Top 100 Poems About: WINTER

In this page, poems on / about “winter” are listed.
  • 1.
    Winter Stores

    WE take from life one little share,
    And say that this shall be
    A space, redeemed from toil and care,
    From tears and sadness free. read more »

    Charlotte Brontë
  • 2.
    A Winter Night

    When biting Boreas, fell and doure,
    Sharp shivers thro' the leafless bow'r;
    When Phœbus gies a short-liv'd glow'r,
    Far south the lift, read more »

    Robert Burns
  • 3.
    How One Winter Came In The Lake Region

    For weeks and weeks the autumn world stood still,
    Clothed in the shadow of a smoky haze;
    The fields were dead, the wind had lost its will,
    And all the lands were hushed by wood and hill, read more »

    William Wilfred Campbell
  • 4.
    Winter Song

    Rain and wind, and wind and rain.
    Will the Summer come again?
    Rain on houses, on the street,
    Wetting all the people's feet, read more »

    Katherine Mansfield
  • 5.
    I Who All The Winter Through

    I WHO all the winter through
    Cherished other loves than you,
    And kept hands with hoary policy in marriage-bed and pew;
    Now I know the false and true, read more »

    Robert Louis Stevenson
  • 6.
    To A Locomotive In Winter

    THEE for my recitative!
    Thee in the driving storm, even as now--the snow--the winter-day
    Thee in thy panoply, thy measured dual throbbing, and thy beat read more »

    Walt Whitman
  • 7.
    Winter: A Dirge

    The wintry west extends his blast,
    And hail and rain does blaw;
    Or the stormy north sends driving forth
    The blinding sleet and snaw: read more »

    Robert Burns
  • 8.
    The Winter Lakes

    Out in a world of death far to the northward lying,
    Under the sun and the moon, under the dusk and the day;
    Under the glimmer of stars and the purple of sunsets dying,
    Wan and waste and white, stretch the great lakes away. read more »

    William Wilfred Campbell
  • 9.
    Woods In Winter

    When winter winds are piercing chill,
    And through the hawthorn blows the gale,
    With solemn feet I tread the hill,
    That overbrows the lonely vale. read more »

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • 10.
    Dead Of Winter

    Harvest taken, gardens turned
    Stalks and litter have been burned
    Killing weeds and germs for next season.
    Gone the colorful landscape read more »

    Albert Maier
  • 11.
    King Winter

    Though the temperature be near sixty there's a chill in the air--
    the sun is trying to dispel it but Jack Frost put it there.
    With the winter season at hand--
    snow is waiting in the wings to toss her blanket of white over the land. read more »

    Audrey B. Dodge
  • 12.
    Winter Song

    The crystal stars lean earthward
    on their beams,
    Timeless in beauty, silent as a
    thought, read more »

    Clyde A. Beakley
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