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Rookie (1995: D im 13 / Livingston parish Louisiana)

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I live in livingston, Louisiana. Such a boreing place.
Poem to conclude what i mean ^_^

(My life here is slow and boreing,
I watch the wind and water churne,
As if any of this means to me,
I get Talked at by people from far away,
Yet i sit here in my very own way,
I watch the skys roll away,
Waiting till i move away.)
Wow... i just made that up in like 10 seconds: D

Trenton watson's Works:

Im not smart enough for that ^-^ Updates

Love Is An Illusion

Love is an illusion,
All i see,
Are broken hearts,
In front of me,
Love is cupids dart,
Untill the arrow breaks,
Another broken heart,
Then the system breaks
Love is in the air,
Because the bonds are still there,
Untill cupid's dart goes elsewhere.

(Ask me if u can borrow but i made it D :)

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