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Vanessa Kingsley

Rookie (March 16th / Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Poems of Vanessa Kingsley

1. 60 Seconds (part one=maybe) 7/27/2009
2. A Life is A Life 2/18/2009
3. A Moment Like This 9/18/2009
4. A Single Drop 2/15/2009
5. About Me and About You 12/22/2009
6. Alone 2/14/2009
7. Angels All Around 4/9/2009
8. Annoying (For Lack of a Better Word) 8/3/2009
9. Another Please 4/9/2009
10. Army Wife 9/18/2009
11. Back At One 2/27/2009
12. Bang 3/13/2009
13. Beauty 3/13/2009
14. Birds Fly (Part One: The Beginning) 6/21/2009
15. Birds Fly (Part Three: The End) 6/21/2009
16. Birds Fly (Part Two: The Middle) 6/21/2009
17. Bitterness 3/8/2009
18. Black Opal 6/22/2009
19. Black Rain 3/13/2009
20. Black Silver 4/28/2009


The wind blows hard as the sky grows dark. The moon shines full; a lazy halo surronds it becuas eif the swirling mist.
Lights are out, streets are quiet. I am alone.
The world is silent. The darkness moves. Nothing at all is here.
The raven crows and dark clouds pass over the moon.
The body lays motionless and leaks blood.
It is crimson against the black concrete and swirls in a puddle.
The wind blows harder, your heart grows colder.
The concrete seems to fill you.

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