Top 100 Poems About: WORLD

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  • 1.
    Let Peace Prevail In This World.......

    When you look for peace
    then the peace lies within you
    When you search for peace
    then it is not hard to find read more »

    Ravi Sathasivam
  • 2.
    Half The World

    Half the world lives,
    Half the world makes,
    Half the world gives
    While the other half takes. read more »

  • 3.
    A WoMaN

    In the world of Saints read more »

    Konjit Berhane
  • 4.
    A Child's World

    Welcome to my world
    Some say it's a simple place
    Well that may be so
    But at least, there's always a smile on my face read more »

    Ray Hansell
  • 5.
    a world without kids

    a world without kids
    no one to call your own

    a world without kids read more »

    Arielle Harvey
  • 6.
    Song of the Soul

    I sing a love song
    to the world
    to the world that suffers
    prejudice, hate and war. read more »

    David Moe
  • 7.
    My Beautiful World

    My Beautiful World is kind
    My Beautiful World is sweet
    My Beautiful World is nice
    My Beautiful World is generous read more »

    That lil emo kid
  • 8.
    What a World

    What kind of world is this
    This world I call my own
    Were even a young child
    Is afraid of going home read more »

    Jocelynn Halbauer
  • 9.
    Somewhere in this world

    Somewhere in this world there is a world where we can be together, where you and I can be together
    Where I can wipe your every tear, and make you smile endlessly, my dear
    Where I can watch a beautiful sunset with you, and tell you that I love you
    Somewhere in this world there is a world where we can be together, where you and I can be together read more »

    Deepak Hariharan
  • 10.

    I’m lost

    I’ve always said this is a big big world
    And now I’m lost in this world read more »

    Sara Hammouri
  • 11.
    He Travels

    The world was larger
    And when you’re young and growing
    And the world is nothing more than your own backyard,
    Your father— read more »

    Jeff Gangwer
  • 12.
    This Lost World In Darkness


    sindhuja setti
  • 13.
    We Live in a World

    We live in a world
    A world of neglect
    A world of hate
    A world of shame read more »

    samantha hauck
  • 14.
    Mad world

    In a mad world
    Light always breeds greater darkness
    In a mad world
    Only silence speaks the truth read more »

    Damabiah 777
  • 15.

    Life is light leads people to a new world
    A world with two separate roads
    Roads separated by happiness and pain in our world
    A pattern between two roads read more »

    Lina Kim
  • 16.
    Lair Dream's

    Sometimes, rich
    sometimes, poor
    sometimes, happy
    and sometimes, sad, read more »

    choko nabam
  • 17.
    The MoonWalker

    Here lies The Moonwalker
    The greatest of all performers
    The one who inspired the whole world
    And brought us closer together read more »

    Jennifer Maliya
  • 18.
    Judgement Day

    The world is nothing
    All is dark and dead
    It just happened with no
    Warning for the world read more »

    Wensday Wood
  • 19.
    alone in this world

    Alone in this world
    And you don’t know why.
    Alone in this world
    You lie down and cry. read more »

    Scot Warren
  • 20.
    Welcome To The World

    Welcome to the world
    A world of many worlds
    A world of no sympathy
    Neither do it has empathy read more »

    Marbet Daniel
  • 21.
    sad and in site happy and hidden

    i know of a world of
    a world of war and hatred
    where there's no room for peace read more »

    tony atkins
  • 22.
    A World Without People

    … a world of birds and ponds,
    this world
    of camphor-scented glades, a new one
    in morning flames beyond each one read more »

    Edward Wright Haile
  • 23.

    let us enter
    in a new world
    a world
    of no boundaries read more »

    Ramesh Kavdia
  • 24.
    The Best Poem In The World

    The best poem in the world
    will never be read
    when everyone is writing
    The best song in the world read more »

    Svanhildur Njálsdóttir
  • 25.
    were lost in a world

    were lost in a world were we cannit brake free
    were lost in a world were there is just know me
    were lost in a world were there is pain and sorrow
    were lost in a world were there is know tomorrow read more »

    Jessica Rutherford
  • 26.
    Two Children I See

    Two Children I see
    Playing in the grass
    A crossbow in hand
    Too much time to pass. read more »

    Godfrey Torrance
  • 27.
    The World Beyond - A Place of Mystery

    Chapter One:
    the begin read more »

    elijah easton
  • 28.
    Clean Up The World

    Clean Up The World

    Where have we gone?
    We’ve drifted away read more »

    Will Fiala
  • 29.
    Babies be kind

    I have advice Babies be kind
    This world is full of corruption it F**ks up the mind
    Babies be kind
    This world is cruel and never safe read more »

    nicholas cas
  • 30.
    What kind of world do you live in?

    I live in a world full of hatred and criminal acts.
    Do you?
    I live in a world where thousands of babies die to abortion.
    Do you? read more »

    kelsey jarreau
  • 31.
    World Ending

    World ending
    People read more »

  • 32.
    The World

    The world will wait for its chance to laugh
    but I say fear not friend, stand up, dance
    the world will judge, and even be snide
    and I say fear not, for we are most alive read more »

    Brady Ness
  • 33.
    Can you imagine?

    Imagine a world...
    Imagine a world with no dept
    Imagine a world with no fighting
    Imagine a world with no bullies read more »

    Patrick Durney
  • 34.
    This my happy world

    This world
    Frowns on failure
    Laughs at defeat
    Embraces success read more »

    christopher veremu
  • 35.
    Life for Lord

    You bring the world to me, read more »

    nur jawahir mat jan
  • 36.
    Me Against The World

    Its me against the world yupp its me against the world.Surrounded my the hatred, fakers and the pretenders. Surrounded by the people i call family and some i that i classify as friends but read more »

    Esther Rowe
  • 37.
    Me and the world

    as the days go by so does my heart fade
    if you were to ask me what happened
    i would simply say the world died
    for my heart unlike so many read more »

    Malcolm Hetherington
  • 38.
    World Most Beautiful

    World's most soft thing
    'Your hairs'

    World's most lovely smile
    'Your Smile' read more »

    Harrison India
  • 39.
    my world

    read more »

    dimitri shelton
  • 40.

    World By: Armando Pena
    We live in a world of happiness and sorrow
    We live in a world that is unbalanced and needs to be straightened
    We live in a world with opportunities that our god sacrificed for. read more »

    armando pena
  • 41.
    Simple, beautiful

    read more »

    keijo vertikainen
  • 42.
    parr world

    To the world your just somebody
    but to somebody you mean the world
    we were taught that its a mean world
    we help recycle for a clean world read more »

    mark parr
  • 43.
    Worldcup 2010 southafrica

    Africa Africa Africa
    Time to keep the gold
    Opportunity to host the world
    Invite world to solve our problems read more »

    Baliboola N.ivan
  • 44.

    Imagine the world without its bright sky.
    Imagine the world without its fresh air.
    Imagine the world without its green grass.
    Imagine the world without its scented flowers read more »

  • 45.

    To a special girl who means the world
    and everthing in it

    Who loves the world read more »

    carl ahee
  • 46.
    A World Unimaginable

    Every night

    I look out read more »

    Tarbia Hamid
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