Winter, is like my wife.
    Winter is my love,
    Winter is my dream of always ''wow'' read more »

    leah dsouza
  • 6.
    Winter Beauty

    The bleak of winter leaves me among despair
    Thier is only anger and chill in the air
    No happiness or laughing
    Just grey clouds and bleak white sky read more »

    Rachel Weaver
  • 7.

    This cold winter night is mirroring my heart,
    restless deadlocked in a foreign life
    ignoring people, looking for prickling suspense,
    to escape this falsehood read more »

    Chiara Bogner
  • 8.

    autumn to summer to winter to spring..

    the cool air of autumn
    the sunshine of summer read more »

    nick.. sorensen
  • 9.
    Changing Seasons

    Summer days are here at last,
    Days of school are in the past,
    Summer skies will turn to grey,
    And summer's warmth will fade away, read more »

    Katherine Knight
  • 10.
    Spring And Winter

    Spring is near
    It is visible in the rear-
    View mirror, winter is going to a far away place
    From where it'll move at a very slow pace read more »

    Aishwarya Misra
  • 11.
    The Winter Tale

    Trees bared to winter's touch
    By winter's breath laid bare
    Leaves whisper of winter's heart
    Of winter's heart they share read more »

    Frederick Weyer
  • 12.
    Cold Winter Night

    It's on cold winter nights such as this,
    When memories fill my mind of what seems so long ago.
    I miss the old friendships of those who have gone away,
    And I wish I could renew. read more »

    Sarah Elizabeth DuVal
  • 13.

    winter dawn
    a patch of clouds
    blossom a bare tree read more »

    Ramesh Anand
  • 14.
    Nature's Winter Garden

    All alone in an enchanted land
    Where before me grandly stands
    Crystal walls and glistening strands
    In Nature's winter garden. read more »

    D. S. Jones
  • 15.
    Wine by the Fire on a Cold Winter Night

    Wine by the fire on a cold winter night a Gelid concordant. The snows of winter has fallen; and the
    Winds are decrescent
    Wildlife are
    Indefatigable read more »

    J. Thomas, Jr.
  • 16.
    Snowflakes Falling

    Snowflakes, falling, from miraculous heights.
    Snowflakes, falling, on a cold winter's night.

    Snowflakes, falling, airy and light. read more »

    Ben Payton
  • 17.
    Signs of Winter

    Along comes the snow,
    multitudes of them.
    Is this not a sign that Winter has bestowed? read more »

    Lux Lator
  • 18.
    To Cherish Spring Forever

    'It's winter, it's winter! '-you once exclaimed with glee,
    I merely stared at your bright eyes of sunshine rays,
    Your laugh chilled me like running water from once frozen rivers,
    With lips like morning spring dew and fresh newly-sprung grass, read more »

    Lilian Chromious Eveson
  • 19.
    Life Is Changing

    In life everything changes
    Winter changes to Spring
    Spring changes to Summer
    Summer changes to Fall read more »

    Athena Macknight
  • 20.
    Winter in Delft

    I fall in love with my
    beautiful winter in Delft
    It's myself
    I was there in winter of Delft read more »

    John Siregar
  • 21.

    Winters, Autumns
    Summers, Springs
    Something special
    each season brings read more »

    Michelle Hanes
  • 22.
    The Winter's Fall

    The sky cried snow into the moonlit night
    Its frost bitten tears floating endlessly
    A waterfall of soft silvery flakes descending
    To cascade the world with the winter’s fall read more »

    Adam MacLir
  • 23.

    Winter has come with his cold breeze
    Oh how I missed the long nights and cold air read more »

    Ayrtonn Bautista
  • 24.
    The Traveler

    In the dark and in the gloom
    with clouds up above in the heavens,
    marring the light
    the full moon has to shine, read more »

    Prasanna Kumar
  • 25.
    Winter's sun

    There is something about the winter's sun,
    That aspires hope after struggle
    The wait for tomorrow after
    long cold shivering nights; read more »

    azmat naushad asif
  • 26.

    winter cold
    bitter cold read more »

    Galina Sherkov
  • 27.
    Winter nights...

    The winter nights
    have the color of your eyes
    in the starry sky
    the winter nights read more »

    Konstantinos B. Sventzouris
  • 28.
    Winter Emotions

    Winter, the fourth Season of the year,
    That's when its Snowy beauty begins to appear.

    Winter brings Water, From Diamonds they came, read more »

    Jonyta Ward
  • 29.
    Winter Rose

    A winter rose
    So fragile and fair
    It's grace and beauty
    Beyond compare read more »

    Dolores Parsons
  • 30.

    You can sense dread in the trees as winter approaches.
    With it’s freezing temperatures, and robbing of the sunlight.
    With it’s chilling winds, and blinding storms.
    And yet when I look to winter all I see is the beautiful new fallen snow, and the crystals hanging off the sleeping trees. read more »

    Shannon Greenwald
  • 31.


    Seasons change,
    spring, summer, fall, winter. read more »

    alec shannon
  • 32.
    Victim Of love

    With the chilly winter winds blowing,
    I have become the victim of love again.
    Now I know that no two winters are the same,
    and the tides of time I can’t tame. read more »

    Sonam Tobgay
  • 33.
    Winter Winds

    winter winds so cold
    winter winds blow old
    the way it moves
    fits into grooves read more »

    LIL Poet
  • 34.
    Winter Song

    The winter tells me I shall die alone
    One winter just like this, one winter read more »

    Salah Abdel Sabour
  • 35.

    Why is winter late this year?
    Will it come or not, I fear?
    Sometime it’s cloudy, sometimes sunny,
    They play hide & seek, how funny! read more »

  • 36.
    Winter's Song

    A winter chill all around,
    the tress are silent and tightly bound,
    the animals are hidden concealed out of fear,
    the lakes are all frozen not one can shed a tear, read more »

    ryan gold
  • 37.
    The Winter Wonderland

    The fresh crisp snow crunched under my feet as I stepped out into the snow
    A Winter Wonderland
    The snowflakes dance and dazzle around me as I start running
    A Winter Wonderland read more »

    Holly Cee
  • 38.
    Harsh Winter Storm

    harsh winter storm
    life is like weather always changing
    sometimes for good and sometimes for the bad
    life is all but change read more »

    Mitchtifer Lederer
  • 39.
    Those winter nights...

    Those winter nights when it rains,
    When the soft silence suddenly fades,
    And thunder appears as blood in sky's veins,
    Like short bursts of light in mysterious braids, read more »

    Abdul Rafay
  • 40.
    Snow Flakes

    Winter climate's broke when snowflakes showered on.
    Flakes of snow rampaging from the skies,
    Stretching their hands to capture our body and
    To settle there as a sediment. read more »

    amrith raj
  • 41.

    I wait by the window
    crying the nights away
    wanting to love read more »

    Paul backhouse
  • 42.
    Let It Snow

    Skies are gray beware
    The trees are bare
    There is snow in the air
    It's winter read more »

    Renee Waggoner
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