Vanessa Cabrera

(July 31 1987 / Guinobatan Calapan City Oriental Mindoro, Philippines)

Poems of Vanessa Cabrera

21. Angel Sleeps 5/20/2011
22. Bitter Sweet 3/1/2010
23. Home in your heart 3/20/2010
24. I love.. 3/6/2010
25. I Offer my Life 3/17/2010
26. Imagine the Paraiso? (Imagine the Paradise) 4/11/2010
27. Mina de Oro: my Precious Mindoro(A tribute to my hometown.) 3/25/2010
28. Promise You 3/2/2010
29. Rare as Star 3/29/2010
30. 'Sang dakot 3/4/2010
31. Til my Last Breath Away 3/6/2010
32. Untitled Nobility 3/1/2010
33. Wishing To Star 7/10/2011
34. You 3/6/2010
35. You are my Knight, my Angel... 5/8/2010

Bitter Sweet

Love, its been a long time since we saw each other.
So many thoughts crushed in my mind,
so many things to tell...
I'm always waiting for a moment to tell the things that i want you to kn0w...

I wanna say i'm sorry...Sorry for the things i've done.
I'm sorry for letting you down...Sorry for the feeling i may not shown...Sorry, for the question i cannot answer, that makes you frown...
Sorry, if you felt that i rejected you...If you think i'm not really inloved with you.

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