Victoria Horn

Biography of Victoria Horn

Hey I'm Victoria, as you read that haha. I'm 16 and have always wanted to be a poet. I've written quite a few poems but sometimes i forget to write them down, I know some of you have that happen. I say I don't care what people think about my writings but i like comments. To see if my poems need better wording or just more emotions or whatever. Please continue to read them i love the feedback. I'm not famous nor do i plan to be but if you think i should submit any of these poems into actual contests just tell me, if not im not going to be heartbroken. Thanks for reading!

Victoria Horn's Works:

Haven't published any books, i'll stick to just single poems if i can. Updates

Goodbye Memories

As my memory fades... i can't remember all the good times where i laughed, where i smiled, where my heart sang out for joy. I can remember some but no not all my memory tricks me and so i forget. Some of these memories that i want to lose can't get out, can't go away. They taunt me and make me cry and realize i have messed up. I have not only hurt

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