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Rookie (1995: D im 13 / Livingston parish Louisiana)

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I live in livingston, Louisiana. Such a boreing place.
Poem to conclude what i mean ^_^

(My life here is slow and boreing,
I watch the wind and water churne,
As if any of this means to me,
I get Talked at by people from far away,
Yet i sit here in my very own way,
I watch the skys roll away,
Waiting till i move away.)
Wow... i just made that up in like 10 seconds: D

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Im not smart enough for that ^-^ Updates


Oh, Mother she is great,
How shes in everything,
I love her so,
Yes i do,
Mother is good,
Oh shes great,
I love things she loves,
She loves things i love,
She loves me,
I miss her,
How she does too,
Oh how i love her.

(my mom in jail since 2004) i will see u again mommy; (

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