Treasure Island

Walt Whitman

(31 May 1819 - 26 March 1892 / New York / United States)

Poems of Walt Whitman

141. Night On The Prairies 12/31/2002
142. No Labor-Saving Machine 12/31/2002
143. Not Heat Flames Up And Consumes 12/31/2002
144. Not Heaving From My Ribb'd Breast Only 12/31/2002
145. Not My Enemies Ever Invade Me 12/31/2002
146. Not The Pilot 12/31/2002
147. Not Youth Pertains To Me 12/31/2002
148. Now Finale To The Shore 12/31/2002
149. Now List To My Morning's Romanza 12/31/2002
150. O Bitter Sprig! Confession Sprig! 12/31/2002
151. O Captain! My Captain! 12/31/2002
152. O Hymen! O Hymenee! 12/31/2002
153. O Living Always--Always Dying 12/31/2002
154. O Me! O Life! 12/31/2002
155. O Star Of France 12/31/2002
156. O Sun Of Real Peace 12/31/2002
157. O Tan-faced Prairie Boy 12/31/2002
158. O You Whom I Often And Silently Come 12/31/2002
159. Of Him I Love Day And Night 12/31/2002
160. Of The Terrible Doubt Of Apperarances 12/31/2002

A Paumanok Picture

TWO boats with nets lying off the sea-beach, quite still,
Ten fishermen waiting--they discover a thick school of mossbonkers--
they drop the join'd seine-ends in the water,
The boats separate and row off, each on its rounding course to the
beach, enclosing the mossbonkers,
The net is drawn in by a windlass by those who stop ashore,
Some of the fishermen lounge in their boats, others stand ankle-deep
in the water, pois'd on strong legs,
The boats

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