Troy Nichols

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Biography of Troy Nichols

Troy Nichols was born August 19th 1991 in Watertown New York at Carthage Area Hospital. He gets his feeling for his poems from his life and events that have occured. Currently he is attedening high school and plans on going to college. Also he has already recived an award for writing while in middle school.Which also came with a 100 dollar savings bond. He also likes to play music and write's songs in his spare time...which is all the time. Also to not cause any confusion he currently lives in germany on bitburg Air Force Base.
Troy has decided to become a firefighter once he gets out of high school in a hope to make a difference

Troy Nichols's Works:

none yet but soon to come! ! Updates

War Is Pointless

What is the meaning of war?
Pointless if you ask me.
Young men so strong.
Full of future feeling free
Doomed to die under a foreign sky
Bullets fly bombs explode
The earth shakes. The earth groans
Mothers cry as they receive the flag.
Then they know there child is truly dead

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