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Top 100 Poems About: WORK

In this page, poems on / about “work” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Good Marriage

    A good marriage is made of equal respect
    And the ability to communicate
    You have to be able to talk to each other
    You have to be able to relate read more »

    Dianna Nally
  • 2.
    Got To Go To Work

    gotta go to work
    work work work wok work work work work work work work
    gotta go to work
    work work work work work work work work work work work read more »

    Ashley Jones
  • 3.
    Peace And Unity

    Peace O peace let it be, let it be,
    among Islands near and far,
    with colour and creed no bar
    by working together in unity. read more »

    Noline A.V. Johnson
  • 4.
    Hard Work

    Hard Work
    Oh, Man! Work like a dog and live like a king
    Hard work can help you accomplish anything
    The systematic work only bears the fruit read more »

    Setaluri Padmavathi
  • 5.
    Four Letter 'Work' Song

    Work me up
    work me out
    work me flip side down
    Work me here read more »

    Buddy Bee Anthony
  • 6.
    The Hardworking Mother

    The hard working mother...
    Never sleeps or rests
    Pushing until light falls
    And pulling until day breaks read more »

    justice bernard brown
  • 7.
    All Work Together

    My mommy told me an' the teacher told me, too,
    There's all kinds of work that I can do:
    Dry my dishes, sweep my floor,
    But if we all work together it won't take very long. read more »

    Woody Guthrie
  • 8.
    Hope And Faith

    Born of the same mother,
    Hope and faith were brother,
    But destiny threw them apart,
    God gave both a different part. read more »

    Aditya Raj Verma
  • 9.
    Cutting New Medicine

    The redness turns to a trail of pale pink
    each droplet starts its journey in the bathroom sink
    The only medicine that works but it leaves a few scars read more »

    Somebody Insignificant
  • 10.
    I Work

    I work
    I work
    I work
    every day, every night read more »

    tami jones
  • 11.
    Home work

    sometimesa my home work is small
    sometimes my home work is long
    but when ever i do my home work
    it is always wrong read more »

    mehwish shakeel
  • 12.
    Busy, busy, busy

    Busy, busy, busy Rick
    Like a little working bee
    Flying from flower to flower
    Gathering sweet nectar read more »

    josephine lee
  • 13.
    Lost in the Cycle

    Work work work work, work work work work, work work work work
    do read more »

    Jessica Cummings
  • 14.
    Working Man

    I am a working man
    I work a working job
    I work a working day
    I get a working pay read more »

    Richard Webb
  • 15.
    Workout Plan

    Some girls are all about
    wishing things would've worked out
    or wondering why
    things didn't work out read more »

    Brandon Adamson
  • 16.
    School Life

    School life
    Boring, homework
    Working, testing, learning
    Boredom, tiredness, work, English, read more »

    Julius Rembrandt
  • 17.
    I Will Have To Work Hard

    I will have to work hard
    I will have to work hard
    This world is a mischief, full of hazards
    I can not sleep, i may not be in the womb read more »

    Mayur Gupta
  • 18.
    Another Day

    Another day
    It’s just another day
    The sun is shinning bright in the sky
    I wish I could relax in it read more »

    Watchful Steward
  • 19.
    Dark Memories

    My Lord carried me HOLY HOLY is HE

    Rape, Rape, Rape, Rape
    This inner voice screamed
    So deep inside of me, read more »

    Lori Pinkerton
  • 20.
    I can feel the nature

    A beautiful evening and a holiday
    This idyllic weather calling me
    asking me to be a companion in its inquisitive journey
    But no, I can't go read more »

    Ridhima Mehrotra
  • 21.
    Work -or regret

    Work, that thing we moan and complain about.
    work, we think were better, that ther must be more,
    its a life, i would say, ive learnt the hard lesson
    that works not my prison, but the food of life itselth. read more »

    KarenElizabeth Green
  • 22.
    That'll Work

    I never judge a man
    By the color of his skin,
    But by what I see--
    That'll work! read more »

    Vaudaline Thomas
  • 23.
    Care For The Elderly - A Conference

    They gather in the Greeting Place
    A smaller flock than once expected
    Still elated - out from work and office read more »

    Charlotte Peters Rock
  • 24.
    Achieve running


    emma price
  • 25.
    Working Man

    Up a six, home at five,
    Ridin the grind, just to stay alive,
    Beat my guts out, still get no respect,
    The 1%, need a reality check, read more »

    K.J. Jackson
  • 26.
    This Work

    The cold orange hands of the
    salamanders still wrap and
    unwrap the baby he dreams he was read more »

    Martha Zweig
  • 27.
    School Or Summer

    School, work work work
    Thats what you do all day
    Sitting in a chair looking at the teacher
    Who just wrote down more work for you. read more »

    Dawn Gothic
  • 28.
    When Words Don't Work

    When Words Don’t Work
    When words don't work
    You've left this plane
    And opened yourself to read more »

    Farnaz Fari
  • 29.

    Each day I work
    But for what do I work
    I work to live or
    Do I live for work. read more »

    lorraine crook
  • 30.
    Feeling down

    Work Work Work

    Pay Pay Pay read more »

    Andy Chan
  • 31.
    I Say Unto Ewes

    read more »

    AppleOfOurFathersEye Hephzibaz
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