Ursula De La Mer

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Biography of Ursula De La Mer

Delivered to her 'mum' and 'dad' in a milk carton on a cold winter's night. Feed on bourbon and cola lollipops, til she was seven. Now She's a vegetarian.
Writes to keep away the polio.

Ursula De La Mer's Works:

'Breezing Up: A Beginner's Guide To Sailing'

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Cockle Shell Morning

Caffeine in your bed.
Th light seeps through the covers.
Hair, (not you own) on your pillow.
The sun-cracking-eggs on a windowsill mornings,
when cereal jingles tinkle you mind.
And the sleep is till in the cradle of you eye.

It's a whole tingling morning, from your eyelids to your toes.
And all your little sisters still have wood pegs on their clothes.

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