Treasure Island

Wanita D'OrAlook

Poems of Wanita D'OrAlook

1. I Am.... 4/25/2010
2. Lost... 4/25/2010
3. Tear... 4/25/2010
4. Woke Up... 4/25/2010

Woke Up...

Woke up middle of the night thinking what did
i do wrong for you too have left me like you did, Left me
while i was asleep woke up alone, alone and cold with
nobody too hold me till i fell back asleep
trying to think of what it could of been that i did
for you too have done what you had done, taking off
in the middle of the night without saying a word, made
me wonder what i did, all the sleepless nights
i had trying to think of one reason for you

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