Uriah Hamilton

Biography of Uriah Hamilton

A writer in search of the right word combinations to capture beauty and truth. The trail of beauty he is following begins with King David watching a woman bathe across a rooftop and then fasting for a dying child, then to Walt Whitman making poetic long lines with Emersonian ideas while saluting prostitutes, then to Paul Verlaine shooting the young Arthur Rimbaud who flees poetry to run guns in Africa, somewhere beauty's face becomes more appealing in Emily Dickinson's bedroom than any other place until T. S. Eliot achieves perfection with Prufrock and then Allen Ginsberg Howls in conformist America while Jack Kerouac drinks in a lonely spiritual sadness, all before the advent of the beautiful gypsy Bob Dylan singing with the voice of righteous indignation.
The elusive trail of beauty and truth must be followed if never satisfactorily found.

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(1) Extinction

The day before my father died,
a gentle nurse aid washed and shaved him
with sensitive and professional care.
Unlike his son, my father was a strong man
who never complained about anything
or ever voiced a concern for his own well being.
Despite the gentleness of the nurse aid,
I saw a single tear in my father's eye.
That tear will haunt me until

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