Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan

Freshman - 860 Points [Dharman] (JULY 14,1935 / ERNAKULAM, KERALA, INDIA)

Biography of Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan

Born of indigent parents as their fourth child
Father served in the Royal Indian Army medical corps as non commissioned officer.A medical graduate and chest physician since 1962.Continues in medical practice. Had a liking for poetry from childhood and wrote poems from my school days

Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan's Works:

'In the aftermath of freedom' a book of poems published in 2009 and a book on ' HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND DISEASE'in the same year.Continue writing poems and essays for periodicals Updates

The High And The Low

The rich and the poor, the high and the low
Set human beings as a race apart
From animals, amongst whom we don’t know
But the strong and the weak and the fast and the slow

The master and the slave, the saint and the savant
The mistress and the maid, the landlord and tenant
All were made equal but do not grow
To equal heights; why we do not know

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