Treasure Island

umoh cyril

[idara] (05/12/1995 / Lagos nigeria)

Biography of umoh cyril

umoh cyril poet

name is umoh cyril idara, All my life i've live in a world of maths, all your
actions have to be calculated in other to be noticed, you dont expect
to be apreciated for any reason I lived my life with
almost vivid imagination wishing it were real, I help myself with
wishful thinkings.I converse with kings and ceasars and pharaohs, i
am wise beyond solomon, unfamiliar with the ways of commerce and ways of
martians, i wish to run through the whole street naked, I see the
webbed feet of ducks and the magic wings of bumblebees, I can tell the
call of the cardinal from the song of the lark, I know the earth is made
of the dust of fallen stars, and a single rose can hold truth in a
fragrant cup.
I love poetry..... Updates


sweet beautiful cute girl,
always happy for your parents,
the most innocent mare,
always treats us with fairness,

the most perfect child

fine chubby cheeks,
cute round eyes,

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