Udiah (witness to Yah)

Rookie - 7 Points (1959 / USA)

Udiah (witness to Yah) Poems

121. Slaughter Of The Innocent 6/25/2011
122. So Says The Boss 7/6/2010
123. Solar Flare 6/12/2014
124. Solar Furnace 6/3/2012
125. St. Patrick 3/5/2011
126. Stormin' Mornin' 5/30/2012
127. Structuring A Mole 2/1/2012
128. Super Nova (A Star Is Born) 9/27/2013
129. Take Me Home 8/16/2010
130. Texting Texting 123... 1/29/2012
131. Thank You Dad 9/10/2010
132. That Damn Babel 6/25/2012
133. The Anniversary Of Christ's Sacrifice 4/2/2012
134. The Antichrist 6/22/2010
135. The Armor Of God 7/5/2010
136. The Beginning Of Flesh 7/7/2010
137. The Day Of The Lord 7/16/2010
138. The Declaration Of Independence 3/5/2012
139. The Dept. Of Cannibalization 12/22/2011
140. The Eyes Of The Lord 7/7/2010
141. The Father Of Lies 7/7/2010
142. The First Passover 4/1/2012
143. The Gospel 4/8/2012
144. The Greatest Act Of Love 4/2/2012
145. The Greatest Artist 4/11/2012
146. The Greatest Birthday 11/7/2010
147. The Greatest Farce 12/8/2011
148. The Greatest Love 4/2/2013
149. The Guises Of Satan 7/11/2010
150. The Heliosphere Of Flux 9/27/2013
151. The Holy Spirit 7/5/2010
152. The Infection 6/28/2010
153. The Legend Of Snake Hollow (A Halloween Spirit) 10/22/2013
154. The Lord's Passover 4/2/2011
155. The Lord's Return 5/25/2011
156. The Northern Front (The January- February Blow) 2/4/2013
157. The Pentecost Tongue 7/12/2010
158. The Rainbow 7/4/2010
159. The Rechargeable Man 8/16/2013
160. The Road To Hell 2/20/2011
Best Poem of Udiah (witness to Yah)

Angel Of Death

In darkness of the night
I spied him in a tree
Sat I froze by the sight
He was looking at me
The summer's heat became a chill
The angel of death at his kill

My heart skipped with the fright
Blinked my eyes to bet'r see
Glanced back with all my might
Parted he my comp'ny
My chest was quickly pounding still
The angel of death at his kill

I did rise and take flight
The fear made me to flee
From darkness into light
To free captivity
Unbinding my soul from his will
The angel of death at his kill

Many years since that night
Gazed I...

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The Antichrist

in the future on a date God only does know
war shall erupt in heaven and Michael shall throw
satan to the earth, as an angel does cry, 'Woe! '
the devil shall play Christ, he deceiving many

the antichrist will seemingly miracles do
will set up his government to worship him too
the people will believe he is Christ through and through
believers, God wonders, if there be left any?

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