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Veteran Poet - 1,810 Points (01-01-1946 / Srinagar (J & K) India)

Biography of Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul poet

I was born in J & K State of India on 01-01-1946 to a Kashmiri Hindu parents. Having been brought up and educated in Delhi with diverse cultural moorings; writing poems, both in hindi and english, has been my passion and I became a freelance published writer-poet after my superannuation from Indian Air Force/ CGO(EQ) in December 2005.

I am a bilingual freelance writer-poet. My published works include three anthologies in hindi viz Nane Muno Ke Rupak (1959) , Sab-Rang (2010) , Mann Ki Tarang (2012) besides ‘ Children of Lost Gods’ (2013) which is an anthology of my english poems.

My English and hindi poems have been appreciated both by foreign and Indian poets resulting in selection and publication of my poems in various books, anthologies, e-magazines viz How to Prevent Rape & Molestation/2010, Bhelpuri/2013, Inklinks/2013, In Our Own Words/2013, Acerbic Anthology/2013, Wordsmiths in Their Verse/2013. Lamhe/2013, Poems From Third World/2014, Safina/2014, Mandela Tributes/2014. Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry for Peace/2014 & e-magazines like e-Fragrance, Creative Ecstasy & youtube etc besides on various poetic and social websites

My poems are basically a journey to the kingdom of poetry through the inspiring feelings absorbed and observed of the happenings within my country, around me and in the world giving wings to my creative imagination. My poems are not too complex to comprehend as facts can never be too complicated. My poems have that curiosity factor which is the culmination of interweaving of thought processes into words after observance of action and reaction in nature and day to day life. Whether my poems are subjective or objective, direct or indirect, simple or complicated do not concern me so long as my poems give my readers the desired thought provoking entertainment. I have always maintained that writing makes one a complete human being, as it brings out the true person behind the physical facade, besides having a calming effect on the writer or a poet in particular and readers in general.
As much as possible I always try to portray facts in my poems as Plato, the Greek philosopher had said, “poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

I am an Indian and proud to be an Bhartiye.

Tribhawan Kaul
Freelance writer-poet
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Tribhawan Kaul's Works:

Nane Muno Ke Rupak in hindi for children.(1959-60)
Anthology of hindi poems SAB-RANG.(2010)
'Mann Ki Tarang' another anthology of hindi poems (2012)
Children of Lost Gods (2013) an anthology of my english poems
and subscribed to number of anthologies as mentioned in bio. Updates

True Love

A true love is
Neither lust nor greed nor desire
It is divine building of emotions
Standing tall with
Foundation of trust
Bricks of feeling
Cement of sensitivity
Pillars of grace
A true love flourishes then
Bearing fruit
It is evolution
And evolution evolves
A birth of a new creation

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