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I am 19... I LOVE writing. I have always had a passion for writing since I was very young. My cousin is a fantastic poet and she inspired me to start writing my own. I've always got my nose in a book and it's difficult to get me to put them down for anything less than a good cup of coffee. :)

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I haven't got any books published... yet! I've been working on something for a few years now, however it's taken a back seat until I can get through uni, where I'm studying to be a teacher for primary school. I love learning and reading so much I want to pass on the passion. God that makes me sound like a geek. :) Updates


Sounds like someone downstairs, creeping through my house,
Tiptoeing up the stairs, quiet as a mouse.
They reach my bedroom door, intend to take my life,
They grip the handle before taking out a knife.
Easing into my abode, they see me in my bed,
They're planning how to kill me, how to stop me dead.
They approach my bedside and hold up the blade,
And plunge it deep into my chest, the slightest bit unswayed.
I wake to see the burglar and the bloody show,

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