Udiah (witness to Yah)

Rookie - 117 Points (1959 / USA)

Udiah (witness to Yah) Poems

161. The Heliosphere Of Flux (Science Science Science Science) 9/27/2013
162. The Holy Spirit (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 7/5/2010
163. The Infection (Sestina Sestina Sestina Sestina) 6/28/2010
164. The Legend Of Snake Hollow (A Halloween Spirit) (Horror Horror Horror Horror) 10/22/2013
165. The Lord's Passover (God God God) 4/2/2011
166. The Lord's Return (Religion Religion Religion) 5/25/2011
167. The Northern Front (The January- February Blow) (Nature Nature Nature) 2/4/2013
168. The Pentecost Tongue (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 7/12/2010
169. The Rainbow (Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku) 7/4/2010
170. The Rechargeable Man (Warning Warning Warning) 8/16/2013
171. The Road To Hell (Religion Religion Religion) 2/20/2011
172. The Seven Churches (Church Church Church Church) 7/4/2010
173. The Seven Thousand (God God God) 6/22/2010
174. The Soldier (Memorial Day Memorial Day Memorial Day) 6/2/2009
175. The Statue (Money Money Money Money Money) 10/1/2012
176. The Tenth Of Abib (God God God) 3/29/2012
177. The Three Earth Ages (God God God) 7/16/2010
178. The Three Hebrew Children (God God God) 7/7/2010
179. The Time Of Shoddy (Warning Warning Warning) 2/24/2012
180. The Tree Of Life (Haiku Haiku Haiku) 8/30/2011
181. The Truth Will Set You Free (Prayer Prayer Prayer) 2/3/2012
182. The Twelve Tribes Of Israel (History History History History) 7/3/2010
183. The Udders Now Collapse Too (Warning Warning Warning Warning) 6/18/2012
184. The Unforgivable Sin (Bible Bible Bible Bible) 7/27/2010
185. The Watchman (War War War War War War) 2/26/2012
186. The Weight Of Love (Love Love Love Love) 7/9/2010
187. The Word (Bible Bible Bible Bible) 7/4/2010
188. The Writer Charles Darwin (Money Money Money Money) 1/4/2012
189. This Earth Age (Religious Religious Religious Religious) 7/15/2010
190. This Life 12/23/2012
191. Time (Philosophy Philosophy Philosophy) 1/25/2014
192. Time Of The Fig Tree (Future Future Future Future) 7/4/2010
193. Time To Pray (Prayer Prayer Prayer) 6/24/2012
194. Tin Soldier (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 2/14/2012
195. To My Friend (Memorial Memorial Memorial) 7/13/2013
196. To The Best Father Ever (Father Father Father Father) 6/13/2012
197. Too Much Of A Good Thing (Life Life Life Life Life) 2/25/2012
198. Traditions Of Man (Quotation Quotation Quotation) 3/26/2011
199. Trapped In A Prism (Friendship Friendship Friendship) 1/24/2014
200. Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Haiku Haiku Haiku) 10/30/2011
Best Poem of Udiah (witness to Yah)

Angel Of Death (Death Death Death Death Death)

In darkness of the night
I spied him in a tree
Sat I froze by the sight
He was looking at me
The summer's heat became a chill
The angel of death at his kill

My heart skipped with the fright
Blinked my eyes to bet'r see
Glanced back with all my might
Parted he my comp'ny
My chest was quickly pounding still
The angel of death at his kill

I did rise and take flight
The fear made me to flee
From darkness into light
To free captivity
Unbinding my soul from his will
The angel of death at his kill

Many years since that night
Gazed I...

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Voice Of An Angel

I fell asleep to the voice of an angel last night
She brought comfort to my soul and made life a delight
Her syllables had been formed in heaven's blessed light
For it was from God's history that she did recite

Though we have known each other for a time that's so slight
It seems as if our friendship had been formed with foresight
I wish to have the pleasure to see her dressed in white
On that great day of the Lord, when we all shall unite

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