Treasure Island

valya madden

(may 15 1997 / russa)

Poems of valya madden

1. 1234 5/31/2011
2. 3rd Period 5/25/2011
3. A Raper 6/22/2011
4. Andy Sixx 5/26/2011
5. emo love! 5/23/2011
6. i'm william shakespeare 5/24/2011
7. Love Is Passion / U Have to Sing It to Get It 5/25/2011
8. loveing me by my boy friend 6/17/2011
9. My Big Brother 5/31/2011
10. non-beliver 5/23/2011
11. Rumore 6/12/2011
12. strippers friend 5/27/2011
13. suicide lovers 5/25/2011
14. the pain in my heart 5/27/2011
15. We Were Created 6/2/2011
16. When She Cries 6/22/2011
17. wind 5/29/2011

emo love!

emo love is big and pure some ones out there
for every girl, boys look every were for there specile
one exept for the emo child look for there one in there group
looking for eachother in there own little group
looking at ther hot emo hair they cant wate to stop the bullying the bullshit and the stabing the preapy child with his head up high walks by and can't belive his fucking eyes the emo children found there match
wile the preappy child hasnt yet so the preappy child has to go over and

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