Vijay Sai

(30 12 1975 / Trichy, South India)

Poems of Vijay Sai

81. Unforgettable Remembrance 12/9/2011
82. Unknown Truth 5/16/2010
83. Wonder flower 4/27/2011
84. Words and Deeds 6/23/2010
85. Words of Wisdom 4/27/2011
86. World of Wings 2/19/2010
87. Yellow bird 4/17/2010
88. Yellow star 12/10/2010
89. Yes or No 2/20/2014

The Dawn

As the wide cover of unevaluating darkness
studded with sparkling spots
which glitter and glimmer in unproportionate delays
begin to fold itself in gentle pace
the sweetly singing chirping birds
with brisk clapping feathers
wander and ponder to all parts in search of survival
to last another gruelling day of tedious struggles
the grimly faced white shadowy angel

[Hata Bildir]